Stitching Status: Bits & Pieces

I’m really happy that it’s Friday. This has been a long week. So I thought I’d share a few things knitting related.
Currently I’m working on what has to be the softest baby blanket on Earth. A girlfriend of mine is having her second baby in March, a girl this time, and she loves the color combo of lavender and mint. While Knit Picks had Mighty Stitch on sale I picked up some of the bulky weight to whip up a blanket for her. I’m doing alternating blocks of lavender, mint, lavender and then longer blocks of white and then mint, lavender, mint…It’s working out really nicely and I love not having to purl anything. I’m also going to whip up a baby sweater this weekend for another friend’s little boy who will be here in a few weeks!
Also you can call this the art of peer pressure but I decided to jump in and do a Find Your Fade shawl. Just look at the #findyourfadeshawl hashtag on Instagram and drool over all the lovely shawls. I’m not even a big shawl knitter but I love color possibilities and didn’t want to miss out on the fun. I’m already at my second color, I’m using some stash and some new yarn to give the fade I want (I’m going from highlighter yellow – pictured is madelinetosh Edison Bulb – to a super bright pink with green and blue in the middle). When I get tired with one project I like to have something else small to work on to switch things up and this is a pretty good option.
Steven's Rye Tie
And remember over the holidays I knit 2 Rye ties? Well I finally got a pic of my friend Steven wearing his, isn’t he handsome? He told me he got lots of compliments and that other men at work attempt to take the tie. I didn’t expect men to like the knitted ties as much, who knew they’d be such a popular item?

This weekend should be pretty quiet and low key so I plan to knit and rest. I feel like a cold is coming on and I’m trying my best to not get sick. What plans do you have for the weekend?

FO: Entwine Cowl

I told you this week was all about the smaller projects I’ve been able to complete in between working on my holiday sweater knitting (which I finished last night and absolutely LOVE).
Entwine cowl
I wanted a nice warm and cozy scarf to add to my winter wardrobe and I had the Entwine scarf from the Within Knits book but I really don’t like fringe or long scarves so I decided to take the same stitch pattern and turn it into the Entwine Cowl instead. I picked up some lovely Madelinetosh ASAP in the same color as the hat I made for my friend Salina in September. It looks completely different on super bulky yarn but is still a beautiful colorway. I thought it would be a nice contrast against my Green Monster hat and I have enough left over that I want to whip up a quick cowl for Salina to match her hat.
Entwine cowl
I made this cowl super long so I can actually wrap it around myself three times for a nice warm and cozy piece around my neck when the wind is whipping.

So now that I’ve finished my Mom’s sweater for Christmas I’ve still got other sweaters I want to work on next. My goal is to whip up a NY Giants colored sweater for my husband before the big game on New Year’s Day – keep your fingers crossed for me. If I start it today I should have enough time to get it going since I’ll have a few days off for the holiday. And speaking of the holiday, all next week I’m sharing my favorite projects of the year so there will still be stuff for you to read when you’re a bit bored. So what holiday knitting have you finished?! Share!

FO: The Simplest Cowl

Green Monster
The other week I showed you my green monster hat and how I paired it with a quick and easy seed stitch cowl. I prefer infinity scarves and cowls to long scarves. I am less likely to lose them if they’re tied around my neck. I also knew I didn’t want to spend a ton of time or money on this project so I popped on over to Joann’s and picked up a skein of Lion Brand Hometown Solids in this really vivid cobalt blue call Ft. Worth Blue. And here’s how simple this is (I whipped this up in about 2 hours while clearing out my DVR).

  • Needles: Size 19 circulars – I went big but if you want a tighter gauge go smaller or a looser gauge go even bigger.
  • Cast on: 50 stitches.
  • Seed stitch: Knit 1, purl 1 all the way around. Next row you purl the knits and knit the purls and keep going in that manner until it’s the length you want.

Winter favorites
I used almost the entire ball of yarn and then left myself enough yarn to bind off! And that’s it. Seriously it took me about 2 hours and I was done. If you’re short on time and want a quick gift to knit I highly suggest this cowl. It’s inexpensive, the yarn is machine washer and dryer friendly and the yarn comes in a billion colors! And if you’re wondering what kind of gloves/mittens I’ve paired with this combo…
I’ve got a favorite fingerless mitts pattern that I whipped up with the yarn I had leftover. I’ll talk about that soon!