Stitching Status: Back and Forth

I’ve got a summer cold, which really means I need to knit and nap on the couch all weekend (although that’s what a lot of my weekends look like). We do have tickets to go to the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival on Saturday at the National Harbor. I’m the designated driver for my beer and bourbon loving husband but all I really want is BBQ…and a nap. I’m a southern girl (born in NC) who appreciates really good BBQ, so pray that I get enough rest to kick this cold and still enjoy some BBQ this weekend. But what am I working on?
Pink Togue
This is one of the latest pics of my in progress Togue Pond Tank. I actually took it to the movies last night so that I could work on knitting the stockinette body (my husband asked if I didn’t want to go to the movies since I was sick and I said I can sit on the couch and knit with tea or I can sit in reclining seats at the movie theater, knit and sneak in tea…which would you choose?). We saw Oceans 8, the clothes were really fabulous and the movie was pretty good, I’d give it a B.
I’m modifying this pattern slightly this time, no short rows and adding in a little bit of length to the body. So I’m just at the point of having to knit lots of stockinette since the side shaping is finished. Also I loved how the yarn and my Urbanears headphones coordinated so nicely together. (Also my headphones are on sale, they’re wireless bluetooth over the ear headphones and I love that you can control you music by tapping one of the ears, they’re awesome!) But on a whim, I decided to work on something else in cotton that has not been on my list at all.
Boyland Knitworks released a new pattern this week, Guthrie. I don’t know why I felt so drawn to cast this one on immediately and in cotton again but I did. I did some of my lazy swatching to get close to gauge and pulled yarns I already had in my stash so that I could cast this one on. This has a much more gradual increase to it than her previous pattern so I kept getting nervous it was looking too small but I’m still going. I’m hoping to get to the separate from sleeves section this weekend so I can actually try it on and get a better gauge for how it will fit me. I’m envisioning this as a 3/4 length sleeve so I can just wear it all year long. Also mint green is my favorite color, so this makes me super excited.

So that’s what I’m currently working on, what do you have on your needles?

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  1. She (the designer of Guthrie and Tecumseh) does great designs with texture and colorwork! I’m sure this FO will be as nice as your Tecumseh is! 🙂

  2. Once a North Carolinian, always a North Carolinian. I lived there for 8 years. It’s time to go back for a visit (really, just a cover story so I can go eat BBQ 😂).

    This is a dangerous post. You have me thinking travel plans, checking out bluetooth headphones and looking at new patterns which will inevitably lead to yarn.

    I just bought yarn to knit myself a Togue Pond. I am going to knit it out of Billie Jean yarn from Wool & the Gang. I love denim.

    1. Oh that jeans yarn will be so good with that pattern. And the headphones, I love. I hate the in ear ones so much, these are so much more comfy and they come in great colors!

  3. I’m right there with you-lots of stockinette on size 5 needles,but I love the pattern. I’m making Yume out of Hempathy in the short sleeved version. I needed a summer shirt and hope to have it finished midweek for a trip to Rochester,NY to visit my son. And part of the reason I’m going there is for a yarn swap that one of the yarn stores there is having. I’m really looking forward to that!

  4. Ugh, a summer cold—I have one too. I can hardly hear and feel like my head is under water. Hope you feel better soon! I’m knitting a Maalee hat— new designer’s first pattern— for my boss, who is leaving the job and moving to Northern California from SoCal—she’ll need it up there. It’s in an amazing purple. 🙂

    1. I’ve had that same underwater feeling all week. Fortunately, I’m feeling better. I hop you’re also on the mend.

  5. Unrelated to the knitting: I have those same headphones! I love, love, love them. They’re so comfortable to wear, and the sound quality is great. And yes, tapping on the headphones to control the music is so clever! Bummer about the summer cold; those are the worst. I hope you feel better soon!

  6. I think that you should stay home and knit, for two reasons. 1) The rest will enable you’ll to get over your cold more quickly and 2) you won’t give it to anyone else! Babies, grandmas, and those with compromised immune systems will be grateful!

  7. I live in NC now and I dig barbecue, too. You’re right about Ocean’s 8…Especially Cate Blanchett’s outfits.

    1. Cate Blancett had the BEST outfits of everyone. That sparkly green jumpsuit at the end had me swooning!!

  8. Hope you feel better fast! I’m just starting Jennifer Steingass’ Telja in a lovely raspberry color. Size 5s with Quince Owl yarn.

  9. I knit one summer sweater, Puck’s Tunic from Interweave Summer 2017-your basic two rectangles seamed together. I am now working on Birch from Pam Allen’s Plain & Simple. I think I might be able to make 5 or 6 out of the 11 patterns.
    I just do not wear that much knitted items in summer.

    1. I love so much in Pam Allen’s Plain and Simple!! It’s how I felt about Madder Made Simple Pleasures II, I think I’ve knit more than half of those patterns and some multiple times.

  10. Are you serious? That Guthrie looks so complicated! Oh, and gorgeous, of course. Can’t wait to see how your color choices come out with this pattern. I’m finishing up a pair of socks for a friend and had planned on making a striped cardigan next out of some Knitted Wit Victory Sock yarn (the black/white multi called “Alternative Facts Rainbow”!) and some mustardy colored Hazel Knits stuff …. but now I’m thinking, Fair Isle? Brioche? Fair Isle??? Your projects make it all so tempting!

    1. Once you’ve finally gotten into colorwork I see why it’s so addicting to lots of people. It keeps you continuously engaged and I love seeing the pattern come to life. I’m just hoping it fits LOL

  11. Hello Dana. I am new to your blog. Love the metallic grey color and pink. I think I will do that rose gold color! Anyway, I could not find the headphones on the link(there are too many). Is yours a Hellas?

  12. Hi Dana,
    I found your blog from Mason Dixon Knitting and think you and your knitting are great. I also like bright colors although I have 2 cats instead of dogs. I am working on a Tegna by Kaitlin Hunter in a coral cotton.
    Thanks, Tamara

    1. Tegna is another one I love but I am not a fan of tiny yarn and tiny needles. But I love it so much I might just be tempted to give it a try.

  13. Greetings, new to your blog found it looking for a next project. My WIP is the Reyna shawl and I too have fur baby that likes to be involved in my knitting. Here name is Precious and is a Yorkie. A knit along would be nice I did the tea leaf knit along and it was inspiring. Keep me posted.

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