Fiberuary Challenge

If you follow me over on Instagram you may have noticed that I’m participating the Fiberuary Challenge. Every day of the month you respond to the prompt listed below and share using the hashtag #Fiberuary. It’s fun and you can click on that hashtag and see what other folks have been posting throughout the month.
Sunday’s prompt was what was your first knitting project and it got me thinking about what I made first…a really horrible orange garter stitch scarf. I have no clue where it went, I’m pretty sure I threw it away or gave it away. So I looked to the first project I added to Ravelry, the Baby Chalice Blanket.
For a fairly new knitter this was a big project, I made it for my boss’s new baby. I was so proud of it and 7 years later she tells me it now tucks in a stuffed unicorn every night.

So tell me, what was your first knitting project you were really proud of?

15 Replies to “Fiberuary Challenge”

  1. Speaking of first projects…what is a good knitting kit for a beginner? I have only heard about Wool and the Gang. I crochet but have never knit, and am interested in learning!

    1. I really love Jane Richmond patterns, they’re clear and simple. The Winston pullover is that big pullover I made and some newbies like the big needles. I get asked this a lot so maybe I need to pull together a list.

  2. What a GREAT and thought provoking question, especially so early in the new year, hahahaha! Sounds like 2 different questions to me – first project? and first project I was proud of? I’d love to know how many ‘first projects’ get frogged or thrown out completely and at what point? At the point we realize we can do better? or when we feel that immediate regret after showing it to someone and hearing them say, “What is it?” Thank God we’re ALWAYS getting better!

  3. I enjoyed the New Yorker magazine article featuring you and your pups! You might have to start a matching pup and pup’s guardian sweater business:)

    1. Thanks! I’ll have to post a link here too. I would love a matching sweater business 😂

  4. The first project I ever made was many many many strips knit from my Mom’s scrap yarn, when I was eight. Yarn and needles were toys for me. The first project I was proud of was a whole sweater, knit out of oatmeal colored worsted with some fancy stitches at the yoke; I was 15.
    Congratulations on getting quoted in The New Yorker. Those thin girls in their gray sweaters get some of white ladies down too. There’s nothing wrong with being above a size 4, you never see anyone who is not exactly heavy but would never mistaken for a professional model. The knitting world needs some color in all senses of the word. Some days it looks like a white bread world on Instagram.

  5. @Fiberuary: my first project aht I loved to death was a multicolored multi textured sweater that emerged from my left over yarn stash.

  6. My first project I was really proud of was a blue sweater I knit for my son, who was around 3 years at the time. It was from lambs pride worsted.
    Fibruary sounds like so much fun. I’ll have to check out your Instagram!

  7. I love your blog! My first project was a green sweater I knit during my son’s baseball practices 5 yrs ago. Still love it.

  8. The pussy hat in 2016! I think it was designed by Kat Coyle. I learned how to knit it by following a very nicely done video by Joy MacDonell. I’m so grateful to both of them for getting me into this wonderful hobby.

  9. My first project was my practice/sampler thing – lots of garter stitch, then stockinette, then some increases and decreases, some ribbing, you get the idea. First real project was a little (primarily decorative) turquoise scarf, still hanging on my coat rack, I think. First thin I was really proud of were some snowflakes/lacy stars that I reversed the pattern for – originally started in the center, which I still kind of hate, so I knit it from the outside in. I starched one of those and sent it to my aunt who’d taught me to knit.

  10. An early project that I’m really proud of is a cabled fisherman afghan I knitted for my parents many, many years ago. I remember that I copied the written directions onto index cards and shifted each card to the back as I completed a row. When my mother died (over 20 years ago), my Dad gave the afghan to me and I use it when the weather turns chilly. I’m sure I used Red Heart acrylic yarn as that was all that was available.

  11. A sweater that I knit for my littlest sister. I modeled it after a crochet pattern that I had made several times. I was taking a knitting DeCal at Cal my final semester of college, and part of the class was making your own unique pattern . I was really happy to finally make something more complicated than a scarf. I think the pattern is somewhere on my computers/jumpdrive. I should add the project to ravelry at some point.

  12. My first project was a pair of mittens which are fine but the first project that thrilled me was a very large basket weave shawl for my sister. I was almost done with it when I noticed way down in the pattern I had some reversed knits and purls. No one would have noticed but I figured out how to fix it by myself which was painstakingly slow but a big accomplishment for this new knitter.

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