A Love Note to the Love Note Sweater

If I like a pattern a lot, I knit it more than once. Let’s see…I’ve knit:

But if you want to talk about a sweater that has been my favorite to knit, it has been the Love Note sweater by TinCan Knits. I’ve knit not one, two, three or four…but FIVE. My sister Anne got the first one, my mother got the second one, I kept the third and I made my sister Helen my fourth. Then I decided that a cotton short sleeve version for summer was in order and I was totally right. It changes with every yarn combination and each has been had different changes in length, sleeves and sizing. It’s a favorite because it flies off my needles and I finally got a picture with my mom and sisters and I all wearing our Love Notes.

Love Note family sweaters

I highly doubt I’m finished knitting this sweater. I’m sure a friend will be gifted on or maybe I’ll convert it to a tiny version for Jellybean. All I know is that when the knitting it this good and fun, it should be repeated.

31 Replies to “A Love Note to the Love Note Sweater”

  1. I love everything about this! Your family is lucky to have such a talented knitter.

  2. What a beautiful family photo!! Love exudes from the Love Note.

    1. Your blog gives me great ideas for patterns and colors. Thanks!

  3. What a great photo! I’ve knit the Friendship tee twice so far. I was feeling a little bit guilty about that. 🙂 I love all the colors you choose!

  4. Love all the versions…but my favorite is the smiles of you beautiful ladies. So well done!

  5. You have such a beautiful family!! 🙂 And I have the yarn to make ALMOST the world’s smallest Love Note for my little preemie goddaughter (started 2 lbs 6 oz, going strong and now she’s 5 lbs— but she’s still like a tiny little doll). Jellybean is probably smaller. 🙂

  6. Absolutely love this photo; the orange wall color and jazzy painting over your sisters’ shoulder just zhushes up the whole presentation of this great group of knits. Isn’t it nice when you find a pattern you love to knit for people whom you love?

  7. What an absolutely beautiful picture of you all. Gorgeous women in gorgeous sweaters!

  8. Just the best—beautiful family, beautiful smiles, beautiful sweaters, and I love the colors and how there arranged. You must be you mother’s favorite…knitter.

  9. Love Note is the next sweater I’m going to knit for myself!

  10. So sweet to see all of your lovely family together, wearing your gifts. What a treasure!

  11. Ahh, the Love Note. I’d seen it on Tin Can Knits and said to myself: “I’m NEVER going to make that!” It’s got holes. People will see my bra. I’ll freeze…and a few other arguments. Well, one day I was staring at some spectacular mustard colored yarns I had purchased for God knows what (Shibui’s mohair silk and Purl SoHo’s mulberry merino) because I love mustard yellow and realized I had an excellent combo for a Love Note. Still nervous about the holes (and having a lot of unnecessary difficulty with the first row of lace) I did only one repeat. The sweater turned out great! It is very soft and warm and not at all revealing. Emboldened, I made a second one. This time with a sparkly charcoal sock yarn and some wild Qing fiber mohair and all 3 1/2 rows of lace. This one is lighter weight. Again, no embarrassing visibility. The next one I make will be for summer, probably in linen. I wear the other two all the time. They are both perfect for the weather spectrum we get in the Pacific Northwest. Also, once you get the hang of the lace insert (it’s really very easy) the sweaters go remarkably fast. I totally recommend this sweater, especially if you don’t wear shawls, but would like to try a bit of lace. It’s an easy sweater pattern and Tin Can Knits writes very good and thorough patterns.
    Joanna Koss

  12. So delighted every time a post from you shows up in my blog reader!! I resonate with your writing in so many ways, from covid to race to knitting, and to top it off, your smile and your sweet dog are the icing on the cake. Just finished a Love Note, too, so this was another little blip of joy. Thank you!

  13. Gorgeous family, gorgeous sweaters! What talent.

  14. I love this photo: Beautiful women in beautifully knitted sweaters. I agree that Love Note is a super fun knit; I’ve knit 3! I may have to knit another…they’re quick and great for the Zoom teaching wardrobe!

  15. I love this post. You have inspired me to at least read the pattern. Thats tje first step😄😍

  16. Beautiful smiles, beautiful knitting, beautiful photo. Looking at your mother shows where all that beauty came from. Chloe

  17. The picture of the 4 of you is a keeper, all beautiful.

  18. Beau-ti-ful! What a great thing to be thankful for – the gift of knitting Love Notes for your beautiful family!

  19. Lovely group of ladies wearing Love Note sweaters. My Love Note is stalled but you’ve inspired me to go back to it.

  20. This is my favorite TG post of the year! Such a wonderfully cozy family pic with beautiful knitting and beautiful women! Thanks for sharing, you’ve made my holiday. You all look wonderful and happy together. Love the colors you chose! Beautiful!

  21. Gorgeous group shot of all of you in your Love Notes.

  22. You and your family are so beautiful—and with those lovely sweaters…Wow! I can’t wait to see the addition of Jellybean in a matching Lovenote to this family in photo.

  23. I just finished Lovenote #1. Already looking toward a second one. Maybe no mohair (its too hot), and no lace. What fo you think?

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