We Barked at the Park

I asked you guys for your prayers last week and I think they worked! To start of the week for my husband’s birthday I got us tickets to the Washington Nationals game for Bark at the Park, where you can bring your dogs with you to the game. And the girls were really good!
We’ve wanted to try this for a while but where nervous because Cher isn’t always the friendliest (see her staring at the dog in this pic LOL) but once we got her acclimated and she knew she was with us and was okay she was great. Jellybean we’ve learned that as long as you’re willing to hold her she’ll be quiet as a mouse. And if you’re wondering how this was set-up, at the Nats stadium (despite not being a baseball fan I can appreciate how nice this stadium is) they have a dog only section that was covered with shade and had family picnic tables in the back. In the same area they brought in grass so the dogs could have potty breaks. Since you couldn’t take them with you to the concession stands if you needed help they had sitters who would keep your dog while you grabbed food. And when you bought tickets each dog got their own seat so we had 4 seats between us so we had a bit of a buffer between the other dogs in our row.
We kept cracking up because Cher kept sitting in Kendell’s lap looking out at the game like she was really watching it. She seemed really into baseball. Jellybean…she was into taking a nap on my lap.
It was a gorgeous day and I even caught a bit of a rainbow in the sky. We were seated under cover and there was a great breeze flowing through. Cher would just sway in Kendell’s lap and soak up the cool breeze, it was so great. In the beginning the dogs seemed a little warm so I decided a good treat to cool them down would be some vanilla custard from Shake Shack.
As you can see it was a hit. LOL I’ve never seen Jellybean eat so fast and furiously in the 10 months we’ve had her. She bypassed the spoon and just dove in head first and Cher copied.
You can also tell Kendell had a great time as he started to goof off with Cher and had her wearing his baseball cap. He was so happy that she did so well we’re thinking about going again in September! And since I find baseball pretty boring it was nice to have them along to distract and entertain me. Otherwise I just knit at games.
Unfortunately the Nationals were getting beaten pretty badly so by the time we made it to the 7th inning stretch Kendell was ready to go but I think the girls would’ve done fine making it to the end. I think a lot of the baseball teams do a Bark in the Park or Pups in the Park so just google it or check out the special events section of your team’s page to find tickets to go too. It was a lot of fun and we met some really awesome dog people too.


Refreshed & the Number 14

I’m back as promised. It wasn’t a long hiatus but I spent the last few days in Savannah, Georgia with friends. You know your vacation is great when you take very few photos. Instead I laughed, ate a lot, drank a little and enjoyed being away. We even boarded the dogs at their favorite resort (and when I say resort I mean it because it’s just as nice as our own hotels) so we wouldn’t have 6:45am wake-ups every day. I admit I missed them but I love how much they miss me and are happy to see me when we return. But even better, we are back and today is our 14th wedding anniversary! Before we left I decided to pay for professional photos of us because although I do a decent job I wanted something that wasn’t so posed and captured our little family including the dogs. My former student has her own photography business, Amira Maxwell Photography and she let me know when she would be back in the DC area so we could schedule a date. She didn’t disappoint.

Photo courtesy of Amira Maxwell Photography

We met her early on Sunday morning at the National Harbor since we live in Maryland and go to the harbor often. We also wanted a nice outdoor location for the dogs. It was a beautiful morning, with few people out and the Capital Wheel as our backdrop.

Photo courtesy of Amira Maxwell Photography

Knowing Amira’s photography style I knew I wanted us to wear color so I put on my Saddle Shoulder Tee and picked out a very colorful shirt for my husband. I love how he goes along with whatever I suggest. And on the dogs, I bought them new harnesses and leashes from Learned Stitchworks. Unfortunately it was a cool 59 degrees that morning so I had to put a t-shirt on Jellybean or she would’ve just buried herself in my armpit.

Photo courtesy of Amira Maxwell Photography

I’m so glad I decided to get photos taken. It’s nice to have pictures of us through someone else’s lens.

Photo courtesy of  Amira Maxwell Photography

And if you’re interested in booking Amira or seeing the rest of our photos you can check them out on her website and see the rest of our pics here.

Weekend Update: Mother’s Day 2017

How do the weekends fly by so quickly and the week days seem to drag on forever?
It’s Monday but I’m going on vacation soon so I’m not really mad that this week is starting. It just gets me closer to going away for some rest and relaxation. It was Mother’s Day weekend and I hope you all had a great weekend being celebrated or celebrating your own mother. We started our Sunday off taking family photos with the dogs. One of my former students started her own photography business and she travels for work and let me know she was going to be in DC and available to take family pics for me. I was so excited. It was a bit cooler in the morning so I had to put a shirt on Jellybean (she was still shivering a bit) but it warmed up, Cher was a ham in front of the camera and hopefully we got some great shots. I wore my Saddle Shoulder Striped tee and found a colorful plaid button-up for the husband to wear.
Add in new harnesses and leashes for the girls and a backdrop of the National Harbor and the Capital Wheel and I’m pretty sure we’ve got some great pics.
Mother's Day
My Sunday evening was spent with my family. My sisters and I talked about going out to dinner for Mother’s Day and just weren’t too enthused so I volunteered to cook and they brought the wine and my Mom along. We had a lovely meal and a lot of laughs. Pretty great for a Mother’s Day in my book. How was your weekend? How did you celebrate?