March’s FO’s

March's FO
April is here and spring has sprung! So let’s review what I was able to finish in March, shall we?

  • My Find Your Fade shawl: Um…I live int his thing. It’s a light weight wrap but it’s so huge if you wrap it around your neck you still get good warmth. I love the colors and simplicity of the patter and I get tons of compliments on it. Love, love, love.
  • A Sparkly Seagrass cardigan for my sister: Anne sent me a pic wearing her cardigan to work the other day. I think it’s a winner in her book.
  • Acid Rain shawl: Two shawls in one month?! I can’t believe it but I love this color combination on my third the Rain Outside shawl.
  • A Baby Boy Cardigan: It is insane the amount of friends I have that are having babies but I’m happy to make them little gifts.
  • Crowns for Babies (2): So I was going to blog this one on Friday and it turns out I had bronchitis so I was down for the count. I’ll definitely share this project this week.

I had a productive March despite being sick for the last 2 weeks. It turns out I had bronchitis but after some medicine and several days of rest I’m finally starting to feel like myself. Also in my down time I’ve been working on a light weight cardigan for spring for myself. I bought this Crystal Palace Panda Pearl yarn on a super sale from Little Knits on a whim and I LOVE it. It’s has a lovely drape, it light and airy and the colors shimmer. I kind of want to buy it all…but I will resist.

So was your March productive? What were you able to finish this month?

February’s FO’s

Happy March! It feels like we’re ushered in full on spring in DC/Maryland. So of course now I’ve got shawls, wraps and cotton knits on the brain…perhaps there’s a new Togue Pond Tank in my future? But since it’s the first of the month I’m going to recap was I was able to finish in the month of February.
February Finished Objects

  • My Textured Sleeve Test Knit: No post on this one yet and the pattern should be released soon but I’ll give some details once that happens.
  • My Four Colored Fable: This has been my go-to knit with this weird weather. It’s a nice layer to throw on over something when it’s a big cool out but it’s not an insanely hot wool sweater since it’s a wool/acrylic blend.
  • A Chevron Blanket: Well, the recipient was born 2 days before schedule yesterday! Little Evy now has a new blanket to bring her home from the hospital this week. I’m super excited and can’t wait for her Mom to send me pics in her blanket.
  • A Baby Sweater & Socks: And tomorrow little Greyson will be born! And he’s got an awesome sweater and pair of socks waiting for him.

I’d say my month was productive. In between all this knitting I’ve still been plugging away at my Find Your Fade Shawl. I just joined color 4 of 7 last night and I love seeing how it blends together. I just love color so much. Oh and speaking of color, I added Colors to the category list. So you can search my projects based on color/color palette.

So what did you get to finish last month? Share! Drop a Ravelry Project Link in your comments too (or blog post).

January’s FO’s

January, where did you go? How is it already February?
January FO
This month I completed three sweaters and am already 3/4 of the way finished with a 4th sweater.

  • My Trail Jacket: I haven’t taken pics or blogged about this one yet (hence the bathroom selfie) but I’ve worn it 4 times since I finished it. I love this piece and surprise, surprise…it’s a neutral!
  • Safia’s sweater: It’s becoming an annual thing that my first finished object of the year goes to my cousin.
  • My Happy Little Sweater: Um…this is just sunshine and joy wrapped up into one cardigan.

Also I found it really amazing how many responses Karen from Fringe Association got on her post asking if people were sweater knitters or accessories knitters. Over 500+ comments and the majority of folks say they’re sweater knitter. I’m not alone, although after seeing a billion Find Your Fade Shawls I kind of want to join in on all the fun. LOL Also I saw this post last night on Instagram.
Rocky Road Cardigan

And now I’m obsessed with the Rocky Road cardigan and want to make one for myself in the medium length. I have enough yarn in various colors but I might actually make it a neutral and use the camel colored yarn from my frogged Flaum cardigan. I think this might be a good coat to wear into spring. So what did you accomplish last month and what are you hoping to accomplish this month?