Stitching Status: Mending Mistakes

Before we left for our vacation to Savannah I started on my Royally Striped Cardigan. I should’ve taken the dress for my goddaughter that has a billion miles of stockinette stitch but I just didn’t want to do it. So I started on Royally Striped instead. I always think, oh this will take me a while to make and then something about the pattern will excite me and I plow right through it.
Before we started our road trip I started about this much of the first section to create the cardigan. What I love about this project is that you can use up a lot of single skeins of dk weight yarn you might have, the color combinations are endless and it’s nice and mindless garter stitch with a few basic short rows (without the wrapping – hooray!). Added bonus I finally figured out a project where I could use my Hikoo Abracadabra color changing yarn I bought ages ago. This is a great car project in the early stages and a great end of the day winding down kind of project to work on too.
This is a little bit more progress I was able to make in the evenings in our hotel. I loved our hotel because they had these amazing green chairs with huge ottomans in our room so I had a perfectly cozy knitting spot.
And the end of every row you slip one stitch with the yarn in from (SL1 WYF) and it makes it super easy to ensure you’re picking up the correct amount of stitches around the edge. As much as I love picking up stitches I’m horrible at getting the right number. This time I got my numbers right (isn’t the inside just beautiful?) but unfortunately I picked up my stitches on the WRONG SIDE. Yeah, you read that right. But I didn’t panic! And you might have seen this on my Instagram Stories.
I realized as I was at the end of this massive block on the back and was going to need to do my side pieces next that I did indeed pick up from the wrong side. I was a little confused and had hoped the pattern would’ve had a better picture for my brain to grasp where to pick up but it didn’t so I did what I thought was right and it was so wrong. So instead, my solution was to pick up stitches on the correct side and then use the side I hadn’t finished yet to do a three needled bind-off to attach it. My color block is upside from where I wanted it but I was able to flip it without a problem. I was also able to easily unravel the other side where I picked up stitches and put the correct amount of stitches back on my needle. I was so proud of myself. Now I’m sure there are other ways I could’ve worked this out but I don’t care! LOL I worked this one out on my own with lots of success.

All that’s left is the border on both sides, two different colors and the short sleeves. But I love that it has armholes and a shape so I can actually put it on. I’m super excited to see this as a final project and cannot wait to see the yarn truly change color in the sun. The only problem? I’ll have to wait until fall to really wear it but whatever, it gets cold in my house in the summer with the AC on, right?


Stitching Status: Summer 2017 Goals

I just got back from my vacation and I feel so refreshed. It was a much needed break but probably the only trip we’ll really take this summer. There will be some days off here and there but my husband and I want to save money to take a nice trip for our 15th anniversary next year and our 40th birthdays, so I’ve got to set my priorities straight! Less spending, way more saving and to be honest, if you give me weekends all to myself to knit and dig through my stash this summer I’ll be insanely happy. It doesn’t take much for me. I’ve got some ideas of things I want to make and small knitting goals I want to achieve so I thought I’d share them here.

  1. Create more by making my own patterns. I read knitting magazines, buy patterns but in all honesty I’ve started to really enjoy modifying and improvising more and more. All the fundamental knowledge is already out there in books that I own and love, so I just need to explore more. I need to start combining my stitch dictionaries and construction books and use my sketchbooks to draw out what I want and then make it a reality.
  2. Knit a sweater for Jellybean. Beanie does have a knit sweater but I bought it instead of making it. She’s so small that I kind of need to make my own pattern but that also goes along with the first goal!
  3. Try some new things. I really want to tackle colorwork and I feel like now is the time to do it. Plus all those single leftover skeins of yarn can be put to good use, right?!
  4. Knit some socks. Yup, you read that right. I want to knit some socks. I’ve knit a pair before but not in fingering weight. I’ve got a few skeins of fingering weight yarn and some sock patterns in my library. It’s time to see what all the hype is really about.

So those are 4 small things I’m thinking about right now and there are some other bigger things swirling around in my brain too. I just want to do as much as I can with my free time this summer to do creative things.  And with this long holiday weekend ahead I’m hoping to at least cut out the pattern to sew myself a summer dress (despite the cool temps here on the east coast) and spend a lot of time snuggling the dogs and knitting. Anyone else have good weekend plans? Or summer goals?

Refreshed & the Number 14

I’m back as promised. It wasn’t a long hiatus but I spent the last few days in Savannah, Georgia with friends. You know your vacation is great when you take very few photos. Instead I laughed, ate a lot, drank a little and enjoyed being away. We even boarded the dogs at their favorite resort (and when I say resort I mean it because it’s just as nice as our own hotels) so we wouldn’t have 6:45am wake-ups every day. I admit I missed them but I love how much they miss me and are happy to see me when we return. But even better, we are back and today is our 14th wedding anniversary! Before we left I decided to pay for professional photos of us because although I do a decent job I wanted something that wasn’t so posed and captured our little family including the dogs. My former student has her own photography business, Amira Maxwell Photography and she let me know when she would be back in the DC area so we could schedule a date. She didn’t disappoint.

Photo courtesy of Amira Maxwell Photography

We met her early on Sunday morning at the National Harbor since we live in Maryland and go to the harbor often. We also wanted a nice outdoor location for the dogs. It was a beautiful morning, with few people out and the Capital Wheel as our backdrop.

Photo courtesy of Amira Maxwell Photography

Knowing Amira’s photography style I knew I wanted us to wear color so I put on my Saddle Shoulder Tee and picked out a very colorful shirt for my husband. I love how he goes along with whatever I suggest. And on the dogs, I bought them new harnesses and leashes from Learned Stitchworks. Unfortunately it was a cool 59 degrees that morning so I had to put a t-shirt on Jellybean or she would’ve just buried herself in my armpit.

Photo courtesy of Amira Maxwell Photography

I’m so glad I decided to get photos taken. It’s nice to have pictures of us through someone else’s lens.

Photo courtesy of  Amira Maxwell Photography

And if you’re interested in booking Amira or seeing the rest of our photos you can check them out on her website and see the rest of our pics here.