FO: Birds of a Feather

Despite school starting this week and things being hectic, I actually finished a project! Woohoo! And after getting my reading assignments out of just one class I’m so unsure how much knitting I’ll get accomplished for the rest of the year. So let’s revel in what I was able to finish. My two “Feather” Featherweight sweaters by Hannah Fettig, a pullover for Beanie and the cardigan for myself.

Birds of a feather

The body yarn is a mix of Madelinetosh DK in Gin and Tonic mixed with the Hedgehog Fibers Feather yarn in Skinny Dip (I’m linking to one of the few shops online that has a wide selection of the Feather Yarn if you’re interested. This only took one skein of it to do both sweaters). As I was knitting the body I decided I didn’t want the Gin and Tonic blue color to be the collar and ribbing, so I found two skeins of Hedgehog Fibers DK in Skinny Dip and I’m happy I made that change. I really wanted green to be the bright vibe it gave off.

Birds of a feather

This is such a fun fabric and makes a great accent piece. I describe the fit almost like a shrug. The rolled edges on the collar make it so that it doesn’t close across the bust and I made the sleeves slightly shorter because my classroom gets hot and I want to be okay wearing this to school to teach. I mean how can I not wear this all the time?

Birds of a feather

For Jellybean’s sweater I gave her a rolled collar that mimics the rolled collar on my own. And then I made a middle panel so that she could just slip her legs through.

Birds of a feather

When my husband saw us, he just laughed and said, “Jellybean, I didn’t do this to you.” But clearly I ignore him and clearly he thinks I’m hilarious. Have a great day!

53 Replies to “FO: Birds of a Feather”

  1. Your husband’s comment made me laugh out loud! You both look crazy cool and the sweater is perfect with your dress. Such a fun vibe, Dana.

  2. Love your latest sweater! It looks wonderful on you. So fun! Love your blog!

  3. Both sweaters are eye catchers! I love them! Well done!

  4. I love that sweater with your dress. You and Jellybean brighten my day.

  5. hi dana, I thought about you this week and wondering how school was going…. glad to see you are still knitting and making things happen. hope the semester treats you well!!!! love the sweaters, jellybean is lucky to have you to care so much about her and keep her wardrobe so up to date!!!

  6. Hi! Love this sweater on you both – especially with the dress! I want to take your class just to see the sweaters!!

    1. So cute! You have inspired me to knit my dog a matching sweater to my next project!

  7. You both look fabulous! That dress is perfect for your wonderful feather sweater. And Jellybean is a giggle and a half — so much fun. You are ready!

  8. What a fun and beautiful piece of knitwear for your wardrobe! (and Jellybean’s) You are inspiring in so many ways…as an educator, knitter, and student. Wishing you well as you start your semester of adventure.

  9. So. Good. Omg. This is my new favorite sweater set of yours!
    I love your color sense and how you combine yarns to get the look you want. So awesome.

  10. Love both of these! You always style your sweaters so well; this one looks great with that dress.

  11. every bit of this is my favorite thing! the sweater! the dog in a sweater! your gorgeous smile! sorry about exclamation point abuse. i love your posts so much; thank you for being a ray of sunshine and for selflessly sharing your light.

  12. I am filled with “yards of happiness” just looking at you two in your feather sweaters!

  13. You two are too cute!! What style, what flair😄😍 Luv you both💕

  14. Yards of Happiness has def lived up to its name today! You’ve made my day, thanks DWJ!!

  15. This could not be more perfect: you in your gorgeous dress, the glasses, the matching sweaters, the wall! Dogs are never impressed with clothing, and that’s part of their charm: They are immune to style. But I LOVE it all. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  16. I am in awe of every posting as you not only work but knit beautiful pieces faster than I can wind a skein!

  17. Of all the beautiful pieces you’ve knit, these two, I think, Dana, are the most wonderful! Love the colors, the fun feathers, the style, and the fit! AND that gorgeous dress is perfect! I’m an old introvert and would probably never venture into wearing the feathers, but I absolutely love them on you!

  18. What a pair of fashion divas really looks like! I’ve loved seeing this project in progress. So glad the fit (for both of you, lol) has lived up to your expectations. Quick word to the wise… I’m a former registrar who has seen many PhD students through their programs. The mantra I used to give them was, “Commit to one less thing than you think you can do.” Something always comes up to make you glad you’ve given yourself that tiny bit of breathing room.

  19. Love both of your outfits! You both just make me smile.

  20. This is SOOOO adorable on you! I love the dress you paired it with too! Will you share the brand? LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!

    1. It’s actually a few years old from Target! It’s one of my favorite lightweight summer dresses for teaching. It has short sleeves.

  21. I love all your posts but this one is definitely earns A1++😄💙💚

  22. So fun! I love it! And with that dress… perfection.

  23. Jellybean looks *fabulous* – as do you. Your husband must be a very smart person to have married you, but he obviously doesn’t know about sweater fashion!! 😉

  24. I love it! On both of you! I bought some of the feather after your mention of it. I will definitely be knitting this sweater.

  25. This sweater/shrug is so, so cute on both of you and it goes so nice with that dress. I know your students will enjoy the color and it shows your confidence!

  26. Spot on with the green accents! It looks so good on you and Jellybean!

  27. You girls look fantastic!! I’m almost tempted to step out of my comfort zone and knit a (little) something with feathery yarn!! Great stuff, Dana!

  28. You are an inspiration. Truly. I discovered you via Mason Dixon knitting website and your column has revolutionized my knitting! Hard at work on a colorful version of North Fork and am cautiously optimistic that this will be a wearable fun sweater! Thank you SO much.

  29. Love it! (them?) I’m trying to convince my daughter to let me knit her one of these. She’s trying to convince me we need one for the kitten that we don’t yet have. I third the idea of a matching bowtie.

  30. The sweater is absolutely fabulous with that dress!!!

  31. Gorgeous. I can not help but smile at how much fun it is. Wonderful colours, and perfect with that dress

  32. Beautiful job, as always!! Always love your choice of colors. I noticed on Ravelry a lot of people had size issues with that pattern.
    Your sweaters always look amazing. I know you are busy this year with grad school and teaching. When you can, I would love to see a pod cast on how you get your sweaters to fit.
    Best wishes to you, re: school, YOU GOT THIS! GO GIRL

  33. Good to see Jellybean in the new coat. I wouldn’t have thought of a confetti-like yarn for the Featherweight cardigan, and I really like it. Good luck with the defence.

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