Video: Let’s Talk About Fit

I sat down and filmed another video…and there’s a special guest appearance by your favorite sweater wearing pup!

Discussed in this video:

I hope you enjoyed and feel free to keep suggesting what you want to see me discuss next.

17 Replies to “Video: Let’s Talk About Fit”

  1. wow!! another great video and I can hardly wait to see those finished sweaters in the awesome colors you have for them. you are the sweater guru with a large knowledge of color!! knit on!!!!!!!

  2. I’m watching your video and am just amazed at how perfectly beautiful that sweater is for you! I would just wear it all the time. I want to knit that perfect sweater for myself! It’s out there and you’ve inspired me to find it.

    On another note….could you do a video on colorwork that shows how you catch your floats? And how you deal with the pattern when you have like 5 st MC 1 st CC. For me that CC stitch looks so out of whack. I’m knitting a Guthrie right now. Thank you Dana!

  3. First of all I am gobsmacked to hear that, with all the colorwork you do, you hate weaving in ends. I see fabulous colorwork projects and then think of all those ends and I quickly turn to something else. Love the Jellybean cameo (she seemed so underwhelmed at internet fame)! Now I’ve got to remember to measure my arm length… I’m glad to see you’re knitting away.

  4. I cannot wait to see those yarns knit up! I love your color combos!

  5. You almost made it through “Neutral means rainbows” without laughing. 🙂 I love it!

  6. You are absolutely wonderful in a video. Your personality shines! I agree with the above commenter that the Soldana sweater is perfect on you. Perfect. However, you’ve made me want that feather yarn and it doesn’t seem to be available. 😢

  7. Thanks for the cotton love 😉
    I’m going to check out the speckled cottons too 🙂

  8. I didn’t know you made videos! It’s so good to hear what flatters your figure. I’m very slightly shorter than you (I’m 5′ 1″ or 2″), and about the same size-wise, so it’s good to know. I tend to go for big, which is probably not flattering. I need to take a page from your book! So happy you put Jelly Bean in your podcast. Love your twinning so much! Thanks for all the tips and the stash show!

  9. Thanks for the video on fit. It helps to hear that customizing a pattern to fit is not only OK, but is one of the joys of knitting.
    I would love to hear from you on your stranding techniques. Do you use the two-handed Fair Isle method? You finish your sweaters so quickly that I want to know your secrets! I’ve struggled with knitting with multiple colors, and I’m looking for ways to make it easier. I’m going to dive into that Soldatna Crop soon, all the yarn is wound up and ready to go!

  10. Thanks for great advice on fit. I’ve been a bit intimidated by sweaters and have been hesitant to start one. I don’t want to do all that work and end up with something I don’t like.

  11. Love your videos! My daughter lives in Brooklyn and I need to visit String Thing Studio next time I visit! I am guilty of making things too big and boxy but you’re inspiring me to go smaller!

  12. You’re awesome! I’m inspired by the rainbows. That brioche project is going in the queue. I’d love to see you actually knit on a video- I know that might be hard to do. Thanks for the shot of joy.

  13. Hi there Dana – I love your blog, videos, your mason dixon posts – thanks for all you share! And Jellybean and the mini sweaters are the best! I work at a LYS here in California and we recently stated carrying a variegated cotton from Trendsetter, it has 10% cashmere so it’s very soft. It’s called Autumn Wind. I’m going to use it as one of the contrast colors in a cotton Solodatna crop inspired by your cotton version. Good idea to leave the color work off the body to keep it cooler. Thanks!

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