Currently in the Queue: Too Many Things

I don’t know how June seems to be flying by and before I know it summer will be over. I’M NOT READY! And as summer keeps moving on my queue keeps getting longer and longer of what I want to make. Add on me casting on projects when they tickle my fancy and well…that explains why I never get everything I want accomplished.
I know I keep putting my Togue Pond Tank to the side but I think it’s because I know it will knit up quickly. Maybe this weekend I will give it the attention it needs. In the meantime, I’ve separated for sleeves on my cotton Guthrie and am going to try it on this evening to make sure it has enough stretch to get over my head. I’ll be so sad if it’s too tight because it’s working up so nicely. But this is one gamble of knitting colorwork with cotton and isn’t there always a lesson in each project?
But can we just talk about how much I love seeing the neat floats on the inside of colorwork? It makes my heart sing. I’m mildly obsessed with Guthrie and I swear this is the face Cher gives me when I’m super focused on that sweater when I should be focused on her.

“Lady, belly rubs need to be happening right now.”

And this is the face Jellybean gives me every time I tell her about something else I’m adding to my queue.

“WHHHHAT?! You’re crazy lady.”

I’m also still thinking about doing a knitalong of the Tecumseh sweater, maybe starting in early September? I can slow down and work on it at a reasonable pace and show progress and share your pics of your progress too. I don’t have any prizes or anything, it’s just a pattern I love and many of you have shown interest in wanting to make it too so I thought we’d do it together. Still interested? What hashtag could we create to make sharing easy? I’ve already decided what colors I will use and I’ve stashed them away. Clearly I’m excited about colorwork.

13 Replies to “Currently in the Queue: Too Many Things”

  1. Still interested in the kal, but have to admit I don’t know how to use hashtags, etc for using social media!

  2. Me too! Can we set up a KAL on Rav? This will be my first yoke sweater, as well as my first color work with floats, so I’m nervous, even though I’ve been knitting since I was six. Need a support group!

  3. That sounds like a lot of fun. Your sweaters all fit your perfectly! What is your secret? A knit-along would be perfect…

    1. No real secret. You need to know your measurements and do a gauge swatch before you start. That way you ensure whatever you make will fit and if you know your measurements you’ll know how long you want your sleeves or if you want to add in waist shaping and what not.

  4. Your cotton Guthrie is turning out awesome! Jellybean knows it all. She can express herself very properly! would love a KAL with you but I am not sure I have enough time… let’s see when September comes…

  5. Okay, so the pictures of Cher and Jelly just made my day. And it’s been a challenging day, so I totally needed the rescue. I’m in for the Tecumsah KAL. How about something like #dwjtecumsahkal or #tecumsahwithdwj for a hashtag?

  6. I want to do the Tecumseh! I haven’t done color floats, but I want to learn. Count me in!

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