FO: Love Note Part II

I think I may be cursed. I really love knitting the Love Note sweater pattern. It’s on big needles, it works up quickly and it creates a beautiful sweater. But this is now the second time I’ve knit this sweater and realized it wasn’t meant for me to keep!

Love Note No. 2

When I knit the last Love Note, I knit a smaller size and used a lovely combination of yarns that created a yellow fabric speckled with bits of green – but I realized it was meant for my sister. And it looks really cute on her. This time I intentionally said I’m going to make a blue version so I can wear it with my green pleated skirt or my red one.

Love Notes - DWJ

I went a size up and got a little bit more ease, and I love it. But then my Mom saw it and kept saying how blue is her color and how soft it is…and I think this one is going to go to her. You can’t say no to your mom, right?

Love Note No. 2

For this lovely blue-green sweater I mixed Kelbourne Woolens Perennial in Dark Teal with Manos del Uruguay Cabrito in Ultramarine. It’s got a love deep color with flashes of a deep green in it. It’s soft and light but again, I think this is going to go to my Mom. When I picked up the Perennial yarn I kept picking up their super bright color Neon Pink. I just feel like I need to make myself one in a neon because of course, I always want the brighter the better. And then I thought, well if I give this one to my Mom, and I’ve already given one to my sister Anne, that means I’m going to have to make Helen one too! So I have a feeling I’ll be making at least two more Love Note sweaters before the year is over.

Love Note No. 2

Fortunately for me, I’m a really quick knitter. What’s a pattern you’ve made over and over again that you love?

43 Replies to “FO: Love Note Part II”

  1. You’re killing me! I’ve never really fancied knitting this sweater until I saw that blue one. Which I now need in exactly those yarns. I’ve already got two sweaters and goodness only knows how many pairs of socks in the stash, and I’m not a fast knitter!
    But the blue is lovely. Sigh! Into the queue it goes!

  2. Its BEAUTIFUL. Please have upur mom model and your sister. Maybe your friend too.OR even better a picture of all 4 of you in your sweaters that would be really fantastic.

    1. You are amazing- I loves the yellow and now I love the blue! How do you knit so fast?

  3. P.S sorry about spelling, just getting up, tea has not kicked in yet. I meant Your not upur. Small key pads for typing😆😆😆🤣🤣

  4. Omg these sweaters are just gorgeous and now I desperately want one too! Lol

  5. One year I knit Knitty City Horizontal Ribbed Cowl eleven times. And none of them are in my possession!

  6. What a beautiful sweater! It looks lovely on you and I’m sure your mom will love it.

  7. Oooo I love that blue-green💙💚😍 My fave color! I’m picturing you in a red one but you look gorgeous in ALL the colors💓❤

  8. Love your Love Note sweaters! I agree with earlier comments, let’s see photo of everyone in their sweaters!
    I have yarn ready to knit a Love Note for my daughter – as soon as I finish a Foxtrot cardigan for me lol
    I have knitted 3 Carbeths and just finished 3rd Flax sweater…

  9. So beautiful! I make a fingerless mitt pattern by Susan B Anderson over and over. I knit them for my daughters’ friends for Christmas presents. Also made a bunch for their school trip to climb Half Dome as they had to wear special gloves for cable climb.

  10. Yes, I could almost see that coming! My dear, departed dad used to say, “Never do anything well if you don’t want to do it again,” lol. You’re just too good at this, Dana. Now… Does Jelly get one, too? I keep going back to a couple of generic top-down raglan patterns I’ve had forever. They’re easy to add special effects to — pockets, side-seam patterns, etc, etc.

  11. That’s a beautiful color and another beautiful sweater. And thanks for the link to Cabrito, which I didn’t know about. I’ve been looking for a nice mohair without silk, and this looks like a good one. I almost never knit the same pattern twice, but I’ve worn out a couple of pairs of Fuzzy Feet (old pattern from I couldn’t do winter without them!

  12. I’ve knit the Drapey Cowl Neck Tank Top twice. And like you, I like to knit with cotton for summer wear. The design was from Classic Elite using their silk/cotton blend. And this year, when I learned Classic Elite was going out of business, I tried to buy more of that yarn while I could. I’m still on the lookout for more!

