FO: Baldric & A Beanie Sweater

I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday if you celebrate Christmas. My husband bought me the camo print Fringe Field Bag with a few enamel pins he thought were cute … Continue reading FO: Baldric & A Beanie Sweater

FO: The Pink Professor

I’ve been using the Summer of Basics Makealong to propel my fall knitting for myself forward. Unfortunately I’ve been a little too excited about my knitting to sew up my … Continue reading FO: The Pink Professor

Stitching Status: Almost Finished

I’m still plugging away at my Pink Professor sweater. Last night I got down to working on the cuff of the first sleeve and I’ve finished the collar. I had … Continue reading Stitching Status: Almost Finished

Stitching Status: Acid Rain

Despite being a little under the weather lately (I can’t tell if it’s allergies or a cold) I’ve been in a really good mood. Work is the same and nothing special has … Continue reading Stitching Status: Acid Rain

FO: Graffiti Bridge

Happy Monday! Can I say I didn’t expect all of the conversation last week on my post about what motivates my knittingmy post about what motivates my knitting! It’s great … Continue reading FO: Graffiti Bridge

FO: A Colorblocked Boyfriend

I was going to save this for next week but I got a chance to take pictures and I love it so much so I figured why not end the … Continue reading FO: A Colorblocked Boyfriend

Stitching Status: Looking Forward to Fall

Despite it being 93 degrees on Wednesday, it’s getting cooler in the evenings when I take the dogs out for their last walk of the day. I know fall is … Continue reading Stitching Status: Looking Forward to Fall