FO: The One Christmas Gift

Happy day after Christmas! I hope if you celebrated you had a lovely day. I had a nice day celebrating with my family and friends at my Mom’s house and surprisingly on Christmas Eve I whipped up a single knit gift. Since I started teaching full time on Thursdays I spend time with my Mom and our friend Ann, helping Ann up her knitting skills. My Mom doesn’t knit but provides a lot of laughter and Ann just wants to make small things for her grandkids. We laugh, we eat great lunches and we knit. And Ann and her husband were joining us for Christmas dinner and I decided to whip up a Bandana Cowl for her.
I dug through my stash and pulled out this yummy Fibre Co. Tundra yarn in the colorway Krill. I knew I could whip this up in a couple of hours and I watched Christmas movies with my husband on the couch and knit away. She was delighted. I haven’t really done holiday deadline knitting for a while, I just hate the pressure. But this was a delight to make on a leisurely Christmas Eve at home. I also finished making Jellybean a Glass Ceiling sweater…but we’ll talk about that on Friday. Here’s a little sneak peek.
I don’t know if I will finish anything else between now and next week but you never know!


October 2018 Finished Objects

How is it November?! How?! This fall has flown by but I feel like my October was productive. Let’s take a look at what I was able to finish.

October was a productive month for me, how about you?

FO: Mom’s Birthday Wrap

Yesterday was my Mom’s birthday. And about two weeks ago she gave me a not to subtle hint that I should be knitting her something (thanks, Mom). The last time I asked her what she might want me to make for her next she told me a big wrap. So I went on a search for wrap patterns that would be easy for me to do in about two weeks and I wouldn’t really need to reference the pattern. I settled on Stephen West’s Smooth Move Shawl. Endless garter stitch with an easy to remember wrap and turn.
Mom’s birthday wrap
I used Berroco Vintage DK in Breezeway (the lighter teal), Miss Babs Yowza in Surprise (the variegated color in the middle) and then did stripes with the Berroco Vintage Breezeway and Miss Babs Yowza in Ghoulish, a color I used for a project for my mom before and some leftover Neighborhood Fiber Co. in Rock Creek Part for the i-cord edge. I thought it was a fun mix and my mom likes blues and greens, so I touched on all her colors in one big wrap.
Mom’s birthday wrap
I like West Knits patterns because you can typically customize them to your liking. I stopped short on this one, it could have been HUGE but decided this was a great size to go with and with my tight deadline. My Mom would not let me photograph her yesterday with her wrap on. So instead I give you Cher sharing my Mom’s blanket with her. LOL
It’s an extra long snuggy I sewed for my Dad years ago and the fabric pools around her feet so Cher decided it was the perfect amount for them to share the blanket together yesterday. Now on to finishing my test knit and my Rainbow Tecumseh!