Video: Let’s Talk About Cotton

I’m on a video roll! I sat down and did another short video, this time about cotton yarns. I’m trying to figure out what space I want to shoot it in to make it as easy as possible for me to do this. Thanks for the positive responses and suggestions, I appreciate it all. I’ve decided about 10 minutes is a good enough video length and not too tedious to edit and add images. Also, I don’t want to just keep talking, so short and simple it is.

Here are links to everything I discussed in this video. You can watch it here or go to the YouTube channel and subscribe.

26 Replies to “Video: Let’s Talk About Cotton”

  1. congrats on your videos!!! they are amazing and very informative and helpful as all things on your blog are. yes I am a big fan of yours. the colorwork you do is just beautiful and does look a little hard but you make it seem so easy!! keep it up and sending hugs for healing. thank you

  2. That was great. I haven’t knit with much cotton and often did not enjoy the process. I’m inspired to try some of the yarns you recommend. Your knitting is beautiful!

  3. Excited to see this video. I hope you cover washing and blocking cotton…this is what makes me hesitate to knit cotton…. having to block all the time.

  4. Thanks for sharing all about cotton yarns❣️You are my inspiration. I’m part way done with the Elton sweater using Berroco remix light yarn. I wouldn’t have thought to use it without seeing how you have incorporated the cotton yarn into your knitting. I will be checking out the other yarn you mentioned in your video. And blessings to you and your family as you go on with life without Cher. ❣️♥️✨

  5. Another wonderful vlog post. You come over really well on video. I like that you wear one of your FOs and talk about it. You always look so great in what you make. This has been a problem for me. Since Knitter’s Review is no longer doing regular yarn reviews, I really appreciate how you talked about some of the yarns in your stash. Could you say somewhere what kind of CO you used for the Soldotna? It looks really good. Also, I think I’ve noticed that either you keep getting new glasses or you have a eyeglass wardrobe to coordinate with what you’re wearing?? Fabulous.
    Brave of you to do this so soon after Cher’s death. Hugs.

    1. Just a long tail cast on per the instructions. And I have 5 pairs of glasses. I buy them from Zenni because they’re super inexpensive!

  6. Hi Dana-love the videos, seeing your smiling face and hearing your voice. Really enjoyed your review of cotton yarns because I live in SoCal where wool is rarely worn. Brave of you to mention Cher without tearing up – it is always hard to lose a 4-legged friend. The next time you knit Brioche, maybe you could include a video review with tips and techniques. Have a great knitting weekend.

  7. Love your videos! Have been wanting to knit more with cotton as I live in a more temperate climate so this post came at a very opportune moment for me. Am off to look into a couple of the ones you mentioned. Also, so much appreciation for the time and effort you put into your blog. You are not just a knitting guru but a life coach as well!

  8. Thanks so much for talking about cotton yarns Dana! Very timely as I’ve been thinking about sleeveless tops knit in cotton! First your post on MDK on baring our arms!!! Now cotton yarns!!! It’s a sign;) I’m gonna try the Togue Pond tank

  9. Thank you! Such a pleasant video, not too long and rambling (which is what prevents me from watching most knitting podcasts). Really love all your projects, and have favorited some of the patterns. And I really appreciate all the links to the yarns and patterns. I am starting a class tomorrow with a Soldotna in cotton.

  10. Loved this video. You have a nice voice and an unhurried style that are very pleasant. I’d appreciate your tips on knitting with cotton yarns—they are different than wool!

  11. I really enjoyed your first two videos. I’ve been following your blog adventures for probably 6 months or so now, and really enjoy your posts. I’m so inspired by your love of pretty colors! I think, after watching your cotton yarn review video, that I’ll try again with some cotton or cotton blend yarns. I’ve knit with a couple of different cottons in the past, but they seem to hurt my hands. Maybe I’m not knitting with the right kinds of cotton, or I should try going up a needle size. Best wishes to you and your husband and Jelly Bean, on missing your beloved Cher. Dogs are family and it’s so hard when we have to say goodbye!

  12. You are a total natural for video hosting, Dana. You’re so articulate and so relaxed at the same time… Your students must love your classes! I’m finding the videos super helpful in giving an even clearer idea of how your FOs look — how they drape, how the light catches different twists of fiber. Interesting how that lovely blue wall behind you provides just the right kind of contrast for showing yarns. This episode will be a big help as I start adding to the cotton/blend stash. I also love that Cher’s personality is being celebrated with such a glorious blast of color. No holding back for our girl! Sending love.

