FO: Rose Gold Togue Pond Tank

Remember when I started a new Togue Pond Tank way back at the end of May? No…yeah I forgot it too. I got so caught up in knitting my Guthrie tee that I just kind of let this tank fall to the side. I decided it was the perfect plane/vacation kind of knitting so I packed it up with me and took it to Chicago and finished it on my trip (and started my latest secret test knit).
Pink Togue Pond Tank
Despite the fact that I don’t love my arms, what I really don’t love is being hot in the sweltering heat and humidity and the Togue Pond Tank is pretty much the perfect summer knit piece. I’d rather have my arms out and wear a pretty top than try to hide my arms because I want them to look like Michelle Obama’s arms. Hence why this is my third for myself and I’ve made one for Jessica. I was actually replacing my very first Tank, it was a pale grey that had a big old stain on it I just couldn’t get out so I decided to make a new one for this summer.
Pink Togue Pond Tank
I decided to go with a fun yarn I like to use as a replacement for Quince & Co. Kestrel yarn. To be honest with you, I don’t always have a budget for the expensive yarns (who does), despite wanting them. Instead I find fun alternatives. This is Patons Metallic, you’ve seen me use it most recently and in this same color on the Baldric sweater for Jessica. It’s a tape yarn like Kestrel but it’s made of Nylon, Acrylic and a tiny bit of wool. I love the metallic colors and they’re forever putting it on clearance and then bringing it back to the regular line up (it’s currently on sale in the clearance section for $3.40, it’s regular price is $6.79). When you compare the two yarns, Kestrel costs $10.25 a skein for 76 yards and Metallic costs anywhere from $3.40-6.79 for 252 yards. This tank was less than 2 skeins of yarn, I know I got it on sale but not clearance so at most I paid $10 for the yarn to make this tank. It would’ve cost me about $40 or more with Kestrel. Now you understand why I like this as my substitute, but I also like the colors and the drape of the fabric. Jessica has already asked for me to make her a new Togue Pond Tank in the metallic black (black is her favorite color to wear…it breaks my heart LOL).
Pink Togue Pond Tank
The only modification I did on this one was to not do all of the short row shaping (I didn’t want it as high in the front) and I added more length before beginning the armhole shaping. It came out exactly the way I wanted. YAY! And since I mentioned Chicago…
Our trip was lovely. I did not take many photos at all. My cousin did take this great pic of me with my husband before we got on an architectural boat tour on a beautiful morning. I also took this pic.
Totally got to wear my Durumi tee while I was there AND I found insanely bright knit Cole Haan wingtips with the Nike soles so I was super comfy walking through the city. It was so breezy and light, loved it! And the dogs…well they missed us. And Jellybean yelled at me all day Sunday and made me carry her everywhere as my punishment.
By the end of the 5 days we were apart she had wiggled her way into Cher’s bed at their pet hotel and made sure her sister snuggled her as much as possible. They got all the belly rubs and treats while I was away but it’s always good to come home.


Stitching Status: Back and Forth

I’ve got a summer cold, which really means I need to knit and nap on the couch all weekend (although that’s what a lot of my weekends look like). We do have tickets to go to the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival on Saturday at the National Harbor. I’m the designated driver for my beer and bourbon loving husband but all I really want is BBQ…and a nap. I’m a southern girl (born in NC) who appreciates really good BBQ, so pray that I get enough rest to kick this cold and still enjoy some BBQ this weekend. But what am I working on?
Pink Togue
This is one of the latest pics of my in progress Togue Pond Tank. I actually took it to the movies last night so that I could work on knitting the stockinette body (my husband asked if I didn’t want to go to the movies since I was sick and I said I can sit on the couch and knit with tea or I can sit in reclining seats at the movie theater, knit and sneak in tea…which would you choose?). We saw Oceans 8, the clothes were really fabulous and the movie was pretty good, I’d give it a B.
I’m modifying this pattern slightly this time, no short rows and adding in a little bit of length to the body. So I’m just at the point of having to knit lots of stockinette since the side shaping is finished. Also I loved how the yarn and my Urbanears headphones coordinated so nicely together. (Also my headphones are on sale, they’re wireless bluetooth over the ear headphones and I love that you can control you music by tapping one of the ears, they’re awesome!) But on a whim, I decided to work on something else in cotton that has not been on my list at all.
Boyland Knitworks released a new pattern this week, Guthrie. I don’t know why I felt so drawn to cast this one on immediately and in cotton again but I did. I did some of my lazy swatching to get close to gauge and pulled yarns I already had in my stash so that I could cast this one on. This has a much more gradual increase to it than her previous pattern so I kept getting nervous it was looking too small but I’m still going. I’m hoping to get to the separate from sleeves section this weekend so I can actually try it on and get a better gauge for how it will fit me. I’m envisioning this as a 3/4 length sleeve so I can just wear it all year long. Also mint green is my favorite color, so this makes me super excited.

So that’s what I’m currently working on, what do you have on your needles?

FO: My Last Togue Pond of the Summer (promise)

Oops, I did it again. I made a THIRD Togue Pond Tank!!!
Togue Pond #3
I told you before, I was first introduced to this pattern via Fringe Association a year ago, put it in my queue and thought to myself I am just learning sweater construction so I will wait until I’m more confident to try this one. Then after loving the feel of Berroco Modern Cotton I wanted to make myself more summer knits, so I knit my first Togue Pond Tank at the end of June. I loved it and thought the construction was pretty straight forward but I wanted it to be about 2 inches longer in the front (this was my first bottom up knit). Then my BFF Jess kept dropping hints that she wanted one, so I whipped one up for her next. So I still had enough yarn leftover and wanted to make myself another Togue Pond Tank that was long enough in the front that I didn’t need a tank top to wear underneath. And here she is, in all her glory!
Togue Pond #3
I took these in a quick rush as I was heading to work, so excuse me for not smoothing out the back. I decided to do 3 colors for this one (I’m so wild). I love knits that are edged in black, it makes the colors really pop so I got a skein of Modern Cotton in black to compliment the light grey and dark teal/green I had leftover in my stash. I cannot stress to you enough how much I absolutely love Berroco Modern Cotton. It feels great and the drape on my knits with this is perfect. I am so happy my local yarn store, Fibre Space, started carrying it this spring. I also decided to try using the Double Knot Method for joining a second ball of yarn. I hate sewing in ends and I am not the best at cleanly sewing in yarn. It held up and the joins were also pretty seamless. This is what I love about knitting, with each project I learn something new.
I promise, this is my last Togue Pond Tank this year but I can’t promise you I won’t make more next summer. I’m so glad I added this pattern to my stash! Up next, finishing off the Estelle Cardigan for my aunt and working with another cotton yarn to create a transitional sweater for fall. What’s on your needles right now?