Monthly Review: June 2019

Somehow we’ve gotten to July and that means it’s time for me to wrap up what I was able to finish in June (it doesn’t mean they all started in June, these are just projects I finished in June).

June 2019
  • Love Note: Although I loved this knit, it was not meant for me and looks adorable on my sister. Don’t worry, I already started my second one!
  • Peplum Top: I love this top for summer, so much and I keep seeing more of them popping up on Instagram.
  • Allison Cardigan: I think I started this in May and finished it first in July. I can’t wait for fall to pull this piece out.
  • Soldotna Crops for me & Jellybean: My most popular piece of the year this far, matching tops for me and the Bean.

On another note, today is July 1 and that is Cher’s birthday. Today our girl would have turned 15. When we found out she was sick last summer I kept saying to myself if I could just get her to her 15th birthday I’d feel good…and then I realized that was a goal I had no control over.

Cher all up in my face...

I miss this little face so much, always right up in my face as close as she could get making sure I acknowledged her.

Cher on Madigan

And always taking over my knitting. Give you dogs an extra kiss for me today. Happy birthday, my sweet girl.

13 Replies to “Monthly Review: June 2019”

  1. So sorry about Cher. My own old lady dog is 14 now and so dog longevity is on my mind. You know, most dogs don’t live as long as Cher, and some big dogs don’t even make it to 12. Pat yourself on the back for having taken such good care of Cher. Maybe you and your husband need another dog? Not a replacement, you know, just so no human has an empty lap.

    1. Not yet. But one day I think we might get another dog. For now, Jellybean is being spoiled rotten.

  2. I had a fawn Dobie who’s birthday was July 1, and it’s my niece’s birthday. They were in good company!

  3. Cher lit up your knitting! She was so loved! You guys were lucky to have each other ❤️

  4. Happy birthday to Cher! We lost our little Chi girl almost two years ago & have also been spoiling her little sister rotten ever since. Lots of love sent your way.

  5. Happy Birthday to Cher across the Rainbow Bridge. I know you miss her.
    Love the matching Soldotna Crops! They look great on both you and Jellybean. She is getting spoiled indeed.
    Great review.

  6. So loved, so hard to say goodbye. Happy Birthday Cher.

  7. Kodiak ,Lacie and Lucy send hugs and snuggles to you and Jelly. as does Zoe,Arwen and Lenny, you cats they cant be outdone by doggies

  8. Your comments about your sweet Cher brought back memories of our Dolly. Greyhounds normally live 10-12 years. Our Dolly was 14 3/4 when it was time for Mountain Hounds in Gatlinburg, TN, a gathering of about 200 or so humans and 300 or so greyhounds. Mountain Hounds loves its seniors (any pup 10 years or older) with special prizes for the oldest boy or girl. She would have turned 15 in August and Mountain Hounds was the weekend after Memorial Day. I SO wanted her to be the oldest girl, but you said it right when you said you had a goal over which you had no control. About 2 weeks before Mountain Hounds, she went downhill very quickly and we had to make the same awful decision that you and your husband had to make. We let her go. Now, she and Cher are hanging out together, playing at the Rainbow Bridge, waiting for us to show up and cross over into a better place.

  9. My sister’s family had to make that decision about their very old and very sweet girl, an English bulldog who lived to be 13 (they average 8 to 10)— and something she said that stuck with me was that she felt better about it knowing that they had given Gracie a really good life. She was so loved and cared for. Same with Cher. Not every animal (or person) gets that, but thinking of the life Gracie has made my sis’s family happy again after their loss.

  10. Dana I like everything you have made for the summer. Kudos to you!!!! Knitting takes so much time and who has several hours to knit, You would not get anything else done. I like the red top. Sorry about Cher; know what it feels like to loose your pet. When I lost my last dog that was it for me. We have no children and they’re like kids. Hold onto the memories. My basset hound lived the longest out of all four dogs we had. Enjoy and have a great summer. Before you know, summer will be over. Many blessings!!!

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