FO: Love Note

First, I didn’t realize until yesterday that the images for Monday’s post about fingering weight sweaters were all one image. Oops! I’ve updated it if you wanted to see what each sweater was supposed to be based on the captions – no one pointed it out to me! I’ve had some issues with WordPress and images and links lately so definitely let me know if something seems off. But now on to a fun finished object.

Love Note Sweater

I finished the Love Note sweater in just 8 days. Fingering weight yarn and mohair held double on size 10 needles, that’s a pretty quick knit. I knew when I saw it on Tin Can Knits feed I wanted to knit it and now that I’ve knit this one I’m already starting a second one.

Love Note Sweater

A second one already? Why, you ask? Because sometimes when I knit things they tell me who they are supposed to belong to and this sweater has my sister Anne’s name written all over it.

Love Note Sweater

It’s feminine, soft and light and it’s her absolute favorite color, yellow. I mixed Madelinetosh Euro Sock in Sycamore with Kim Dyes Yarn Cotton Candy Lace in Mosaic to get this playful color combination.

Love Note Sweater

I knit the size medium in this version and I have about a 40 bust, my sister is smaller than I am so I think it will have a better amount of ease. For my version, I’ll knit the large. I also went with the full length instead of the cropped length and I like it a lot. This pattern goes from newborn sizing to a size 66.5 inch bust, so they cover a broad range. I really love how light and airy it is and I know my sister is going to love this one too.

Anyone else knitting the Love Note? I’ve already wound up my skeins for the next one.

39 Replies to “FO: Love Note”

  1. DWJ- May I ask do you have set times for knitting? Following you shows me knitting has so many
    heart felt benefits.

    1. During the school year on my commute and in the evening. Now whenever I want ☺️

    2. Love the Love Note! It looks great on you, but I understand how sizing up can create a more flowing look. (It’s taken me awhile to learn, especially since I’m stingy when buying yarn, lol.) I actually dug into your Rav listing for this sweater to see your yarn choices “on the hoof.” I’m trying to train my eye better to choose pairings of yarns, and this is a classic example of your gifts in this area. Can’t wait to see the next version!

  2. You look fantastic in the Love Note! I’m glad you are going to make one for yourself too!

  3. I’ve had my eye on that since Tin Can previewed it. I have two projects to finish first- and ones a blanket. I’m thinking of fading the mohair hold with, for a subtle gradient effect. I love your version, and can’t wait to see the next one!

  4. I’m working on the Meraki Tank (by Sara Gresbach) not fingering weight but fun. I had hoped to have it done by now but family needs have changed my timeline. Now that it’s getting warmer, here in Michigan, I need to get it done. Your tanks and sweaters are beautiful and inspiring. I’m a slow knitter and a bit unrealistic.

  5. Would love to see a pic of your sister wearing her Love Note! Do you know what colors you’re going to knit yours in yet?

  6. Lucky sister Anne! Please share a pic of her in the sweater? Can’t wait to see what color(s) you will use for your own sweater!

  7. I love your sweater. I fall in love with this pattern more and more after I see every FO. Also I *love* this dress/skirt you have. ❤

    1. I love your posts. I purchased some Abrakadabra after seeing your comments on it. Thank you!

  8. Really love the sweater and the colors are so beautiful. Not a design I would tend to wear only because I hate wearing something under a sweater. Can’t believe how quickly you knit up sweaters. You are such an inspiration to me.

  9. I’m sorry I didn’t leave a note in your previous blog post when I noticed the pix were all of the same sweater, but I figured you were in the process of getting the correction made. Oops, my sister tells me all the time not to assume anything! ;-D

  10. Love that twirl! Very pretty sweater too. 😄

  11. I’ve been following your Instagram and can I just say I feel happy whenever I see your beautiful work. I love your vibrant colours. I’m stunned at how quickly you knit too. And wow I now simply must have a Love Note in yellow colours!

  12. You are an amazing knitter. You’re fast, you finish things, and when you wear what you’ve made you always look smashing. All of this is the opposite of me as a knitter. I have some UFOs lying around that are nearly old enough to vote. You inspire me to dig some of them out and finish!

  13. I’m almost done my second Love Note! I was actually one of the test knitters for this project, and I knew once I was done that I was going to have to do another one. So quick, easy, and fun! I almost never repeat a pattern, but there might be a 3rd one of these beauties in my future.

  14. I have this in my favourites because I just bought a beautiful one-off skein from Lichen & Lace (mohair/silk blend). Yours looks lovely. My other choice was Improvisatsioon, but the feedback here makes me lean toward Love Note.

  15. I just love this! And I have to tell you–the top picture of you in mid-swirl may be my favorite (non-dog) pic you’ve ever posted. I LOVE it!!! ❤️

  16. I really enjoy your posts! Love your glasses – so cute!

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