FO: Two Chaika Sweaters

Tomorrow is Jellybean’s 4th anniversary of the day with adopted her and as I finished my Chaika sweater I thought, why not make one for her too? It’s only right.


I’ve had a lot of things on my needles lately, switching in between projects but I’ve had Chaika on my mind for a long time. I saw Kristy Glass’s version that she said she was inspired to make after she saw me use the Hedgehog Fibres Feather yarn on my Feather cardigan. I had two other colors of Feather in my stash and decided I would use it to make my own version of Chaika.


The pattern for Chaika is an interesting one, you have the ability to make a short sleeve, quarter length sleeve and long sleeve version and the designer gives you options on how to make the body bigger. You can also make it longer and use a variety of yarn weights to change the fabric. For my version, I decided to use the Hedgehog Fibres Feather yarn in Sorry Not Sorry that matched perfectly with the Lion Brand Amazing Lace in Feather and Fan I had leftover from my Vintage ’83 Crop. For the body I decided to marl the Amazing Lace with some Kelbourne Woolens Mojave yarn I was going to marl for a Rift tee and changed my mind. Mojave is a linen and cotton blend and Amazing Lace is a super light acrylic so this is a very soft and light top that I can wear all the time. I used size 9 needles and the body has a airiness to it, I could’ve gone up to a 10 but I liked the fabric the 9’s created.


For Jellybean’s version I just marled the body with some leftover Berroco Modern Cotton DK in white I had in my stash. That way her sweater would pop a little bit more and wouldn’t be identical to mine. Her sweaters are just so quick and easy to whip up and always make me smile.


I love how this pulls away from the body, I’ve been all about things not being too constricting but still have a bit of structure. The v neck isn’t too deep and the construction kept me interested. I can already see myself knitting another version in a different weight of yarn just so see how the fabric changes.

On another note, I passed my first year screening exams! I was nervous and anxious leading up to it but it wasn’t as bad and I thought it would be. But I also recognize all of you who were sending me good vibes and saying prayers for me to pass – thank you. It definitely helped.

31 Replies to “FO: Two Chaika Sweaters”

  1. Congratulations on passing your exams!! That sweater is definitely the bomb, too.

  2. The two of you just couldn’t be any cuter. Best use of eyelash in a sweater, woman’s and dog categories.

  3. Well of course you passed we never doubted it! Congrats!!

  4. I love LOVE this post. You and Jellybean look Sooooo GORGEOUS !!!! So HAPPY you did well on exams too!

  5. Yay on both counts…passing your exams (of course you would!) and adopting the adorable Jellybeanie! Love the sweaters on both of you.

  6. Dana, CONGRATULATIONS on passing those exams! I am so happy for you. Celebrate and keep on keeping on!!!

    1. And congratulations on four wonderful years with your precious Jellybean!

  7. The sweaters are beautiful, as usual, but I really want to say CONGRATULATIONS ON PASSING YOUR EXAM!! Doesn’t that just feel so great?!

  8. Big congratulations on passing your exams! I really appreciate hearing about your school / work / knitting life mix. It makes me feel not so alone with my attempt to do the same. The two of you shine in your beautiful sweaters and what an important milestone to celebrate!

  9. I do not know how your neighbors keep their cool when they see you and JB out and about. Not only the sweaters, but the glasses. Happy anniversary!

  10. You really are an inspiration on so many levels!!! Bravo on passing your exams. I bet you are a wonderful role model for your students. –And now I want to make a Chaika too!

  11. Congratulations on passing your exams!!! That is a huge milestone! I hope you have a minute to breathe and celebrate before diving into the next stage.

  12. Congratulations on passing the test! And on making that wowsa sweater! And the little bitty one too! I have been inspired by you more than once, and the trend continues. And thanks for being on MDK too.

  13. Congratulations on passing your exams! Well-earned! I love this sweater, too!

  14. Congratulations on you exam success! (Which, if you’re blog is any indication, you probably aced). Also, this is a very good pattern! I love so many of the patterns you find. Sometimes I knit them even though I say Naah. Love Notes was one of them. I’ve now knit it twice! Chaika is a great pattern because a large variety of options are built in, important to me because I invariably freelance.
    Aside from the fact that it always lifts my day (and has caused me to appreciate chihuahuas, which I never did before), you work out so many great patterns and try them many different ways. I’m definitely going to try Chaika, but I want to try it with a cotton/linen yarn, as I need more lightweight sweaters.

  15. Congrats on your exams!
    And love both your sweaters. The colors are great and I love the fancy v-neck on yours. Enjoy wearing it.

  16. Go Dana! Congratulations on passing your exams! Love to Jellybean on your anniversary- she’s so cute. I love your sweaters and you and Jellybean look great in them!

  17. Congratulations on passing your screening exams! Gorgeous sweater. Thanks so much for sharing.

  18. Fabulous sweaters, and congrats on passing your screening exams. I knew you’d do it! (Even though I don’t actually know you!)

  19. Jellybean, who is that pretty woman holding you? I’ll bet she could pass her screening exam with her eyes closed and a hand behind her back! Congrats to both of you!

  20. Oh my goodness, goodness, goodness. I love your version of this sweater of which I had already favorited another version and promptly forgot. Now it will have to go into my queue. And the sleeves on Jellybean are beyond adorable. Coupled with her nonchalant stare, she looks trés, trés chic!

  21. Thanks for all your posts. Thanks for all you share. It all makes me think.

  22. Ohmygoodness, that is THE most gorgeous Chaika!!! I hope you don’t mind me copying you!!! You knit so many beautiful objects!

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