FO: Soldotna Cropped Tee for Two!

I finished my Soldotna Crop last week and I just kept thinking, should I make one for Jellybean? So I took my knitting time yesterday to whip up a tiny Soldotna Crop for her too! It was such a quick knit for myself that I couldn’t resist whipping one up for her. She’s just so tiny and cute.

Mini Soldotna
Her poses are my favorite thing ever.

I wanted to knit a Soldotna the moment I saw it. The color possibilities are endless and I knew with the short sleeves it was meant to be a cotton knit. I think a lot of people think that it’s a cropped top and it can be, but the great thing about knitting is that you can customize things to your liking. I’ve seen some great tunic length versions, don’t be intimidated by a cropped top or just think about them as layering pieces – no matter what your size.

Soldotna cropped

The yarns I used were Cascade Sunseeker in the bright purple and bright orange. I couldn’t get pictures to really show the sparkle in it but it makes it even more fun. The light peach color is Berroco Weekend DK (discontinued) from my stash and the white is the Hikoo Abracadabra color changing yarn that goes from white to lavender.

Soldotna cropped

I decided to knit mine to hip length, so it’s not cropped but it’s not a full length tee. I can still wear this with a high waisted paint or layer it over a dress. I also chose to omit the colorwork from the body since this is a summer top. The colorwork all over can get to be a bit heavy and I wanted the body to be light and breezy.

Jellybean was very patient and understanding as I knit her top and did fittings. I think I could’ve placed her armholes a bit more forward so that her back laid smoother but it’s just me being picky about it.

Mini Soldotna

I also had to shorten the colorwork charts just a tiny bit because she’s so small. There isn’t a large yoke to work with but I made it work. You can clearly tell it’s a Soldotna Crop when you see it next to mine.

Mini Soldotna

I honestly do things like this because it makes me smile and giggle the entire time I’m doing it. If it doesn’t make you happy, why knit it? I learned that lesson a long time ago. I was slogging through a baby dress pattern I just hated and then realized I could just pick a better one. And then it came out so cute! So I think silly projects like this make me happy and they make everyone on Instagram laugh when I shared the progress of making this in my stories. So if I can spread a little bit of happiness and joy into the world with the things I knit, I’m going to keep on doing what I’m doing.

Mini Soldotna Cropped Sweaters

62 Replies to “FO: Soldotna Cropped Tee for Two!”

  1. I so want to grow up to dress like you! You are absolutely awesome in your Soldotna, your cropped jeans, and your gold clogs!!! ❤️

  2. Thank you, Dana!
    Sharing your Joyful photos and special knits is making my day!
    Jellybean certainly adds some spunky personality to this wonderful knit pattern! I love your twinning colors!

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