FO: Pinwheel Pullover

Last month I was feeling a little overwhelmed and I put everything aside and pulled out yarn just because the color made me happy. It was the Lemonade Shop’s Classic DK in the color Pinwheel. I remember seeing that color on a pair of mittens years ago and it always stuck in my brain. It was vibrant and fun and I said one day I’ll buy some. So when Heather ran a sale in the summer I scooped up that color in a sweater quantity and I laughed when she said, ‘are you sure you want a sweater this color?’ Yeah I was sure.

Pinwheel pullover

I don’t ever shy away from color. The brighter the better and if you have a way to add little flecks of rainbows I’m sold. This color is so neon it feels like it glows and I feel like I’m radiating happiness when I’m wearing it.

Pinwheel pullover

After knitting Jessica’s sweater I decided I wanted something with full sleeves too for myself. Instead of a raglan, I decided to go with a circular yoke because why not. I liked the fit of the Love Note sweaters but I wanted something closer fitting to the body to work better with the fuller sleeve. And I also added in short row shaping to give it a high/low hem. I started it with a provisional cast-on for the neckline because I didn’t know how I wanted it. When I did ribbing it was just too tight so I pulled it out and did a simple stretchy bind-off so that I had a nice round neckline. I also decided for the neckline and the ribbing to use the Gin and Tonic color from my ‘Feather’ sweater I made a few months back. The blue was the perfect little pop and it had hints of the neon yellow in the yarn too.

Pinwheel pullover

It also pairs perfectly with my unicorn rainbow glasses. I’m sure I’ll get questions about the yarn striping, but I just let the yarn do what it was going to do on its own. I didn’t alternate skeins and I loved the swirls around the neckline and arms and the striping on the body. This sweater was just an experiment, playing with shapes and using bold colors but I love having fun and playing around with it. I also really love Lemonade Shop yarns because they make me smile the entire time I’m knitting with them. How can I not when it’s so colorful and bright. I’ve still got almost a full skein left so either Jellybean will bet a matching sweater or I’ll add this to a hat or shawl to bright up a dreary day.

Pinwheel pullover

44 Replies to “FO: Pinwheel Pullover”

    1. I love all of your choices on this one, Dana. That yoke looks so good it makes me wonder why more designers don’t use this feature for single-color sweaters.

    1. I love your sweater. Your posts make my day! I am always so happy to read them.

  1. A 😊 immediately came onto my face this morning when saw this. I love it.

  2. I haven’t seen anything you have knit yet that doesn’t look spectacular. All color look great on you and the right ones are just wonderful. Jellybean is such a such a fashion Queen, I vote for a sweater for her. I would really love to see some knitting videos on your fast knitting technique when you have the time. I have knitted forever, but speed is my downfall. I enjoy all communications of all kinds from you and they have increased my enjoyment of knitting tremendously. Thanks so much!

  3. Sorry, bad typing: that’s Bright colors!

  4. just WOW dana.. you are the epitome of happiness and that sweater is perfect. love it!!!! if that doesn’t make the classes smile when you wear it I don’t know what will… thank you for that peak of sunshine to start off my day!!!!!!

  5. Why WOULDN’T a neon lemon work in a sweater?? And it is perfect for warm weather climes as a tank top or shell, say with a picot trim done with that bright blue. Thanks for letting us know about this yarn, Dana.

  6. Your experiment was a huge success! Absolutely love it! With your smile you can wear anything. 💛💛💛

  7. What a beautiful Monday brightener…that sweater and your smile! Thank you! 😌☀️☀️

  8. I need that color in my life. I have a pair of socks that color but NO idea where they went. 🤷🏾🤦🏾

  9. Dana, I wish the whole world followed you. Keep up with the infectious joy! And thanks for the details about your sweater. Love it!

  10. You r amazing!!!! Looks just like you, bright and 😊.Can’t wait to see jellybean’s matching sweater ( you won’t be able to resist 🙂 )
    Thanks again for your smile to start the day.

  11. You always brighten my day.
    Not just the beautiful colors you pick. But the joy you bring.
    Your sweaters always fit awesome. You are truly fantastic lady.

  12. Really beautiful! Love how you let the yarn do it’s thing. I’m happy just looking at the pictures 🌈

  13. Dana – this sweater is so you….I’m sure you’ll enjoy wearing it when you just can’t take another dreary day of winter. Good job, and a doggie sweater probably wouldn’t use too much yarn; right?

  14. Glad that the experience and the sweater were so uplifting. I confess just reading the post and seeing the bright sweater and the fun glasses on your smiling face have already improved my day!

  15. You’re rocking that yellow! Did you use a pattern from one of Ann Budd’s books, or did you wing it from your previous knowledge?

  16. OMG!! I LOVE this sweater! I am so envious of your color sense, but also your bravery in trying a speckled yarn. I looked at the skein at the Lemonade Shop site and I never would have guessed it would turn out anything like it did. There was lots of purple and the yellow seemed to be all yellow, with just a few speckles. How did you know Pinwheel was your color & how did you choose among all the speckles?

  17. That color exudes happiness. If we’re voting, I vote for a Jellybean sweater.

  18. Wow! It is so bright and sunny I can’t help but smile. I particularly like the rainbow swirl on both sleeves!

  19. This sweater looks like sunshine, and you are radiant in it!!

  20. Absolutely joyful! I often hesitate over the ‘new’ indy-dyed yarns as I can’t visualize how it will look in the finished piece, but the shape-shifting colors here are so playful. Your eye just bounces all over. The asymmetry makes it so interesting. A true work of art!

  21. I love your sweater!! I always feel better wearing yellow. So pretty.

  22. Love this sweater! I also appreciate how you let the yarn do what it does – beautiful! I like the construction of this sweater as well – I’m working on a Love Note sweater for my daughter and it has been fun. Thanks for your post and your inspiration!

  23. Thank you for sharing your talents and happiness! Lovely sweater on a lovely lady.

    1. Greetings Dana, This is the sweater that got me convinced I enjoy your blog. How can I knit the same sweater?

  24. Greetings Dana, This is the sweater that got me convinced I enjoy your blog. How can I knit the same sweater?

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