    1. Claudia, can you please tell me where to find this pattern? And what weight yarn is it knit in?
      Thank you, Karyn

      1. Thanks much Claudia!! Appreciate your help;)

  13. I’ve given away… lemme see… 4 2-color Wurm hats. The first one was because I was deeply offended by the hat my best friend put on when we were about to start a hike. So… ordinary? Then my husband needed one, of course. I was about to cast on for mine when another girlfriend casually mentioned how much she liked Joey’s and how lovely it would be to have one with turquoise. Then the one for a work buddy. Finally made the one I got to keep about 6 months after the first one! Hats are like potato chips.

  14. Those are both so lovely! Your family are some lucky ducks. 🙂

  15. They are both lovely.Now I’m gonna have to make one for me too.
    I have knit “in threes: a baby cardigan by Kelly Herdrich” multiple times.

  16. Both of yours are gorgeous, and you are very generous.
    I’m starting my second one too. I love it.

    1. Gorgeous, as always! I would love to hear about how you knit so quickly. I feel like I am a slooooowww knitter, which is fine because I know this isn’t a race. That said, there are so many things I would like to knit that when I see all of the sweater you crank out I wonder ‘how will I ever get there!?’. Would love to hear about your journey to fast knitting and how you made it happen!!! Thank you, in advance. Your fellow knitter and follower from Rehoboth Beach, Donna

  17. I have knit a lot of the Thinking of You Shawl by Kay Meadors which is in the Debbie Macomber Friendship Shawls book. While I was still working, I kept coming into contact with women going through chemo while fighting beast (or other) cancer. I would knit them this shawl in their favorite color – thinking of them while I was knitting; my way of dealing with what they were going through. It was also long enough that they could use the shawl like a blanket during treatments. I could probably knit this pattern in my sleep. So, I understand knitting the same pattern more than once, and since you obviously enjoy it, go for it. Maybe you can get everyone together in their tops during the holidays for a group picture ☺️.

  18. I’m knitting a Debbie Bliss entrelac baby blanket for the 5th time in a row and I have yarn to make three more!

  19. Hahahaha, I know what you mean about not so subtle hints from family. The sweater looks amazing, and I look forward to seeing the one that you FINALLY get to keep. 🙂

  20. Oh this is a good question. I make plain vanilla socks all the time. I like the sweater patterns from Knitting Pure and Simple because their instructions are so so perfect. I/m not an intuitive knitter. I can’t glean what the creator of the project means…it has to be clear as clear can be in the instructions. I recently made a baby sweater from Knitting Pure and Simple and instead of using their ties for the closure I had the local seamstress at our cleaners, put a pink zipper in ..
    8 dollars….

    I loved your interview on MDK web post this weekend.

  21. I have made the bobby sox version of Wisconsin Winter Socks several times – it is a very basic pair of socks knit at a large gauge (double strand of yarn) – definitely for a cold climate

  22. Both of your Love Notes are beautiful. I am trying to get up the courage to knit one for myself… Love your versions for inspiration. There are a few patterns I have knit multiple times… but the one pattern Ithat is my go to when I have nothing really in mind but just need to have something on the needles is In Threes. Such an adorable and fast knit, and there is always a baby somewhere that needs a hand-knit.

  23. I forgot to ask – what color will you choose to go with the neon pink?!!!! I am so color-challenged and love seeing your color selections! Thank you for sharing!

  24. Oooooooh. You were right. It goes amazingly with that green skirt! Maybe your mom will let you borrow it occasionally to wear with the green skirt? I cannot wait to see your neon pink version though!

  25. Ive so far knit two waterlily tees- and I have yarn for another. I could see you in this top actually. I knit mine in Zooey, a textured cotton/linen blend from Juniper Moon farm. I don’t have any pictures, but I wear them all the time. Here’s the pattern link:
    I have one in a watermelon color that I dyed myself, and another in a bright emerald green. They’re both simple and punchy, and I always get tons of compliments.
    Thanks for the love note inspiration- it’s in my queue.

  26. I’ve made the Urban Aran sweater for both my kids — first my son, then my daughter. That’s a good sweater, when both young adults are happy in it.

  27. Hi Dana, my go pattern, Knitting Pure & Simple neck down, elbow length. I have knit at least fifteen sweaters using this pattern, very easy to change sleeve , neck and length including using gauge for all sorts of yarn. I love the pictures of you in your pink Love Notes Sweater, yes it was made for you!! Given our past two weeks, it is also very special to see how strong and beautiful you are, giving many of us the strength and clarity needed now. Thank you Dana.

  28. Making my second Mood Cardigan… for my sister!

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