FO: Green & White Guthrie

I really should rename this top to Prim & Proper Guthrie because that’s what it feels like to me. It’s very lady like with the high neckline, the soft color palette and the fit. But whatever I call it, my Guthrie sweater made with cotton and a bamboo blend is finished!
If I did this in cotton again, I would do the entire piece on size 6 needles, just to give myself a bit more ease with cotton knitting. I started on size 5 needles because that gave me gauge but with cotton, I didn’t have a ton of give so I moved up a needle size to ensure it would fit over my chest. I’m glad I did.
My main modifications to this pattern were choosing the size medium instead of the large because I wanted it to be a closer fitting top, making it short sleeved and changing out the last pattern repeat on the body. I loved the circular pattern and decided I wanted to do another repeat of that before I started ribbing.
I have to say, I understand now why people love colorwork. It looks super intimidating and fancy but with a little bit of patience, it’s not so scary. Now I want to make this in wool (perhaps a blend so it’s not too heavy) for winter as well. I really enjoyed making this one.
And now I’ve got a new summer top to add to my wardrobe! YAY!

30 Replies to “FO: Green & White Guthrie”

  1. You look so happy in your prim and proper lady sweater! Happy 4th

  2. Your posts make my morning sweeter. Your smile is contagious and your daring-do with needles and yarn are an inspiration. I am teaching myself to crochet…I meet weekly at the local library with a group of ‘country women’ (as these rural Louisianans call themselves) who crochet lap blankets for the hospital oncology ward in the nearest town and hats for a leper colony in Nepal. I’ve been knitting blankets and hats but notice that crochet is faster…so I am trying my best. And your post today reminds me that I can do this!

  3. So cute! And such a good match for that skirt. Making white the MC really brings a summery new personality to a wintry pattern. Can’t wait to see what you decide to do for your winter version! (The prim-and-proper summer version, though snug, isn’t what the older ladies in my family termed “like the paper on the wall”! It’s very sedate and tailored-looking. πŸ™‚ )

  4. Beautiful! Would also look good with white jeans and your green clogs. You have such an eye for color and are an inspiration for me. Thank you!

  5. Wow!! You DON’T look prim and proper; what you like is someone who really knows how to knit! The fit is perfect, the workmanship is impeccable, the colors are delightful – you look like someone who belongs on the cover of a fashion magazine.

  6. You did it again. This is a beautiful sweater, somewhat complicated due to the colorwork, but you made it sound and look so easy to make. Congrats on a job well done. Keep stitching. And sharing.

  7. Beautiful! And it looks fantastic on. Love it with your green glasses and pink lippy. Pretty as a picture. πŸ™‚

  8. So pretty on you. A complicated pattern, but you knitted it in a short time. The colors you chose were so summery and you even have a skirt to match. Love seeing the projects you knit. Thanks! Happy 4th of July

  9. Its BEAUTIFUL, its a work of ART, you have amazing skills. Now the question is will Cher get one?πŸ˜„

  10. Love, love, love your GuthrieπŸ’–
    Looks Fabulous on you!!😍

  11. Your “ensemble” top and skirt look perfect! You are an expert on color use! Looking at the Ravelry Guthrie pattern I would never had come up with the idea of doing it in cotton and with white as the main color. You are an inspiration because you dare with knitting and colors and because you knit trully a lot and very well. Congratulations Dana!!!

  12. Dana that looks too perfect-did you leave a wabi sabi stitch in there somewhere?:) I love your bold use of COLOR. Green is often avoided and why? it is so bright next to white!

  13. Well done you! Your sweater looks fantastic, and I love your skirt, great combination.

  14. That turned out so cute!!! You are a ray of sunshine! ❀

  15. Wooohhhooo!!! Way to go DWJ! It looks SUPER-awesome! Great job!

  16. Very beautiful and suites you perfectly! I do like the higher neck line. It focuses on the face of the wearer, rather than the shoulder.. and the colours are like summer sorbet. You just want a spoon to take a taste. I’ve experienced the same with cotton not ‘giving’. And, going a size bigger needle for the upper body is actually a good idea, generally! Of course, not every yarn suites this, but, that’s the fun of knitting. Discovery.

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