Yesterday I turned 38. I still struggle at times with the fact that I’m a real adult but clearly I’ve been adulting for a while now.
Thankful for the opportunity to make 38 a great year ☺️🙌
My day started with the gift that kept on giving – poop from Jelly (I swear she’s testing us to see if we really are keeping her sometimes) followed by ‘I’m sorry I pooped but still love me’ snuggles. I obliged. I got a billion texts, some emails, Instagram messages and of course a ton of Facebook wall posts. My sister took me to lunch and I bumped into more friends! It was a nice low key day. I still went to work but ended my evening with Chinese takeout, some knitting, more dog snuggles and a nice evening with my husband.

Birthdays are difficult for me. They’re an odd mix of happy and sadness . I’m happy to celebrate (cake!) but whenever someone asks me what I want I always want to say a hug from my Dad. I know, the thing I can’t have is what I want the most but it’s true. So instead I’ve been focusing on what I do have and that’s a lot. I’ve got a lot of love and support in my life and I’m encouraged daily to do the things that I love. I’m thankful that I’m still here and even though I can’t hug him I know he’s with me too. Here’s to 38 being a great year.

Stitching Status: In My Bubble

I think this picture of Cher sums up how I felt about going back to work this week.
How I feel about the weekend coming to an end 😑 #mood #cherstagrams
Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful to have a job but man, if I won the lottery I would be a ghost. As social as I can be, I love being at home and I realized once I got off of work early on Friday, I went to the store and went home and didn’t leave my house again (except to walk Cher) until Sunday afternoon. We had lots of company come over and I cooked dinner for my cousins and had a great meal and great laughs – I just prefer to be home…always. So what did I do this weekend while I was in my bubble?
In between doing a deep clean and de-furring of my house (Cher has exploded into a pile of short black hair), GRE prep and cooking I was knitting. Above is my latest version of the North Fork tee, I wore my previous North Fork the other day and was reminded how much I love Berroco Modern cotton and this top but that I needed to make some modifications to it for a new version. So this one will be more a line and it will actually have a stretchy bind-off – unlike my first one – so that my arms don’t feel like they’re being squeezed.
I finished off this North Fork tee for my cousin (full post soon) since she’s coming next week! This one has a lovely stretchy bind-off and should fit her tiny frame perfectly. It was also the reason I decided to whip up another one for myself, the pattern is so simple and works up on size 10.5 needles so quickly that I just had to make one for myself. Plus, I always love knitting a pattern again and making improvements based on what I’ve learned since the last time I knit it.
We’ve also been finishing up our basement. I spent several hours taping and painting quarter round and baseboards on hard tile floor (we replaced our carpet in the basement with this cool wood look tile – LOVE IT!). My husband’s gel knee pads were a life saver but my back and knees still ache – image what I’d feel like if I hadn’t use them? There’s still a few things left to be done before I can do all the finishing to our basement but I really love how we’ve upgraded the space.

So that’s what living in my little bubble is like. Lots of cooking, knitting and cleaning. Not too bad. How was your weekend? What did you work on?

All the Good Things

I took a little break from everything last week and it felt good. Last week there was so much that happened so I felt like sharing a little life recap.
Wednesday was my husband’s birthday and I took him to a Nationals baseball game. He’s a New Yorker (hello, Brooklyn) and is definitely a Yankees fan but he also roots for the home team. And he really roots for the home team when they’re playing against the Mets. I’m not a big baseball fan but I’m always happy to sit at the stadium on a gorgeous night with my husband and my best friend Jess came for her first Nats game too.
Friday was Cher’s 12th birthday and I happened to take the day off and got to spend it with her. Of course I tortured her with an official birthday portrait but she got lots of belly rubs, extra walks so she could sniff the entire neighborhood and I even found doggy cannoli for her special day.
She is zoned in on this birthday cannoli - also who knew they made cannoli's for dogs?! Happy birthday Cher! #cherstagrams #dogbirthday
Is my dog spoiled? You betcha! Saturday was spent having lunch and hanging out with a friend who currently lives in Brazil. And since my husband recently upgraded me to an iPhone…I bought an Apple Watch. And I spent my evening finishing off the rest of my Lipstick cardigan (pics to come once I take pictures in it).
Just a few rows to finish this cardigan and a few snuggles before I get my Sunday started 😍🐶 #knittersofinstagram #cherstagrams #dwjknits
Sunday morning I got to spend a little time snuggling with Cher and finishing off the neckband of my cardigan before we headed to church. We officially became godparents to our friend’s baby girl.
Paige's Baptism
She’s in the adorable chubby baby stage with all kinds of baby rolls all over the place. She’s so calm and sweet. And we spent the afternoon with their family and our friends celebrating her baptism.
And since my sweater was finished, I started another the Rain Outside shawl on Sunday night and worked up to the halfway point by Monday. I really love this pattern and see myself making this up quite often. In addition to knitting I’ve been getting ready for a GRE prep course I start tonight. I’ve decided I want to apply for a PhD program and hopefully go back to school full time next year (fingers crossed I get accepted into the program). Nothing makes me feel as old (or a little dumb) as doing math practice tests but hey, this is why I’m paying to take a prep course. I’m smart enough to know that I’m a bit rusty! This last week has flown by but it was filled with good things, so I cannot complain.

What’s been happening with you?