FO: Wasabi the Whale and the Sea of Chevrons

Remember the baby blanket I was talking about last week for the baby we thought would get here this week? He arrived Friday night. Clearly he was too excited to join us out here in the real world and Matzah Ball (as he was known in utero) is now Eli! I like to think as I was finishing his blanket on Friday night he was so excited about it he decided to be born but clearly I had nothing to do with it…or did I? So before he was born my girlfriend sent this picture of his room.
Matzah' room
I actually had a bedroom floor to ceiling in that shade of green and it was my absolute favorite. So clearly since she was going with a favorite color palette of mine I was happy to knit him something. So I went with a trusted pattern and did the Chevron Baby Blanket (a free pattern from Purl Soho) but decided to make the green the accent color on the ends and have two row wide stripes in alternating grey and navy blue.
Matzah Ball's blanket
The end results I love, it’s a great blanket knit in Knit Picks Mighty Stitch Bulky on size 13 needles so it went super fast. But she also told me she was ordering navy blue curtains with whales on them for the window and the next day I was scrolling through Instagram and saw this post from @NoKnitSherlock of Wasabi the Whale.
I had to make a whale for the baby, right? It was fate!
Matzah Ball's blanket and whale
Of course I had to make one! I whipped this up in a couple of hours on Saturday after walking in a 5k for Pancreatic Research. I was tired, it was hot and I figured I could knock this pattern out that afternoon while I rested. I started around 3pm and by 7:30 I was sewing on the last fin. I think since I used child safe doll eyes I already had he looks a bit more like a manatee than a whale but either way he’s still a cutie.
Matzah Ball's blanket and whale
And he looks like he’s swimming in a sea of chevrons! I’ve said I want to make more knit toys for the little kids in my life but just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. This might be the motivation I need to pull out my fun colors in my yarn stash and make a few toys for the kids I love so much. Oh and in case you were wondering, I knit Wasabi out of the Caron Simply Soft that I knit Eli’s matching hat with last week. And in these photos he has already had a run through the washing machine and dryer and looks marvelous. He should hold up to years of hugs and kisses.

FO: For a Little Adventurer

My girlfriend is going to have a baby soon. Very soon. But I hadn’t made her anything yet because of two things: 1. She chose to not find out the sex of her baby (Booo) 2. Because she’s Jewish she’s keeping with custom and not accepting gifts before the baby is born. So for me I know that means I just had a little more time to make my gifts but she did give me the room’s color scheme and I’ve started on her baby blanket of Kelly green, navy blue and grey. But the other day she sent me a text and asked if I could make this onesie with my Silhouette machine and heat press. She was thinking about getting it as a bringing home baby outfit but did not want to spend $26. So I obliged and then thought I can’t send her a onesie without a hospital hat, right?
Matzah Ball's hat and onesie
So I dug through my trusty stash of Caron Simply Soft yarn and found a lovely Kelly green decided on the TinCan Knits Barley hat pattern. It had just enough texture and interest in a tiny hat to keep me going in a short span of time. I was able to whip this baby up in about 2 1/2 hours using my double pointed needles since I couldn’t find my 16 inch circulars in the size I needed.
Matzah Ball's hat and onesie
Not bad, right? I would’ve also made some tiny socks but that can wait until I’m finished with the baby blanket. My order of Mighty Stitchy Bulky came last week and I started on the same Chevron Baby Blanket pattern I made for my friend’s baby girl in February. This one will be heavy on the green with blue and grey as accents, maybe like chevron stripes in between. We shall see. The onesie has happily been delivered and added to her hospital bag and now we wait to see when baby boy/girl will get here!

FO: Baby Boy Gifts & Gift Tags

Well, I am officially sick. I have no clue where this head cold came from but it has knocked me off my feet. I felt a sore throat Wednesday, was working from home Thursday and stayed on the couch all day and ended up leaving work early on Friday because I sounded horrible. I’ve spent the entire weekend resting, knitting and binge watching the Great British Baking Show (better known as the Great British Bake Off) from the couch…and I’m still home today. Here’s hoping I’m back in action soon. Now on to the knitting…
A sweater for Cait's baby boy
I work at Howard University as a adjunct professor for my second job (as if I’m not already busy enough) and I teach Social Media Marketing. I love my students, they are a highlight of my day but I try to give my students a well rounded perspective of the industry and I bring in 4-6 speakers a semester. I’ve got a few repeat presenters who I love and as a thank you I knit them something for coming to my class repeatedly. When I asked my former student Cait (from when I worked in higher ed at American University) what she would want me to knit her since she was coming in last week she told me that instead of something for herself she’d love it if I made her something for her baby on the way! She’s having a boy in June and asked for something navy so I whipped up my favorite pattern, the Baby Sophisticate cardigan.
A sweater for Cait's baby boy
My lighting was slightly off in these pics but I promise you this is the Caron Simply Soft yarn in a lovely deep navy blue. And I was excited because in my button stash were the cutest blue goldfish buttons! I’ve had these for years but hadn’t found the right project for them and I thought this was the one. All baby cardigans need fun buttons, right?! Since her son will be born in June I made the 3-6 month size with hopes that this will be a perfect fit for him by the time fall rolls around. I might even need to whip up a hat to match after he gets here.
A sweater for Cait's baby boy
And I am asked often about my gift tags and I made them with my Silhouette Mint Stamp Maker. I love that thing (also they’re always going on sale because I got mine for about $25) but I knew I needed a stamp with instructions and a logo that let you know I made your gift. I have a bunch of blank gift tags and just stamp and check the boxes once I’m finished. Easy peasy.

That’s all I’ve got today. Back to resting until I have to drag myself out of bed to teach my class (no sick days for professors).