FO: Peplum Top

I told you June was going to be a productive month for me and this week I’ve got two finished objects for you. So let’s start this week off with my Peplum Top!

Peplum tank

I found pattern just searching for tank tops on Ravelry and I liked the shape and decided to give it a go. I will say the size range is a bit limited, I knit the XL for my 40 bust and it only goes up another size after. I knit it with an acrylic yarn, Premier Yarns Everyday Worsted in the Bright Violet shade. It’s so vivid, photos honestly don’t do it justice. Because it is knit on size 9 needles it doesn’t have a super tight weave, so I feel like I get a good breeze through the material and it’s not hot. And even better, I can wear a regular bra with this top. I hate strapless bras.

Peplum tank

I thought the construction on this one was clever and I actually knit the front and back top pieces at the same time on a really long circular needle so they would match in length. There was a little bit of seaming and then picking up stitches for the peplum in the end. Nothing too complex. The longest part was knitting all the rows of stockinette for the peplum.

Peplum tank

I can totally see myself knitting this in a lovely cotton or linen blend yarn but I’ve already got another summer knit on my needles this week, the Denis top! I’m knitting it in a lovely deep red cotton yarn and I’m excited to see it come together but I think it may be a little slow going on the front panel. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted.

27 Replies to “FO: Peplum Top”

  1. Love, love, love this! Is this easy enough for an advanced beginner?

  2. Wow! You look fabulous! And that will come in handy for the hot August days and nights. What a great look.

  3. Love the top! Your color choices are wonderful. I am making a Denis, too and you have inspired me to get going on it. I just want to finish one of the three projects I currently have going. Have a great week!

  4. I love this top (in this color) on you, Dana! I want to thank you for keeping it real with your yarn choices. I love the high end, natural yarns, but even though I’m not nearly as prolific a knitter as you, I can’t afford to do all my knitting with them. It’s so good to see someone using an acrylic for themselves and not hiding it. Thank you!

  5. I saw this on your Revelry last week and instantly bought the pattern and knit one for myself! I LOVE your super bright version!

  6. That is GORGEOUS!! How did you like working with the Premier Yarn? I’ve heard mixed reviews and I have not purchased it again based on my OWN experience with it.

    1. It’s soft but I do feel like all acrylic feels weird in my hands. It’s not cashmere but it wasn’t unpleasant.

  7. That color just makes me smile! (Along with your cheery attitude!)

  8. I’m such a s-l-o-w knitter…it boggles my mind that you and Marisa (above comment) turn out such projects in a week or so!

    Anyway, what I love most about following your blog is that you fearlessly knit up projects destined to fit “a well upholstered girl” and they always look great on you. It gives me a good reason to invest in some of the patterns you try out — or plan to try out — I got the Denis Tee pattern.

  9. That is adorable and looks great on you!! Thanks for the inspiration to knit some quicker, larger needle projects to get a little FO boost. This looks like it would be super cute as a vest over a button down or long sleeve T.

  10. This color is Amaaaazing, Honestly i’ve never much cared for peplum anything, but this top is one i fully support. Filing away for future reference!

  11. I bought this pattern and yarn, but was thinking that I might prefer to knit this in the round, and split for the straps and neckline rather than knitting the front and back separately. Do you think the side seams add to the stability of this piece?

      1. Thanks! I am going to try it… got annoyed with all the purling and started like 3 other projects at the same time!

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