FO: The Fantastitch Shawl

I cast on the Stephen West Fantastitch Shawl (my Ravelry page here) on February 23. I was aware of the Coronavirus and my husband had already cancelled a trip to California out of caution. I was feeling that little bit of anxiety creep in about what was to come and I needed something bright, colorful and easy to knit to distract me. I love that about knitting, it can usually help ease some anxiety and let me mellow out a bit.

This was a perfect project to ease my anxiety and just let it go and focus on the knit. The colors made me happy and each panel was a different pattern making me look forward to the next change and colorful twist. It’s mainly knit, purl and slip stitches with one short panel of cables. I love West Knits because they’re meant to use up the random bits of yarn we hoard, no color combination is too bright or too neutral. If it makes you happy just knit it. I always feel like I can’t possibly make a mistake with his projects. I knit the large and it stretches out to 108 inches long, it’s massive!

I had plans for spring sweaters and tops I wanted to knit and I have the yarn all plotted out but my brain just can’t seem to focus on them right now. So I’m already plotting out the next shawl to make, Painting Bricks shawl. I have a bag full of dk weight solid colors that will make a glorious rainbow to wrap myself up with come fall. And maybe by the time I finish, things will seem a bit normal and my sweater mojo will be back. What things are you knitting to keep your anxiety low right now? Share!

39 Replies to “FO: The Fantastitch Shawl”

  1. Thank you for your bright and beautiful knitting! I needed that.

  2. Wow!! Absolutely gorgeous!! I am working on the Seaweed Slipover designed by Wilma Malcolmson in the 2019 Shetland Wool Week annual. I love the colorwork and I thought there is just enough steeking for me to learn something new.

  3. I love your beautiful shawl. I joined the Arne and Carlos quarantine knit along on fb. I am knitting the patches as a cowl so I can wear that to school when we go back to school.

  4. that shawl is just stunning!!! I am working on a find you fade shawl, almost done. I was hoping all was well with you since its been awhile since you checked in. hope all is good. here in pa we are ok. thanks for blogging! makes me smile

  5. Your new shawl is just fabulous! The bright colors just scream SPRING — and are so happy to look at. I can see why they brought you comfort as you were knitting. 🙂

  6. my anxiety continues to reach new heights as I see all of these yarns going on sale and not able to buy them because I’m not sure when this ‘pandemic’ will be over! Your Fantastitch shawl looks great!!! Absolutely fab colors! Brilliantly vivid colors!

  7. I’ve been knitting socks but started a shawl yesterday for something different. That said, I was already thinking of frogging it because it’s the same color throughout and the same three row pattern – pretty, but it’s gonna get boring. You’ve given me inspiration with your fun shawl…I’ve always been intimidated by Stephen West’s projects because they look so intense but I trust your judgement…I’m going to stash dive and find something more interesting. Also, we had a vacation planned for Florida on May 2; canceled it a week ago, sigh.

  8. It’s so beautiful! I’m having a hard time. Knitting was my stress release but I just can’t seem to engage right now. 3 kids home now thankfully all healthy but missing their friends and teachers/professors. One day at a time right? Thank you for the inspiration.

  9. Geez Louise! That shawl is GORGEOUS!! Once again, your color choices bring your shawl alive. I’m trying to work on a Tegna top, but my thumb is giving me trouble. Had cortisone shots in both thumbs in January, but the left side has decided to be rude. Sigh… I can just look at your shawl and imagine me doing something like that. Who knows? By the time you are back to sweaters, I’ll be ready to tackle your shawl!

  10. That is beautiful!! I started the Goldfish memory shawl last week after seeing it on Instagram in some yummy colors. 🙂 It is a pattern that has multiple sections and doing a little different knit, purl, slip in each section using three colors. And I chose bright cheery colors 🙂

  11. That is BEAUTIFUL. Just truly STUNNING 😍 I am working on my storm.shawl, its at large section to start finishing. Boy are they some long rows. You are my inspiration to persevere and finish it🤗 best wishes for all 3 of you and your families to be safe and stay well

  12. This is gorgeous! It really brightened my day!
    I am finishing up the Easy Eyelet Sweater by Knitatude – I’m knitting it for my daughter and can’t wait to give it to her. I am almost done with Sleeve 2 !!

