FO: Love Note IV

You read that title correctly, I finished another Love Note. After making one and giving it to my Mom, then making a second one and giving it to my sister Anne, then making a third I knew would be just for me, I realized I couldn’t leave my sister Helen out. This Love Note belongs to her. And I’ve been working on this one one and off since the new year.

Love Note IV

With each sweater I make, especially when I know it will go to someone else, I try to think about what colors would be perfect for them. My sister Helen loves blues, greys, burgundies and purples. The yarn I chose was Madelinetosh High Twist (dk weight) in Blind Love – isn’t the name just perfect for this sweater? I thought so.

Love Note IV

I wanted to make a Love Note that didn’t have mohair and Helen’s was the version that won. The drape on this one is definitely different and it has a bit more weight to it, it isn’t as light as the previous versions. But I do love how it turned out and how pretty this yarn is. It has a burgundy base with pops of violet and gold running through it. Colors I know my sister will really love. The only modification I made was to add about an extra inch in length to the body before I started short rows.

Love Note IV

Will I make another Love Note? Perhaps. Should Jellybean get one? Maybe. I’m thinking that I have to get my mother and sisters together to take a picture of us all wearing our Love Note sweaters and then I’d feel like Jellybean definitely needed one if I did that. But trying to get the four of us together to take a picture that we will all love is harder than you’d expect. So don’t hold your breath on that one. But for now, I’m just happy to send this one off to its new home.

29 Replies to “FO: Love Note IV”

  1. Love it, your sister wil be so happy. OMG I pray for a family Love Note portrait Yes Jellybean needs one too❤❤❤❤

    1. Love this one! I’m not a fuzzy yarn person so hadn’t even considered doing this sweater because of it. This is making me rethink.

  2. I am in love with all these Love Notes! Well done! I totally understand what you mean about a picture that everyone will love. NOT easy! 😃

  3. you’re an amazing knitter! i made a very amateur sweater for my sons dog- but showing them the photo of jellybean in sweaters got bigger laugh!!

  4. If one of you is a photoshop ninja, you could combine separate pictures so you could have an image of all of you together. I love you love notes. It will be my February sweater, once I finish the December sweater.

  5. That was supposed to be your lovenotes. But I’m sure you figured that out.

  6. I love the colors! Does it become easier with each sequential knit, or are they all different enough to have new challenges each time?

  7. Beautiful sweater but what I love most in your photos is your smile. You just radiate joy! I love that you knit for your mother and sister and you can see the joy that it brings you. Thanks for that!

  8. I just bought some Malabrigo Mechita in Indiecita to swatch with some purple fluff that I’ve had sitting in stash for 5 years or so. And then I have to decide if I really want as much as ease as they recommend. How much ease do you put in your fluffy Love Notes?

  9. This is BEAUTIFUL!!! You are SUCH a good sister!! (As one of 5 sisters I know what you mean about the picture. Sigh.)

  10. Omg!! I’m knitting my first one solely based on reading your blog. DK Hedgehog Fibers in Bramble. And I love it! I’m already planning another one for my other daughter..,love the yarn so think they will be twins. You are so inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

  11. I have a skein of Euro Sock in Blind Love, if you want it for a Jellybean sweater, it’s yours!

  12. All four are so lovely! I was wondering if the DK weight version would be different in feel, so thanks for answering that!

    I am working on my first one, bit already I can see why people love knitting this pattern so much! I may make another too!

  13. This version really highlights the lacework on the yoke. Beautiful choice, and lucky family!

  14. Dana, I have followed your blog for ages, and you bring total joy into my life whenever I see your smiling face and fabulous outfits. Your love note number 4 is another thing of beauty. However, the Buckbeak Pullover surpasses all of it for sheer fricking awesomeness!!! Got the Harry Potter knitting magic book yesterday, and so fell in love with the Buckbeak pullover, it is far and away my favourite design in the book and literally that I have seen in years!! I have the perfect yarn in my stash and will cast on this morning. Thank you so much you incredibly talented lady, you’ve really made my weekend! Bw pink

  15. Hi. I’m working on Love Note Sweater and in the lace part I don’t end every round at BOR marker. Did you have this problem, is it ok and normal?

    1. You should be able to end each round at the BOR. You might want to frog back and put in stitch markers for the lace repeat and you can reach out to the pattern designers with more questions on Ravelry!

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