FO: Vintage ’83 Crop

Vintage 83 Crop

I finished something! Well actually, I finished two things! I made myself a Vintage ’83 Top and decided that Jellybean needed a tiny contrasting version too. Totally the right choice.

Vintage 83 Crop

One of the reasons why I like top down knits is that you can try them on as you go along. It is supposed to be a cute cropped layer (I’m wearing high waisted jeans in these pics) but I know I made it longer than the pattern said because I didn’t want it to be super cropped on me and show my love handles (high waisted jeans pull everything in nicely). I like it at the length I made my cotton Soldotna Crop last summer. My Soldotna was a great piece to wear over a tank dress or with my high waisted jeans and makes a cuter layer, so I’ll be adding this one to the rotation too. I also knit the majority of this with an acrylic yarn, Lion Brand Amazing Lace. It’s a lace weight yarn and I knit the body on size 5 needles, it took forever even though it was a simple slip stitch pattern. It reminded me why tiny yarn drives me crazy but the end results are worth it. The brioche stripes are Hedgehog Fibres in Fly (mint green) and Knerd String in Hot Damn!

Vintage 83 Crop

For Jellybean’s I decided to use the same color palette and reverse it using the mint green for the body and the pink and orange for the brioche stripes. I actually really love the slip stitch texture on this and it looks really cool with the speckles too on Jellybean’s version.

Vintage 83 Crop

I love the texture on this overall and it is what would make me knit this again – despite hating to use skinny yarn on tiny needles. I just know it will take me a bit longer than a dk weight or worsted weight project would. I’ve got two other sweaters on my needles that I’m still plugging away at and two baby blankets I should really get to work on since this stay at home stuff isn’t easing up soon. I’m officially on summer break, so let me productive knitting season begin!

23 Replies to “FO: Vintage ’83 Crop”

  1. I absolutely love your color sense. Your sunny smile and bright colors are the perfect antidote to the grey skies and general “what day is it? “ malaise. Take care, stay safe.

  2. Great colors! So cheery. And lively. The sweaters look great on you and on Jellybean. My Siberian dogs would never allow a sweater on their person. Such a difference in doggy personalities.
    Please be safe and take care.

  3. Yay it’s time for the annual DWJ parade of FOs. You knit so fast! I love the tops. I was thinking of this one but I already have two projects lined up so maybe in the fall. It’s gorgeous on you, and your color choices always inspire me. Knit on!

  4. Thank you so much for the smile! Let the summer knitting commence!

  5. I just love this. The reversing colors with Jellybean its really Smashing😍I hope your summer is filled with a lot of fun COLORS 😍😄🤗Thank you for the inspiration and Smiles

  6. Holy wow, I love it! And a matching one for the dog! Too cute. This makes my day.

  7. I so enjoy opening my email and seeing you and jellybean in your beautiful bright sweaters. Brightens my day.

  8. Thanks, Dana. Very cheering. Glad you’re staying well!

  9. I love this pattern and your color choices. It is now saved in my favorites. It will have to wait since I am currently knitting a similar type sweater, but I have never done brioche and this looks like a fun start!

  10. So summery top. Pink is my favorite color and great color for you. Jellybean’s sweater is cute too. Like criss- cross pattern. Keep up the good work, Don’t get discourage if you’re unable to complete many sweaters because you have a lot on your plate. It’s all about priorities not popularity. Be well and safe. Many blessings,

  11. Oh Dana!
    I really Love you for sharing your beautiful photos and Jellybean. You are the sunshine on my cloudy day!
    Oh Jellybean!
    She is so radiant! Full of love for you as you are for her!
    I am bursting with joyful energy from your post! Thank you. It is cold and grey in Northern Minnesota today, it looks like a snow sky! You cheered up the lil red cabin. Time to light a fire in the wood stove, brew a pot of tea and get to my knitting!
    Thank you,

  12. What a happy sweater and you matched your lipstick to the pink too! I’m a new reader and I love your sunny smile and positive attitude. Jellybean is adorable to. Thanks for doing what you do.

  13. Your knitting projects are sooo inspiring! I have started back to finishing some of those WIPs! I am even contemplating making something for my 4 legged angel. Please tell where/how would I get started?

    1. I suggest the sparkle sweater on Ravelry (it’s part of a top down knits for dogs pattern book). I’ve knit it here too and you can search or look at the dog sweater category to see all posts.

  14. Thank you, so fun to read and look at. Can you do a stash busting post? You’re so so good at colors. I need to work down my stash in order to be able to buy new yarn.

  15. Hi Dana, I love it. Had my doubts, I have to say, in the earlier pictures, but as usual, you know best and it is absolutely perfect. (I kind of want to say you look like a happy lollipop in it, but I’m not sure you’d take it as a compliment — which it is!)

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