The Weekend and a Summer Cold

This pretty much sums up my weekend.
A dog at my feet or in my lap and knitting in my hands. In between doses of medicine and naps I made some slow progress on my Guthrie sweater in cotton. The good thing is that because of all the rest I’m feeling much better. But this is about all the progress I have to share.
I’m still just a bit tired, so hopefully later this week we’ll talk about what I”m still hoping to accomplish this summer. And hopefully you had a much more productive weekend than I did!

7 Replies to “The Weekend and a Summer Cold”

  1. Even though you didn’t make as much progress as you wanted, the cold seems to have run its course and you’re over the worse now . . . good for you!

  2. Hi Dana, we have the summer colds in our family too! Hang in there, it will get better. Thank you for sharing your knit adventures and your family through your writing and photos. I’m so glad MDK led me to your happy place in the knitting blog world. 😀

  3. You are still progressing! Any tricks for two-color stranded knitting English style? I am doing Birch and even though MC is on top I still get the skeins twisty.

    1. Oh I’m always getting twisted, so I’m not a pro. I should probably use one of my project bags that has the grommets for you to run the thread through, that might keep them from getting all tangled up.

      1. aha! I never use those because I felt it was stuck in that hole until you either cut it or use up skein. I will give it a try!

  4. Glad you are feeling better! It does pay to rest when a cold knocks you down. That sweater is going to be gorgeous for summer! Beautiful green and you will rock it!

  5. Ugh, summer colds are the worst! I hope you are feeling 100% well again soon.

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