Monthly Review: July 2019

July FO’s

I wanted to get a lot accomplished in July because I feel like August and September are going to be a lot. School is back, my syllabi are complete and I’ve got graduate orientation and a faculty retreat in just another week! How did my summer go by so quickly? Let’s talk about what I was able to finish in the month of July.

  • The Super Simple Summer Sweater for myself and Jellybean. I really love how soft this sweater is and I’ll be able to wear it in my super hot classroom!
  • Two Love Note Sweaters. The yellow one went to my sister and the blue one went to my Mom. Already thinking about what color and yarn my version will be made out of next.
  • A two color Togue Pond Tank. I’ve already worn this tank a billion times since I finished it. I love this pattern so much.
  • The Denis Top. It took me a bit to get into the groove of the pattern but once I did it flew off my needles. I’m sad Berroco Maya is discontinued because it’s such an awesome yarn.

11 Replies to “Monthly Review: July 2019”

  1. WONDERFUL JulyπŸ˜„ congratulations. Good luck with the academia. Sending lots of πŸ™πŸ½ for a good year.

  2. You are amazing! Question: I started the super simple stripe sweater but all my M1 increases started to look like little holes? Ugh! Any suggestions?

    1. how many hours a day do you knit? Your production level is incredible. Even if it is worsted weight yarn. I knit almost every night and I only finished a pair of socks and I’m almost done with a baby blanket (DK weight) which I started at the end of May and I’m halfway through a cotton DK tee, started at the beginning of June. I mean, WOW! you are just amazing! I might do a Love Note to see how fast I can knit it. Are you usually monogamous with your knitting? or do you have multiple projects going?

  3. It’s all so beautiful 😍 I keep looking at your tank top and it will be my next project! Perfect for the warm So Cal autumn!

  4. Way to go! That was one productive month. I swatched for the Togue Pond tank yesterday. I’m just finishing the last sleeve on my Vintersol sweater and can’t wait to get started on the tank top! Best wishes for the school year! I’m a high school math teacher and go back at the end of the month. I look forward to meeting my new classes every autumn ☺ I had a student ask me to teach her how to crochet (her grandma crocheted) to help her with stress, so we had lessons at lunch. She’d have her crocheting out in class to pick up whenever she had a minute. It’s one of my most special teaching moments. Have students ever asked you about knitting because of your sweaters?

  5. Love you Woolly,THANK YOU ❀ for your generosity. YOU are the COOLEST MOST

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