This Snow Day

Um…this is how I felt when I got the 4:30am call when I found out we had a snow day yesterday.
These are the eyes I gave my husband to make him take his liberal leave from work instead of going in after a 3 hour delay.
This is the progress I made on my Find Your Fade shawl, I’ve got one more color left!
This is the froggy raincoat that was delivered that I made Jellybean try on to amuse me.
This was just a really good day.

Happy Friday

Oh Summer Fridays, how I’ve missed you!

I am elated about the prospect of leaving work early to start my weekend. Cher never appears to be impressed but I think she’s just mad I photobombed her while she was working on her selfie skills.

Last night I was determined to finish that boring white cardigan and I was victorious (more details on it later). So now I can get started on a new project. I’ve got a couple of ideas in mind:

  • Knit myself a Betsey shawl, I’ve made 2 before and given them away.
  • Start on a baby blanket for a friend due in August (but really, baby blankets get real boring, real quick).
  • Make another North Fork tee for my summer tiny cousin with my leftover yarn.
  • Knit something else for my girlfriend’s adorable baby girl.

Decisions, decisions. Perhaps in the middle of barbecuing I’ll figure out what to put on my needles next. Besides, Saturday is World Wide Knit in Public Day – I have to knit something! No matter what, I intend on having a glorious weekend and I hope you do too.