Stitching Status: Progress and Purchases

I am still plugging away at my Plumpy shawl. If I didn’t have a department meeting today I’d probably finish it up, but perhaps this weekend?

But look at all the yummy color! The weather has been so up and down lately that I live in layers and shawls are so perfect for this time of year. I’m still working on a few projects I can’t share (one down, one more to go) but I am trying to do other things in between that I can share. Up next, I plan to knit the Allison cardigan in some acidic green yarn, more details on that next week. And I’m totally thinking about summer knits.

And then on Friday night I stumbled upon a sale on Webs with Berroco Maya (both yarns are discontinued but still on sale) and Elba yarn. All have cotton and are almost like a tape style yarn. I’ve used Maya before on this project and this project but I haven’t tried Elba. I already know the blue will be another Togue Pond tank because it’s my favorite summer top and I’m still contemplating what the other yarn will become. But whatever it is, it will be breezy and light. I’m so ready for warmer weather and warm summer knits.

7 Replies to “Stitching Status: Progress and Purchases”

  1. More secret projects?! How exciting!

    Your shawl is gorgeous – those colors…

    Quick question: does knitting with cotton hurt your hands? I’ve had trouble with it in the past but would love to try some lighter (non-wool) fibers.

  2. I also love the colors! But you say if you didn’t have a dept. meeting, you’d finish? Don’t you knit in dept. meetings? I do all the time–keeps me sane. Also at conferences + talks. Only time I don’t is if I’m facilitating or presenting!

    1. I don’t knit in meetings, I feel like it’s frowned upon. People don’t think you’re paying attention.

      1. I always make sure to ask a question. My grad students say that I’m known for knitting during talks and then asking really hard questions. At a talk yesterday by Anthony Jack of Harvard Ed Dept (, I asked a question (not a hard one: what advice for faculty and administrators) and he said, “Are you knitting?” “Um, yes.” “What are you knitting?” “Er, a shawl.” And then, as he proceeded to answer my question, he pulled out his WIP, held it up to the packed auditorium, and said “My Black Panther cowl.” Everyone laughed with approval. Anyway, esp. if you’re tenured, who cares? But I see what you mean, most of the other tenured knitters in my dept don’t knit in meeting. I just don’t care. Keeps me happy & focused. Also: at a conference abroad a few years, I noticed that my knit sib was the only one awake during my post-lunch panel. Everyone else succumbed to jet-lag! Also the two papers before went WAY over time.

  3. I love the colors you choose!I agree that warmer weather finally is coming which turns my thoughts to cotton yarn also. I am finishing another heart hat from the pattern you posted for my daughter.

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