June 2018 Finished Objects

It’s July. I swear January and February dragged on and then the months started to fly by! It’s already June and I haven’t accomplished nearly as much summer knitting as I wanted to but I’ve been getting a few things done.
June FO’s
This month I finished two projects, both were pretty time consuming.

  • My cotton Guthrie! Okay, technically I finished it on the morning of July 1 but I’m claiming it for June. I’ve got a full post on it this week so you can see it in all it’s glory. I really like this one.
  • Shades of Blue Askews Me Shawl. I really do love brioche. It’s a color explosion and my friend loved her blue shawl.

As I finished my Guthrie this weekend and started to prep for a test knit I agreed to I realized I still hadn’t finished my Togue Pond Tank! Oops! I’m throwing it in my carry-on bag with me this week as I go to Chicago for a few days so hopefully I can finish that one up before I’m elbow deep in another test knit.

So that’s what I’ve been up to in the month of June, how about you?

14 Replies to “June 2018 Finished Objects”

  1. Woohhooo!!! Your Guthrie is a work of art! Way to go, DWJ!!! 🙂

  2. That slip of Guthrie is a gorgeous tease… Can’t wait to see the whole thing in all its glory! I’ve got a box in the living room ready to go to the PO with a shawl and coordinating pair of footies for a friend. And one sock for her husband, who hasn’t sent me his foot measurements and who has hard-to-fit feet! His assignment is to try on the sock, write down comments on fit, and send it back in the SASE.

    1. I love that you’re having him do a test drive with one sock. LOL And yes, Guthrie full pics are coming on Wednesday!

  3. Two gorgeous projects, Dana! It’s an explosion of colour. I have hardly knit at all this month, so I am a bit envious; on the other hand the weather has been glorious here in the UK and I have been enjoying the sunshine.

    1. Everything for me is an explosion of color. LOL I’ve been stuck inside a lot with a big heat wave so knitting is a nice indoor activity. But hopefully I’ll get a few more things off my needles in the next two months!

  4. Your brioche stitch looks beautiful in the Askews Me shawl and the color really pops. I am envious!

  5. Wow, you knitted the green/white top so quickly. It’s really pretty. The brioche shawl colors are great and makes a statement.

  6. Love the colors on the brioche. I am going to start my first brioche scarf later this month with the help of a friend :-). For June I was intent on finishing Mira’s Cowl – another couple of firsts….. doing a cowl and finishing a project in a month.

  7. My daughter is in an Irish dance group, and they need six Aran hats for a show and asked me to knit them. She is 15 and a knitter herself, so yes, I am roping her into helping. 🙂 Other than that, I’m trying to bang out some gifts from my stash for the relatives who live in areas with real weather (I’m in Southern California. We don’t have real weather anymore.)

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