  13. Last year I was in a knitting slump and was short on my charity knitting (hats/scarves for homeless). I started my knitting in January and, so far, I have completed 5 scarves and 24 hats. My annual goal is 52, but I think I will complete a lot more which will make up for last year (I only donated 39). Knitting gives me time to decompress. Needles up everyone!!🧶

  14. Your Fantastitch is stunning!
    Im working on WestKnits Wonky Starfish in a fabulous DK weight alpaca silk that’s the softest ever. I would love a onesie in this yarn, so I picture wrapping up in a giant wonky starfish wil have the same effect once im done.
    Super pumped to also be doing the Painting Bricks YAL.
    I think Stephen West is the perfect, deliciously delightful distraction from the Covid-19 nightmare

  15. That shawl screams “Dana!” (but in a pleasant-to-the-ears way). I still haven’t knit a Stephen West, but I have Enchanted Mesa somewhere in my queue. Currently doing a test knit (dress! size 2 needles!) and working on Granito by Joji. But I have the yarns set out for City Limits by Tanis Fibreworks, and I’m itching to start that. Oh, and just to mix things up, I whipped up the Strathcona sweater over two days (giant needles! super bulky yarn!). Hope you’re keeping well!

  16. Thank am grabbing my WIP and getting them done-a Harris sweater for DH, a Dotty Cardigan for child to replace the one that got put in the washing machine by accident, and a Close to You shawl out of a lovely North Light Fibers laceweight yarn that was clamoring to be something for me. 😊

  17. Such a great project for these uncertain times. I love the colors, patterns, and “oomph” of it all. You’re creating a beautiful piece. Right now I’m knitting the Linnea Tunic by Stella Ackroyd, finding it perfect for my fractured concentration, but I also aspire to do something colorful as well. These two Stephen West designs could be just the ticket. Thank you!

  18. Oh, my gosh, Dana!!!!! What a beautiful ray of sunshine!!!!! Thank you for sharing it!!!!!

  19. Your shawl turned out lovely, thank you for sharing the rainbow of happiness. I’m currently on a baby blanket kick and working on my second blanket of the year. I also have some socks started for my husband, but they are on timeout for knitting up too slowly.

  20. Your West knits shawl is a ray of sunshine! It inspired me to take a second look at the pattern. I’m working on a Stillwater sweater. I know it’s called the 4 day sweater but that won’t happen here. I do hope to finish it soon as it will be a nice spring sweater. Then just for fun and to use up some stash I’ve got a dishcloth going.

  21. Your shawl is stunning and I can’t believe you completed it so quickly! I finished knitting a shawl a few days ago which needs to be blocked and in the meantime, have started on a summer top which I should have knitted last year for a birthday gift but was in the middle of moving house (all by myself) so I was pretty stressed out. My plans are to work on an WIP as well as a UFO-have to empty out some of those project bags😳.

  22. That shawl is awesome. I am swatching out some different stitches from my stitch dictionaries. Especially ones I like, but I think they are too hard. Some are not as hard as I thought. Youtube is so helpful!

  23. You are a machine! I see all your sweaters in this shawl. If I can conquer the Nightshift I’m going to try this one!

  24. I miss your weekly posts. I smile looking at your happiness. Thank you again, I will have to try a a Stephen West,

  25. It’s gorgeous, Dana!! I’m so happy that some Periwinkle Sheep is part of your beautiful shawl.
    Please keep taking good care of yourself!! 🤗

  26. Hi! I love your posts! I’m knitting the Orange Love Poncho with GG and her KAL. It’s an easy knit and GG has some great prizes ☺️ I’m enjoying staying at home-we live in southwest New Mexico in a remote town with no Covid cases yet. I love your posts with Jellybean, she looks just like my grand pup, Jack, in Tucson 💕 Take care, dear!

  27. I always find your blog to be a source of happiness. This shawl just looks so perfectly cheerful and full of the happiness I need to keep alive for my family…so of course I’ve bought the pattern and am getting to work. Thank you so much for the yards of happiness you share!

  28. Wow, your shawl is gorgeous! So colorful, but everything goes together wonderfully.

    I’m knitting entrelac right now partly because I’m hosting a KAL (Minerva Entrelac Cowl or Scarf), but really because my attention span is good with little squares and triangles. I feel like I’ve accomplished something each time I get one done. I know what you mean about not being able to focus on projects that take more attention right now.

    The other thing I’m knitting is a Love Note sweater, and it’s All. Your. Fault. In a good way! I loved seeing each of yours, and I had to knit one, too. Now cruising down the sleeves, and I remembered to weigh my yarn so I have a general idea of how much can go into each sleeve without going too far on the first one! Thanks so much for all your inspirational knitting!

  29. I’m knitting the Summer Solstice cardigan and the Togue Pond Tank. The challenge if the cardigan forces me to not think about covid, while the tank gives me a break from the challenge when I need it.

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