Happiness Is…

I’ve been super productive on the knitting front. I decided to knit my aunt the Bermondsey sweater because I know it and it’s an easy pattern to memorize so it will go quickly. I started it last night and am already separated for sleeves. The body should fly off my needles. So today I thought I’d share a few things that define happiness for me lately.
Couch snuggles with Cher. My sweet girl is 13 years old and we’ve been together for almost 4 years. I cherish all the snuggles and couch cuddles I can get.
My mischievous Jellybean. I took this picture after I put her in time out for growling at Cher. She’s my rotten little 5 year old chihuahua and I just adore her exuberance and goofiness. We are working on being so possessive…it takes time and patience.
Maddie’s sweater
Knitting for others. I’ve been knitting for babies and family and knowing I can make something that they can wear that makes them think of me makes me feel pretty good. Also my friend Rachel gave me these skein stitch markers years ago and they’re still my favorites for marking the beginning of the round. I think of her all the time when I’m knitting.

That’s it for me this Friday, I hope you have a weekend full of happiness.


Little Things Add Up

I’ve been a little quieter than normal lately because my husband just finished a stretch of back to back travel. Typically when he’s away I don’t broadcast it but he’s been out for about two weeks with a 48 hour pop-in,  so it has been me and the girls lately. I don’t mind that he travels but I do miss him while he’s gone.
But I typically get some good knitting time in when he travels since it’s just me and the girls. Except for when Jellybean wants to play fetch for a solid hour. Then we have to run around the living room. And sometimes Cher hops down and demands a walk.
But with the weather so nice I made sure to spend a lot of time outside with these two ladies on extra long walks and car rides so they could hang their heads out the window. Plus it wears them out and I’m ensured to have some solid knitting time while they both nap laid across my legs.
I also went to the park with Maddie and her little sister Olivia last weekend. I was tickled because her Mom put this hat on Liv’s head. It’s a simple little hat knit in Cascade Ultra Pima that I knit it for Maddie as a baby shower gift with the leftover yarn from the matching dress. I can’t believe it fits her sister now. Handmade hand-me-downs for the win!
That same day at the park it was a little chilly so I had on my Mint Madness sweater (which I think is going to get worn A LOT this fall/winter) and it pairs perfectly with my knit Converse Chuck Taylors – I love it! Also I took my first two color brioche class last night…I’m so glad I took a class. It would’ve taken me a lot longer to understand that stitch on my own!

Just a few of the little things that make me happy lately, what’s making you happy lately?

Choosing Joy

I’ve had one of those weeks where a perfect storm of things left me feeling like I had a rain cloud over my head all week. Part of it was that my husband was out of the country for work and that always seems to throw me off a bit. And the other part was just life stuff: work craziness, being tired and feeling a little overwhelmed. I hate feeling overwhelmed. I like to be in control.
This morning I was going to drive to work and I decided I was too tired and over it. I just wanted to sit and knit. So I took the Metro to work. I got to sit and work on a new project for 30 uninterrupted minutes and I started to feel that acidity I’d been holding on to all week melt away (added bonus, my husband got back last night so I slept like a log for the first time in a week). A young man even told me I had a great butt – not in those exact terms LOL (I was wearing new jeans) but it was still a compliment. Of course on my walk to my office from the train station a bird pooped on my head but you know what? It could’ve been worse AND it is considered good luck. Perhaps my tide is turning.

I realized in that moment when I shrugged off being pooped on I was deciding to choose joy today. It isn’t always the easiest thing to do but sometimes you just have to or the acidity will swallow you whole. So happy Friday to you. I hope you have a joy filled weekend.