FO: Togue Pond

Togue Pond Tank
There is nothing more satisfying than wearing a finished knit garment. I’m like a kid waiting for midnight at Christmas once I block a garment. I just can’t wait for it to dry so I can wear it immediately. I have even worn a slightly damp sweater because I was just too happy to put it on but my latest project dried quickly!
Togue Pond Tank
The Togue Pond tank was my 100th project I posted on Ravelry. Of course I’ve knit more than 100 projects but it just felt kind of special knowing it was the 100th project on there. It took me just a week to complete and probably would’ve been faster if I hadn’t been on vacation and not knit for a few days (I know, how dare I relax and not knit!).
Togue Pond Tank
This was my first bottom up construction and what I didn’t like was that I couldn’t really try it on until it was complete. So even though it looks just like in the picture, I hate that it stops right at the top of my jeans – I plan to make this again and add 2 more inches to it before I start the shaping. I love the longer back and I it only took about 2 1/2 skeins of the Berroco Modern Cotton and I’ve got a dark teal, light teal and this light grey leftover, so I’m definitely making a longer color blocked version next!
Togue Pond Tank
Construction details…my brain needed a few minutes to wrap my head around the strap construction (binding off the middle and then adding a second ball of yarn…) but in the end I got it. I also have a thing for short row shaping and I love how that helped create the loner scalloped back. I also love how the ribbing around the neckline and armholes really finishes the piece off and hides slightly raggedy edges. This yarn is so light and breezy and it drapes beautifully so I am excited to cast on another version of this but with more color. I was trying to step out of my comfort zone and do a neutral but I’m just not a neutral kind of lady! Now I can check another summer knit off my list.

Update: Of course as soon as I posted this I find a styling inspiration on how to wear my new tank! Clearly I need to pair this with my bright blue midi skirt and I’ll be so on trend!

Any other great patterns for summer? Do share!


In My Queue : Togue Pond

Togue Pond
I have a million things in my queue, always. But I am also an easily distracted knitter. I love knitting sweaters but at some point the body construction bores me to tears. So I do something quick in between. I’m currently working on a cardigan for my cousin, who I love knitting for because she is the smallest size so things move quickly. I’ve got the bottom completed and just have the picked up stitch ribbing and the sleeves left to do, but the body bored me. So when I got bored I whipped up a tie for my husband and now he wants more! So of course as I was working on this neverending cardigan and then this quick tie I decided to buy yarn for the Togue Pond tank.

I’m tempted to put the cardigan down and whip this up for my trip to Savannah with my husband coming up. I mean, who doesn’t need a light and breezy tank? I picked up some more of my favorite Berroco Modern Cotton in a neutral grey shade. I loved this yarn so much after making my North Fork a few weeks ago, I knew I needed to make myself another summer friendly knit. I favorited this pattern in Ravelry a year ago after reading about it on Karen’s blog, Fringe Association (I love knitting blogs, love them!). And after doing more and more complex things I decided to not be afraid of a bottom up project. Plus, this is a Pam Allen project and I like how her patterns are written, so clearly this is a must knit for me.

Okay, I’ve talked myself into this. I’m swatching tonight and putting the cardigan on hold. Maybe I’ll pick the cardigan back up and work on it in the car…I mean, it’s always cold in Chicago so there’s no urgency to making this, right?