Stitching Status: Wild Projects

Everyone who has seen me working on this project either thinks it is insanely wild or really fun. Of course I think it’s insanely fun.


This is 1 of 3 sweater projects I currently have on my needles, it’s the “Feather” Featherweight cardigan by Hannah Fettig that I’ve wanted to knit since I saw it. I even bought the yarn a while back. I just hadn’t knit it. It is flying off my needles because I love the wildness of the feather yarn. I put my other two sweaters (Ausma and Linus) on hold to keep working on this one. It’s so bright and fun, but it’s almost like a little shrug, not a full cardigan. It’s going to be such a fun accent piece. But I might be a bit quiet over here for the next week while I get myself back into the swing of things with school starting. Happy August!

17 Replies to “Stitching Status: Wild Projects”

  1. So fun!! Best of luck for an amazing school year!

  2. Great colors! Hopefully the retreat will get you in the mood for going back to school! Have fun!

  3. It puts me in mind of a cheerleader’s pompom, with emphasis on CHEER!

  4. I love it! Best wishes for a great school year.

  5. Hey There I love the green and yellow very bright and happy colors. It looks amazing can’t wait to see the finished project.

  6. I’ve had my eye on that sweater, too! I love the colors you’re using. It’s going to be a great addition to your sweater line-up! Best wishes for the upcoming school year.

  7. Good morning, your blog space is a very happy place. Thanks for sharing your Joy with the world ❤️

  8. It was such a delight to see your smiling face on my Google News feed here in New Mexico today. It was the WTOP article referenced above. Such fame, and a wonderful smile.

  9. Have a wonderful time this next two years! You are going to come out of this process with even ‘more.’ Best to you always.

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