FO: A Baby Girl Blanket

Happy Wednesday! How about a sweet finished object to get your day going?
Baby girl Croxton's blanket
My girlfriend is having her second baby, a little girl in March and her baby shower was last weekend. Her favorite color is purple and she told me a while ago that she loved the combination of lavender and mint so I knew that would be the color palette for this blanket. So I ordered up some Knit Picks Mighty Stitch Bulky in Wisteria and Mint and I used the white I had in my stash from my striped Bermondsey cardigan and decided to make a chevron striped baby blanket from the free Purl Soho pattern.
I knit her son a blanket a few years ago. For him her color palette was navy and green BUT she and her husband are from Baltimore and are Ravens season ticket holders so I asked her if she wanted his color scheme or if she wanted a Ravens blanket for him…she chose the Ravens color palette. Whey they brought him home from the hospital he had on a Ravens onesie, this blanket and a hat I knit to match. I love getting pics of babies wrapped up in my knits. It’s the absolute best.
Ryan's Ravens sweater
I also made him a Ravens inspired varsity sweater when he was one. So I already ordered the worsted weight of the same colors in baby sister’s blanket to make sure she gets a cardigan in the fall in her colors. Although I’m sure I’ll do some matching big brother baby sister sweaters again. I love those. Now back to her blanket.
Baby girl Croxton's blanket
I never measure my blankets, I always just knit until I think they’re a good length and can at least be folded over or draped over a shoulder. I knew I wanted this to be a quick knit so I purposefully picked bulky weight yarn and a pattern that I didn’t have to do any purling. I really hate purling. The Purl Soho pattern has some variations in how they do their chevrons but for me it’s more about how I lay out the pattern and the color. I wanted alternating blocks of mint and lavender.
Baby girl Croxton's blanket
And the best thing about a garter stitch blanket is that it’s super squishy and this yarn is super soft so it’s like wrapping a baby in a cloud. My girlfriend was so excited when she was opening her bag and she knew it was mine I thought she was going to toss out all the other stuff just to get to the bottom of the bag. LOL She was dying to see what pattern I chose and in the end, she was super happy with the finished blanket. I don’t have time to make baby blankets for everyone but for those that I do I always know they’re cherished.

Stitching Status: Bits & Pieces

I’m really happy that it’s Friday. This has been a long week. So I thought I’d share a few things knitting related.
Currently I’m working on what has to be the softest baby blanket on Earth. A girlfriend of mine is having her second baby in March, a girl this time, and she loves the color combo of lavender and mint. While Knit Picks had Mighty Stitch on sale I picked up some of the bulky weight to whip up a blanket for her. I’m doing alternating blocks of lavender, mint, lavender and then longer blocks of white and then mint, lavender, mint…It’s working out really nicely and I love not having to purl anything. I’m also going to whip up a baby sweater this weekend for another friend’s little boy who will be here in a few weeks!
Also you can call this the art of peer pressure but I decided to jump in and do a Find Your Fade shawl. Just look at the #findyourfadeshawl hashtag on Instagram and drool over all the lovely shawls. I’m not even a big shawl knitter but I love color possibilities and didn’t want to miss out on the fun. I’m already at my second color, I’m using some stash and some new yarn to give the fade I want (I’m going from highlighter yellow – pictured is madelinetosh Edison Bulb – to a super bright pink with green and blue in the middle). When I get tired with one project I like to have something else small to work on to switch things up and this is a pretty good option.
Steven's Rye Tie
And remember over the holidays I knit 2 Rye ties? Well I finally got a pic of my friend Steven wearing his, isn’t he handsome? He told me he got lots of compliments and that other men at work attempt to take the tie. I didn’t expect men to like the knitted ties as much, who knew they’d be such a popular item?

This weekend should be pretty quiet and low key so I plan to knit and rest. I feel like a cold is coming on and I’m trying my best to not get sick. What plans do you have for the weekend?

FO: Colorblocked Blankie

Baby boy Arnold's blanket
I am officially down to only needing to knit two more baby blankets this year (fingers crossed). But I think the Purl Soho Fluffy Brioche Baby Blanket might be my go to pattern for 2016. I cast on 60 stitches on size 15 needles and can finish this big squishy blanket in 3 days. I got some leftover yarn from the last two blankets and I may do a mismatched yarn version just for Cher to wrap up in on the couch. Napping is her favorite hobby.
Baby boy Arnold's blanket
My girlfriend didn’t have a color palette when we discussed blankets before and just said, “come up with something you like.” Well okay then. I decided on a lovely deep teal of the Bernat Softee Chunky that was really a twist yarn of turquoise and a brick red and since I kept seeing pops of red peaking out I decided to add a block of red to the top when I was getting close to finishing. It just gave it a nice finish to the blanket.
Can we talk about how much of a lifesaver this jumbo ball of yarn was?! Mind you, I took this picture halfway through the blanket – so it was bigger! No weaving in ends or trying to figure out how to make adding a ball of yarn seamless. Overall I’m pretty pleased and now I just have to finish up my Teazel cardigan before I move on to another project. I’m down to knitting the hem on the body so it will just be the decorative band and sleeves left! Perhaps by Sunday evening I’ll be ready to block that baby.
Oh and can I just mention how I made my own stamps for gift tags? I recently picked up the Silhouette Mint stamp making kit on Amazon (it’s way cheaper than if you get it at Joann’s or Michael’s) because I’ve been toying with the idea of having a custom stamp made. Now I can actually make as many stamps as I want and change things up whenever I feel like it! I didn’t take a picture of it but the back of the tag I stamped with washing instructions. I made a basic template so I could just check off what applies for washing instructions on an individual knit gift. Love it! I’m kicking myself for not thinking of getting this sooner! And also trying to stop myself from just buying the full on Silhouette machine so I can cut and make all kinds of random crafty things. Anybody else have one?Man, I’m a crafting nerd.