Stitching Status: Four Color Fable

I totally wanted to share my Trail Jacket but with a sick husband and a sick dog I just haven’t had the time to take proper photos. I’m hoping to get some time over the weekend. So instead I thought I’d share the status of what I’m currently working on and hoping to finish this weekend.
Fable in progress
These are the pieces to my Four Color Fable cardigan. This is the first seamed sweater I’ve done in a while. I finished the sleeves Thursday night and they’re drying after I blocked them so I seamed the shoulders and started the shawl collar/button band while I wait for the sleeves to dry.
Fable in progress
I bought this pattern a while ago with the intentions of making a neutral color cardigan that I could wear all the time and I kept getting bored thinking about making it all one color…because I’m me and I love color. So I kept putting this project off. And then one day I saw an old episode of How I Met Your Mother and the character Lily had on a navy blue sweater coat and the front panels were large blocks of color and I said to myself that’s what Fable is going to become. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m not required to make a neutral. I can make whatever I want.  I actually ordered the turquoise and apple green color along with cream and orange but when it came I had a ball of the green Mighty Stitch Worsted out and decided it would be a cardigan of shades of blue and green. I’m really loving the final results. From the back it will look like it’s a solid navy blue sweater but the front will give an entirely different vibe. I’m also considering adding pockets at the side seams when I add in the sleeves. I feel like it needs pockets. My next choice is what buttons!?! I didn’t take a picture but I picked up two sets of buttons, these green glass looking buttons and these textured wood buttons. Which would you choose to put on a navy blue button band?

13 Replies to “Stitching Status: Four Color Fable”

    1. I know but I love a good wood button and I haven’t used one yet. LOL I like the contrast against the dark blue. BUT the green ones really pop. I’ll have to share a pic on Instagram, do an informal poll.

  1. Do you want the buttons to blend in or stand out? Both choices are beautiful… but I’d say the green glass will blend with the green stripes and not with the others, making a less uniform look, while the wooden ones will give a straight line of contrast color down the front. That’s not having seen either in real life, of course!

  2. My vote was green too! Now that you’ve said you’ve bought a third option, you’ve made me happy that I’m not the only person who buys way too many buttons 🙂

    1. I buy entirely too many buttons, LOL. Pop over to Instagram to see the third option because they’re winning. LOL

      1. Beast!!!! I’m always amazed at how quickly and how well you finish these sweaters. No matter how many times you do it, it’s still a treat.

  3. I love that you are customizing this to be a colourful sweater, you love colour so you should totally knit what you love! Those stripes are looking great.

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