Video: Let’s Talk About Jellybean

On of the topics I’m asked to talk about (to my surprise) is Jellybean! Well, today is my little Bean’s 7th birthday (her Gotcha Day is in August), so I thought I’d share a few bits about her and let you know about the latest enamel pin coming to my Etsy shop (hint, it’s about Jellybean). Watch and enjoy!

Items discussed in this video:

18 Replies to “Video: Let’s Talk About Jellybean”

  1. Happy Birthday Jellybean! Dogs bring so much joy into our lives!

  2. I have never bought an enamel pin for myself because I never thought I had anywhere to put them. You mentioned yarn project bags and I thought — yep — I have those. Why didn’t I think of that. I will purchase the Jellybean pin as my first one. I love your insta and little comments you put about Jellybean’s thoughts. Thanks for brightening up your corner of the internet!

    1. 💛 I love that she’ll be your first pin. I put them everywhere 😂 on a favorite jacket, tote bags, project bags. They’re my favorite thing.

      1. Happy 7th, dear Jelly Bean! Looking forward to your pin.

  3. Love it, can’t wait to see stickers and PINS of Jellybean

  4. I’m definitely a Jellybean fan! She’s the doggie ambassador for the knitting world. Thank you for this, and happy birthday Jellybean! You both make the world kinder and more interesting.

  5. Awwww…she is totally edible!!
    My dog also has a stuffed toy that she shakes like nuts. We always tell her, “Okay, it’s officially dead by now.”
    I am admiring Jellybean’s banana jacket but also the caricature of you, your hubby and two pups right behind you. Local artist?

      1. Thank you-his site is wonderful!

  6. Happy birthday, Jellybean – enjoy your ice cream and bananas. Enjoyed your video.

  7. Happy birthday Jellybean! Dana, thank you for sharing her (and your knits and smiles and travels) with us. I love to see you smile. ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Happy Birthday, sweet Jellybean! Your zoomies and the ferocious battles you play with your stuffies remind me of my silly greyhounds who do just what you do! You are such fun to read about and see all the lovely sweaters your mama has made for you! Have a LOVELY BIRTHDAY!!

  9. Happy birthday, Jellybean! I enjoyed learning more about you! And I couldn’t agree more about adopting an older dog. We adopted our own banana-loving dog, Arthur, when he was somewhere around 5-7 yo. He’s now been with us for 9 years ❤

  10. I had to wait 2 days before I could watch your Jellybean video. But happy belated birthday, little girl! Funny about bananas. Our last dog, George, had a sweet tooth but would not eat bananas. Loved the videos!

  11. You always warm my heart! Happy Birthday Jellybean!

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