Stitching Status: Distractions

I typically plan out what I’d like to knit each month in my head and for the most part, what I want to do gets executed. Things that I can’t complete get moved to the next month’s goals but this month I’ve been distracted in so many ways. First with my Aunt being ill and wanting to make her something.
I decided to go with the Bermondsey cardigan just because it’s so easy to work up and I know what to expect. I cast on Thursday and don’t have much longer to go on the body. And I had some down time to myself this weekend and could’ve knocked it out but the color palette (my Aunt’s favorite color is green but she wears a ton of grey and black so I’m giving her all of that) and the monotony of this knit made me decide on something completely out of left field…I cast on a fingering weight yarn shawl.


This is Jellybean’s ‘WHAT??!!’ face. LOL
I’ve had the Dotted Rays pattern in my library for a while. I usually pick up favorites when a designer has a sale and I like that this one can be done in fingering up to worsted weight but I actually chose to make it in fingering weight since I love my Find Your Fade shawl so much and how light it is when I wear it. Plus there are so many gorgeous finished objects and I’ve been dying to cast on with this Perwinkle Sheep yarns in Hot Mama (that hot pink) and the multicolored yarn is Manos del Uruguay in Alegria in Candombe that I bought in New Orleans last year – it was time to use it.

Then add to my ever growing list I saw this test call on Instagram for this sweater that I loved when Samantha made it for a knit-a-long so I volunteered to test knit. Fortunately she doesn’t need a finished object until Dec. 1 but man I’ve still got that sweater I want to knit my sister for her birthday next month. Clearly the shawl will be picked up when I need to change things up a bit but I’ve got a lot of knitting distractions happening right now.

What about you, what you are working on?


Stitching Status: Four Color Fable

I totally wanted to share my Trail Jacket but with a sick husband and a sick dog I just haven’t had the time to take proper photos. I’m hoping to get some time over the weekend. So instead I thought I’d share the status of what I’m currently working on and hoping to finish this weekend.
Fable in progress
These are the pieces to my Four Color Fable cardigan. This is the first seamed sweater I’ve done in a while. I finished the sleeves Thursday night and they’re drying after I blocked them so I seamed the shoulders and started the shawl collar/button band while I wait for the sleeves to dry.
Fable in progress
I bought this pattern a while ago with the intentions of making a neutral color cardigan that I could wear all the time and I kept getting bored thinking about making it all one color…because I’m me and I love color. So I kept putting this project off. And then one day I saw an old episode of How I Met Your Mother and the character Lily had on a navy blue sweater coat and the front panels were large blocks of color and I said to myself that’s what Fable is going to become. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m not required to make a neutral. I can make whatever I want.  I actually ordered the turquoise and apple green color along with cream and orange but when it came I had a ball of the green Mighty Stitch Worsted out and decided it would be a cardigan of shades of blue and green. I’m really loving the final results. From the back it will look like it’s a solid navy blue sweater but the front will give an entirely different vibe. I’m also considering adding pockets at the side seams when I add in the sleeves. I feel like it needs pockets. My next choice is what buttons!?! I didn’t take a picture but I picked up two sets of buttons, these green glass looking buttons and these textured wood buttons. Which would you choose to put on a navy blue button band?

Stitching Status: Never Enough Time

I’ve had a hectic few days and instead I thought I’d have a long week of knitting solitude to get my mom’s sweater finished. Ugh. Instead I’ve been back and forth to the vet with little Jellybean trying to figure out why she is constantly dragging her butt. It’s always hard to figure out the problem when you’ve only had a dog for a few months and don’t know their normal behavior as well. I went through the same thing after we got Cher and cleared it all up but it just takes time. Add to the fact that my husband was on travel for a week so I had to scramble to get to vet visits, get work finished, walk the dogs and then feed them and myself! By the time I did get to sit down I was simply too tired to knit. Fortunately, I’m just a few rows from finishing the front and back pieces of this sweater. Next is the sleeves and then the hard part – joining with the contrasting color yarn. I’m nervous and excited at the same time to finish it. I really think my Mom is going to love it. My goal is to have it all wrapped up by Sunday/Monday. Keep your fingers crossed please.
I also haven’t taken photos of most of my little knits I just finished. I’m slacking all around. But here’s a picture of Cher in a NY Giants hat for the polar vortex coming our way. This is a small and it fits her perfectly…Jelly’s hat is just a little on the big side but will do because when the wind blows it blows her and she needs an extra layer of protection. Things I thought I’d never discuss with my husband: needing to buy a chihuahua a snow suit. That also happened this weekend.

So I haven’t been as productive as I had hoped. Have you been? Or is the holiday crunch getting to you to?