FO: A Classic Raglan

Sometimes, you have to go with simple.
I know I pick a lot of colors, I like to make bold statements and pick unusual patterns and color combos but sometimes simplicity really is the key. My cousin is absolutely adorable and has a very petite frame. I love knitting her sweaters because she loves to be bundled up and can be pretty much all year in Chicago. I told her boss that I knit her sweaters so she doesn’t quit and just hibernate all winter. For her holiday box of gifts, I decided to knit her the Ladies Classic Raglan sweater. Another gem of a pattern from Jane Richmond (speaking of, did you see her feature on Huffington Post Canada?).
I even used the Patons Classic Wool suggested for the pattern because 100% wool is so warm. I grabbed it during the black Friday sales. I was drawn to this soft pink/lavender shade and knew it would be lovely with her complexion. I was so right. Despite the balls of yarn all being in the same dye lot, you can see where I joined a new ball in the middle…I’m not too pleased about that but then only knitters will notice that change in color. And what can I really do once it’s finished? No matter what it fit her nicely, I just wish the sleeve was slightly longer but it’s a bracelet length on her which is great because I gave her a great bracelet for Christmas too.
Safia's simple sweater selfie
I do love how easily you can adapt this pattern. I could remove the waste shaping and make a men’s version for my husband (but we’ve already determined his closet is jam packed and he needs nothing else) or make it in a boyfriend version for myself. I have a lovely bright pink in Lion Brand Heartland that I think I’m going to use to make this for myself. And although I’m on the west coast for work right now, I see back home we’re preparing for a huge amount of snow the day I’m supposed to get home. As exhausted and tired as I am I’d love a snow day to knit and curl up with Cher! Plus I can wrap up in some of my knitting!

Anyone else have some classic patterns they just love? Do tell!

Tis the Season

Well, Thanksgiving means the beginning of the holiday season and although I’ve started off with a sluggish start I’m starting to get into the flow of things. We even found Cher the CUTEST Santa sweater at Marshalls last week. How can this little Misses Claus not get you happy about the holiday season?
Most of the sales started before Friday or even Cyber Monday so I decided to get a jump start on my holiday yarn shopping. I am not doing a ton of knitted gifts this season, I’m just hoping to finish a sweater for my sister Anne, a sweater or a massive scarf for my sister Helen and if I have time, something for my Mom. I’m not as pressed to get things finished by Christmas because they’re my immediate family and they know how special a hand knit sweater is but I’ve already made some great progress over the holiday weekend on Anne’s sweater so I think I’ve made some realistic goals. I will note that in this picture it’s mainly a lot of Lion Brand Heartland Yarn (like on my Mountain High sweater) and Patons Classic Wool. I also took advantage of the sales and got 50% off of my favorite Caron Simply Soft to build up my stash for the 2 baby girls coming in the new year and my favorite little girl Maddie 🙂
I’ve got a really silly sweater project planned for my cousin with this Boss Bitch patch and some warm and cozy Patons Wool. I see a simple raglan with a statement making patch in her future. Aside from some yarn shopping (oh and believe I picked up enough for some more sweater projects for myself!) last week I cooked in my kitchen, knit and hung out with friends. Not a bad week at all.

Any good sales today I should be aware of? I’ve been resisting a lot of temptation but I like being tempted so do share!

Stitching Status: Blocking

I am fortunate enough to have a knitting “workshop” in one of the bedrooms in my home AND I use the guest bath for blocking knit garments. I bought a hanging sweater dryer a while ago and just leave it hanging in the shower for my hand knits. My husband never bats an eye at random sweaters or pieces dripping dry in our guest bathroom (I love that guy). So this weekend I was able to make all the progress I wanted to on Sawyer! Actually knitting the back of the sweater was a nice calm balance to all the news I was watching on the Paris terrorist attacks. It gave me flashbacks to the chaos of 9/11 and what we went through in DC and eventually I had to say a prayer and turn the channel. I try to not let the darkness of the world overwhelm or consume me.

The last instruction set on the front panel of Sawyer confused the hell out of me and I know I didn’t finish it perfectly…but it’s finished and it will be seamed together with a back and two sleeves somehow. I’ve got until Wednesday to finish my sleeves (I’m sure I will make some progress while sitting under the dryer at my hairdresser this evening) and block them before Thursday’s class. Fortunately, the Cascade 220 Superwash dried quickly, so I should be ready for Thursday’s class. And as my reward for finishing the front portion of my sweater I put the last sleeve on my Oatmeal sweater. The neckline is a little big since I made the largest size but I’ll just wear a tank top with it – which is what I would’ve done anyway. I’m still not crazy about the color of the yarn but it’s finished and I’ll do a FO post on that once I get some pictures with it on.

And in other positive news, my kitchen counters are being installed today and I’ll be able to use my kitchen again as of Tuesday afternoon. Oh how much I’ve missed cooking my own food. So that was my weekend of accomplishments, what were you up to?