Stitching Status: Itching to Finish

I’ve got a few projects I’m itching to finish but just don’t know if they’re a priority right now. In the evenings I’ve been working on my cotton Guthrie sweater again.
I’m about six inches from below the underarm and I want to make this a long sleeve version this time (in case you missed my short sleeve fitted version from summer). I really do hate knitting sleeves but I want this to be a light weight long sleeve I can wear to work. My afternoon classroom is insanely hot so I’ve been avoiding wearing my long sleeve sweaters. Plus I might wear this one for holiday photos this year…we shall see.
I’m also itching to get back to my Kangarullover because it’s green, has a massive pocket and will be such a fun layering piece as it gets colder. But it’s a pretty big project with tons of garter stitch so I can only work on it in the evenings. And I have another cardigan I started working on and put away as it got to hot, my Tamsyn, that I should finish too. I can’t find a picture of it but it’s a good striped neutral cardigan that would be great in my wardrobe. But November is coming and I’ve got a ton of little kids I want to knit some things for and a sweater vest I want to make my husband…so these things might just be put to the side until my winter break. If only I had another set of hands!

What are you working on right now?

20 Replies to “Stitching Status: Itching to Finish”

  1. I’ve got a couple of sweaters that I put aside for the summer and am ready to try to finish them. I also need to sew my ladyfriend’s sweater together (Brooklyn Tweed’s Squall), and I’m on the last bit of a spring/fall sweater (Azami), but hey, today I’m starting Beeswax with yarn I bought at Rhinebeck. Hah!

  2. On my needles: Baby blanket for local pregnancy center. Two woolly hats for Nepal leper colony. In the wings, waiting to be cast on – a shawl for me:)

  3. I’m back to working on a cardigan for my Mom for Christmas. I’d put it aside for about 3 months to do some lighter knitting. It’s my first attempt at a sweater. 5 pcs. to be seamed together when done and I’m on the last sleeve😁

  4. I am just rounds away from finishing a “pleated” skirt by Ann Budd. I should finish today and get the soaking and blocking done. Yay!!!!!

  5. Yes! It’s fall and we are blessed to have so many children in our lives. I just finished seven children’s sweaters. I am finishing two half-done for two tweens, and have three baby sweaters to make before I start on a wrap for myself. I want to knit another cowl for our mail carrier-Stephanie drives in her open mail truck.

  6. I wore my Tecumseh yesterday at a clinic. A woman was staring at me and she then walked over to say “I really like your Tecumseh!” I just started Mane using acrylic. Wool has started to botther me and a tee under often makes it too warm. Any non-itchy yarn suggestions?

      1. Does it stretch alot? I like the color choices.

      2. It gives a little bit I’ve also found you can pop it in the dryer if it needs to be tightened up.

  7. Deborah, thx for the comment about a cowl for your mail carrier!! I’m stealing that idea👍

  8. I am working on my first top down leaf Yoke sweater. I ‘ve put it off to the side to make baby stuff for my grandson. I hope to be done by Thanksgiving.

  9. One of the 3 groups I meet with is having a kangarullover KAL😀. I am at the same place you are on the front. After a member of the group made hers according to the pattern and found the pockets too high, I added length to the front center, which lowered the pockets. I plan to make mine jumper length. Love your color choice.

  10. I am knitting on a stockinette sweater in pieces. It’s been years and I had forgotten how quickly they go. It’s Berroco’s Weir, a nice plain pattern in sport weight. I am knitting it in cotton so it’s perfect for July knitting.

  11. I can’t wait to see your finished sweater! I always love your colors, and this design is really cool!!

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