FO: Love Note III

I haven’t done a December wrap up or a 2019 wrap up because I’ve still got projects to share. Guess who finally made a Love Note sweater that she’s keeping for herself?! ME!

Love Note sweater
Can you tell I’m happy? Cause I really love this one.

To say I’m excited is an understatement. I knit two love notes this summer, I gave the first Love Note to my sister Anne because yellow is her color. I gave the second Love Note to my Mom because blue is her color. But this one, with this gorgeous Hedgehog Fibers hot pink mash up was too good to give to anyone. I actually bought the Hedgehog Fibers yarn from Stephen and Penelope and ordered the Skinny Singles in Jelly and paired it with their Alpaca Boucle base in Gossip instead of just straight mohair. I loved the color combo that it created. It’s hot pink and red base with little bits of rainbow mixed it – it’s me.

Love Note sweater

Also, every time I’ve made this pattern I mess up my first repeat of the lace pattern but I love it because you really can’t tell. I’m making a fourth Love Note sweater, this time for my sister Helen so all four of us can have the same sweater but in different colors. And for her sweater I put stitch markers for all the repeats so not to mess up the lace pattern.

Love Note sweater

I knit the medium in full length and made the sleeves slightly shorter than what they recommend but it was the right length for me. This sweater style is becoming a favorite. It’s a a great piece to throw over a dress as a layer or to wear with high waisted pants/jeans (which are my favorite).

Love Note sweater

Also this goes great with my floral print cat eye glasses. I love bold eye wear and when I updated my prescription I went back to Zenni Optical to get new glasses, so you’ll see them here too. And I’ve got one more sweater to photograph this week that was finished before the end of the year and then I’ll do some end of the year wrap ups!

26 Replies to “FO: Love Note III”

  1. Its REALLY GORGEOUS. I love that you made one for your self and will make your sister one. You are inspiring me😍

  2. That is so your color!!! Beautiful work and how nice for your sisters to get to wear your creations. Love following your upbeat and lovely knitting adventures. Hope to meet you!

  3. So beautiful, and yes, looks amazing with those stunning glasses.

  4. Can’t wait to see a picture of all four Love Notes !!! Yours is my favorite so far-I love pink!

  5. I love your sweater. It would be great to see a pic of your mom, you and your sisters wearing theirs together!

  6. Fabulous – great color and style for you, Dana. You’ll have to get a picture of you family wearing their colors of this sweater when you’re all next together.

  7. Looks good! I’ve done three all with contrast yokes. It’s a great instant gratification knit.

  8. This version comes close to forcing me to knit one, even though it’s not really my style! It’s lovely and so happy!

  9. Gorgeous! And the color pairing was GENIUS! Kudos on another great FO! 👍🏽

  10. I am feeling inspired after dying your sweater also. . .thinking my daughters and granddaughter would each enjoy one!

  11. My daughter, who is now 17, used to use the word “pinkedy” when she was a toddler to describe pinkness, a quality she very much valued back then. This Love Note is so pinkedy!!! 🙂 Love it.

  12. Thank you! My love note is the same pattern as yours, with a bit of a mess up on the first pattern of love but I wear it anyway because, really who can tell and I love wearing it. So flattering and bright and it feels happy to wear. I have no shame (!) in knitting mistakes, it makes that sweater mine but I appreciate knowing I’m not the only one with a sweater like mine. Oh, I’m knitting my second as we speak.

    1. Just an update I am using stitch markers and it works!

  13. This is such a fun color combo! I can hardly wait to see what color you chose for your other sister!

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