  13. Very helpful video about the cotton yarns. Most of my stash is wool and I’m trying to make a wardrobe of lightweight sweaters because I’m now in warm weather as much as cool. I look forward to and enjoy your posts very much. They’re always encouraging and upbeat. I, too, knit mostly sweaters and sometimes I feel I’m slogging along, but when I see your colors and production, it picks me up.
    I don’t know whether you planned it, but you did absolutely the right thing having your other dog around for Cher’s passing. Dogs can handle death. What disturbs them is having the other animal disappear. When we had two dogs and one had to be euthanized because of cancer, we found a vet who came to the house. The other dog (and the cat) were able to understand that the animal was gone and accept it. We just did it that way so our sick dog wouldn’t be frightened and anxious, but it really worked well for all of them.

    1. We talked about having a vet come to the house but she deteriorated in a night so rapidly we had to go to the ER. And my plan all along was for Jellybean to be with her because I heard they get confused when the other dog disappears. 😢

  14. I agree with others – you’re a natural. Maybe in an upcoming video you could give some hints to working with cotton and other fibers (silk, linen) like how to join a new skein or how to weave in ends.
    I have a miniature poodle and brother and sister chi’s. Sister chi doesn’t like going to the groomer and goes to her hidey hole to escape. Then comes sauntering out looking for the other two searching high and low.

  15. I finally had a chance to watch your first two videos, and loved them! You come across as the warm, friendly, intelligent person I knew you would be from reading your blog posts and your MDK articles. Watching the videos was almost as good as sitting down to chat with you must be. You’ve inspired me to try more cotton and I appreciate your notes. Like another commenter, I would be interested in a future video on brioche. And where/how do you store all of your beautiful sweaters?

    1. Hi Dana, I’m enjoying your videos. I live in California and am also a fan of knitting with cotton. I’m using Cascade Ultra Pima fine
      for a short sleeve top now. Thanks, Tamara

  16. Love your energy & your approach to sharing your wealth of knowledge. Keep it coming! I would be interested in learning how you store & rotate through all your handknits…mine, well let’s just say molehills can become mountains!

  17. I love your videos! I also live in DC so appreciate the focus on cotton yarns. I wonder if you have a recommendation for a more speckled/indie looking cotton yarn? I don’t mind knitting with cotton at all, but don’t usually gravitate to the solid, saturated look (although sometimes those are good, too!). Appreciate all of these recommendations, I’m excited to try the Concept yarn listed above. Thanks for recording the video! I think the short length is nice too.

  18. Hi Dana! This video was fantastic! Thank you! I rarely knit with cotton and when I do it is usually for baby stuff or crocheted toys. But I have a stash of Brown Sheep cotton fleece in several colors that I picked up from a end of season clearance sale and have never figured out what to do with it. You’ve inspired me to try a colorful short sleeve sweater. Now I am really looking forward to knitting with it. Regarding future videos, I admire the way you use different brands of yarn in one pattern (sometimes multiple different brands). Perhaps you could talk about how you do that? What works well together and what doesn’t and how you decide that it will be a good combo? My brain has trouble using different brands in a project because it’s afraid it won’t work. I know, I know. Swatching would help with that. 🙂 I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic.

  19. Hi Dana! You are a ray of sunshine. I would love to see you talk about how you decide on combining yarns and colors, which I noticed you do a lot of. I consider myself a pretty intrepid knitter, but you blow me away with your bold, fearless choices. Thanks for the awesome video.

  20. You’ve inspired me! I’m traveling and stopped in a yarn shop in Pittsburgh and bought some Modern Cotton and a luscious cotton gradient (Pendenza) to knit a color block Togue Pond. Excited!

  21. I would love a video (or even a regular blog post!) about how your cotton sweaters wear over time. One thing that’s kept me from knitting a cotton sweater is I’m worried it would stretch out over time, especially in a heavier weight yarn. Obviously a sweater that has drape and/or is oversized is going to wear and fit differently than a more fitted sweater, but how?

  22. Thanks for posting! I live in Cali and I can’t even tell you how many knits I have in wool that I can’t wear 😦 not very many bloggers talk about cotton so I really appreciate this. You inspire me to knit more in cotton! Sorry to hear about Cher, I hope you feel better soon.

  23. Hi – I think I”ve watched the video 3 times – what a great resource. Are there any new cotton yarns?

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