Refreshed & the Number 14

I’m back as promised. It wasn’t a long hiatus but I spent the last few days in Savannah, Georgia with friends. You know your vacation is great when you take very few photos. Instead I laughed, ate a lot, drank a little and enjoyed being away. We even boarded the dogs at their favorite resort (and when I say resort I mean it because it’s just as nice as our own hotels) so we wouldn’t have 6:45am wake-ups every day. I admit I missed them but I love how much they miss me and are happy to see me when we return. But even better, we are back and today is our 14th wedding anniversary! Before we left I decided to pay for professional photos of us because although I do a decent job I wanted something that wasn’t so posed and captured our little family including the dogs. My former student has her own photography business, Amira Maxwell Photography and she let me know when she would be back in the DC area so we could schedule a date. She didn’t disappoint.

Photo courtesy of Amira Maxwell Photography

We met her early on Sunday morning at the National Harbor since we live in Maryland and go to the harbor often. We also wanted a nice outdoor location for the dogs. It was a beautiful morning, with few people out and the Capital Wheel as our backdrop.

Photo courtesy of Amira Maxwell Photography

Knowing Amira’s photography style I knew I wanted us to wear color so I put on my Saddle Shoulder Tee and picked out a very colorful shirt for my husband. I love how he goes along with whatever I suggest. And on the dogs, I bought them new harnesses and leashes from Learned Stitchworks. Unfortunately it was a cool 59 degrees that morning so I had to put a t-shirt on Jellybean or she would’ve just buried herself in my armpit.

Photo courtesy of Amira Maxwell Photography

I’m so glad I decided to get photos taken. It’s nice to have pictures of us through someone else’s lens.

Photo courtesy of  Amira Maxwell Photography

And if you’re interested in booking Amira or seeing the rest of our photos you can check them out on her website and see the rest of our pics here.

10 Replies to “Refreshed & the Number 14”

  1. FINALLY! In the 3rd picture your husband decides to smile! great lighting! Happy 14th DWJ!!!

  2. Ohhh, I love them ALL!!!!! How in the world will you pick only a couple to get big prints of??!

    1. Well I’ll do different prints for different places because we want ones for our offices and then to add to a main wall in the living room and I have family photos in my kitchen too. But we will definitely put them all in an album for the good memories ☺️

  3. These anniversary photos are lovely and fun! It’s great you have a place that will safely keep your babies happy and entertained while you have some couple away time.

  4. This is too adorable. Congrats on the 14 years. What a great way to celebrate.

  5. I love the photographs. It’s nice to have someone snap images of you in action. You both look so relaxed and content. Happy anniversary (I know, I’m late).

    1. Thank you! And yes it’s always good to get pics from a different perspective than just posed ones I take with a timer.

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