July 2018 Finished Objects

My sister text me the other day alerting me that it was August 1 and it was time for me to start celebrating (my birthday is the 30th). I swore it was still July 31st but here we are and it’s August! So let’s take a look at what I finished in July.
July’s FO’s
I had a good month in July and made progress on other things but I was able to finish off:

  • My secret test knit! It comes out this month so I’ll be able to share the pattern soon. It’s a fun pullover and I knit it in a wild color palette so clearly I love it.
  • I was able to to knit 3 squares for my blanket. Hey, I’ve got a lot more to go but at least I’ve gotten started.
  • And my forgotten Togue Pond Tank was finally off my needles. This one might be my favorite one of all the Togue Pond Tanks I’ve made, seriously. I really do love this metallic yarn.

I am finishing up this week my sister’s sweater! I just have the pockets left so I’ll definitely be sharing that. And I’m hoping to at least separate for sleeves on my latest Guthrie and then start my new test knit next week.

What are you hoping to get accomplished in August?!

10 Replies to “July 2018 Finished Objects”

  1. Love your style–so much that I’m making the sleeveless top from the metallic yarn you mentioned–which is soft as a cloud, lovely to knit. I’m a little worried about having enough yarn, so I just ordered a third skein.
    Thank you!

  2. My birthday is the 1st! Start celebrating! I think I’m going to tak the whole month too this year. Come on over to my house and we’ll have cake together!

  3. AWESOME!!! Very productive month for you! 😉 Does that offer to wind my yarns still stand??? Only asking cuz I’m ordering sweater quantity of MadTosh (guess what color?!!! totally your fault for making me ‘explore color’) with my b-day money . . . let me know and I’ll SHIP it directly to you 😉 Hahahaha! 🙂

  4. I really hope to finish the sweater I am actively working on (there is no hope for the sweater on the needles in my closet).

  5. I love your enthusiasm for knitting on your blog posts! The little girls are the best companions. Hopefully I finish my Comfort Fade Cardi and Zweig sweater before the end of August. Love your knitting!

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