Blanket Knitting, Piece by Piece

When I first learned how to knit I did what every knitter does, I made a million baby blankets. I’ve even made a few lap blankets and couch blankets for loved ones. And after a bit of time I started to loathe knitting blankets. But I’ve always wanted a blanket for myself after some of the really pretty and fun ones I’ve made. So that got me thinking…what if I made a blanket piece by piece?

Knitted Triangle Sampler Afghan by Karen Baumer
Knitted Triangle Sampler Afghan by Karen Baumer

Clearly I thought of this before because as I searched my library I realized I purchased the Knitted Triangle Sampler Afghan pattern YEARS ago. So I pulled it out and realized they have a lovely blank chart for you to create your own color palette and pattern if you don’t follow theirs, so I spent a few attempts coloring and this is what I ended up coming up with.
It was inspired by a quilt pattern I saw on Instagram and I decided that I wanted to do some bold pops of neon colors and ground it with some black and white. I should also note I’m making this blanket with acrylic yarn. Why you might wonder? It’s what I make all my baby blankets with, specifically with Caron Simply Soft, but I also know with two dogs I want something I can wash and dry a million times over and just not worry about it. So I dug into my stash and went with the following block combos:

    • Neon yellow and teal
    • Neon pink and purple
    • Black and white

    And it will only take me 1 1/2 skeins per color combo to finish the blanket. I whipped up a couple of blocks over the weekend and I liked the color combos, so I’m going to keep it going. I need 81 squares total, 27 of each color combo. And on average it takes me about an hour to complete one square. So I’m down 3 squares and have 78 more to go, LOL. But I also know this is the kind of thing I can totally do when I just need a mindless knitting project. I don’t have a crazy pattern to memorize, they’re garter stitch blocks made with simple decreases and increases and I can always just throw a color combo in a small project bag and always have it with me when I need something quick to do.
    And Cher has already claimed one square for herself. This is exactly why I knew I needed to just make it with the acrylic I had in my stash. Anyone else work on a blanket like this? Any tips?

23 Replies to “Blanket Knitting, Piece by Piece”

  1. I would throw in one triangle that’s not part of the color scheme–just to keep things interesting. Look at African American Quilts for inspiration.

    1. I loved checking out quilts as inspiration. I stink at quilting so this is kind of my way of doing that.

  2. hello! the colors you pick are beautiful and fun.. u always seem to color code so great!! I made a blanket once when my then fiancé left for the army boot camp. it was knitted garter stitch 9 inch square blocks and took forever to do. not sure which of the kids took it with them. lol cant wait to see your finished project!!

    1. I’m hoping that since I’m going to seam this as I go it won’t be so bad…but we could still be talking about me working on this a year from now. We shall see.

  3. I have a big afghan I started working on for myself that’s a cable pattern. I’ve put it away for awhile to work on a couple other projects that will be gifts;) I love working on afghans during cold weather as I can keep warm with it as it grows!!

    1. I couldn’t imagine doing a big afghan with cables! Cables are probably my least favorite thing to do only because I’m not good at cabling without a third needle. Slows me down.

  4. Ok, I’ve been lurking reading your blog for a long time now and never commented before, but I feel like I have to now because this seems like some sort of mind-meld! Last week I finished this Featherweight ( just a couple days after you posted about your test knit for Tin Can Knits, and the next day I started a Tin Can Knits Polygon blanket, my first attempt at a modular blanket! Funny! Anyway I love your color choices, and am interested to hear how you end up seaming everything. That’s the biggest reason I haven’t tried to do a big blanket project like this before!

    1. Well thank you for coming out of the shadows. LOL I think in terms of seaming I may do the 9 blocks at a time when they are finished to make it not as daunting. I’ve been weaving in the ends and cleaning up the squares when they’re finished. No real deadline on this one, so hopefully it’s a more soothing knit.

  5. This is a great idea for simply soft yarn – love all the colors Caron provides. Can’t wait to see the finished project.

  6. It will be an experience you will NEVER forget! LOL! Enjoy!

  7. My only suggestion, since you have a plan as to how the squares are put together, is to put them together as you go. Some people don’t mind all the sewing together when all pieces are done with these types of blankets. I am not one of those people! I found that by putting it together as I completed squares I was extra motivated to complete the project.

    1. That’s my plan! I know I won’t do it if I see all those tiny squares at the end.

  8. I’m almost done with an afghan that’s been two years in the making. 😉 chose the Mason Dixon gals’ Log Cabin blanket, because I really hate the idea of sewing all those squares together. Still have a lot of ends to weave in, but at least no sewing. I’m adding an i-cord border, which I like the look of. Maybe your could use a crazy neon i-cord when all is said and done? Love your color choices!

  9. I have a major blanket knitting and crocheting stage right now. I made a crochet bed throw for my parents recently, I’m about to finish a lap blanket for myself and already planning the next one, which is also going to be piece by piece type. I love the pattern you chose and I can imagine how gorgeous and colourful it’s going to be!

    1. I tend to shy away from blankets, so tedious. But I kind of like the idea of doing this in little pieces and I’ll seam it together as I go.

    1. HAHAHAHA thank you! I have never understood the deep hatred for acrylic. I refuse to give someone a baby knit that’s a hand wash air dry wool. That child will spit up and poop on that thing and no parent cares to hand wash something when they’re sleep deprived! I appreciate a nice quality acrylic.

      1. When my sister called to say she was pregnant about the second thing she said in the phone call was “and I’m asking you right now, do not knit anything that needs to be hand washed!”

  10. Ahhhhh! You’re knitting a blanket!! I love it!!! 😀 I’ve absolutely loved having my log cabin blanket as a take-anywhere, work-on-anytime project. I seem to be stalled with fiver or six squares to go, but I’m thinking that when cool weather hits in the fall I can finish it up. I don’t blame you a bit for going with acrylic. That seems much more practical and usable!

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