6 Months of Knitting

I totally forgot with my June knitting recap to talk about what I’ve done so far with knitting the first half of the year.
6 months of knitting
This is 6 months of knitting folks! So far I’ve made…

  • 5 sweaters (3/4 or full length sleeves)
  • 4 short sleeved sweaters/tees
  • 1 baby sweater
  • 3 dog sweaters
  • 10 hats
  • 6 cowls/shawls
  • and 1 tie!

That’s 30 hand knit items in the last 6 months, not bad if I do say so myself. What has the first half of your knitting year looked like? And what are you hoping to accomplish before the year is up?


June 2018 Finished Objects

It’s July. I swear January and February dragged on and then the months started to fly by! It’s already June and I haven’t accomplished nearly as much summer knitting as I wanted to but I’ve been getting a few things done.
June FO’s
This month I finished two projects, both were pretty time consuming.

  • My cotton Guthrie! Okay, technically I finished it on the morning of July 1 but I’m claiming it for June. I’ve got a full post on it this week so you can see it in all it’s glory. I really like this one.
  • Shades of Blue Askews Me Shawl. I really do love brioche. It’s a color explosion and my friend loved her blue shawl.

As I finished my Guthrie this weekend and started to prep for a test knit I agreed to I realized I still hadn’t finished my Togue Pond Tank! Oops! I’m throwing it in my carry-on bag with me this week as I go to Chicago for a few days so hopefully I can finish that one up before I’m elbow deep in another test knit.

So that’s what I’ve been up to in the month of June, how about you?

May 2018 Finished Objects

May is coming to a close and I thought I’d do my May round-up a day early. I knit a little and a lot.
May’s FO’s
Here’s what I was able to accomplish in the month of May:

  • I’ve got my matching Durumi tees for me and the Bean. I really do love how this color combo came out. And how perfectly Beanie’s tiny tee came out too.
  • My test knit for Tin Can Knits. It’s still under embargo so I can’t share the finished object photos (they’re really good), but look at how pretty this Miss Babs Yowza colorway came out!
  • And finally my Dotted Rays shawl. I love this thing. It’s huge and the yarn is squishy and it’s keeping me warm in my freezing office.

A small collection of pieces but all worth the time and the yarn. And now I’ve got a metallic pink Togue Pond tank on my needles and I’m thinking of starting up an Askews Me Shawl as a gift for a friend.  What were you able to finish this month? What are you working on next?