April 2018 Finished Objects

Hello, May! It’s time to look back at what I was able to finish in April. Volume wise isn’t huge but accomplishment wise I feel great!
April’s FO’s
So here’s what I was able to finish:

  • My Tecumseh for spring: This was my very first colorwork project and I couldn’t be prouder. Now I want to make all the colorwork sweaters but I think I’m finally going to cast on the Durumi sweater and make it short sleeved.
  • My pastel Madness Hat: I think this just might be the year of colorwork and brioche for me. I’m obsessed with it.
  • Safia’s Brio-Garter Hat: My cousin wanted a slouchy hat and I decided she needed something with earflaps to keep out the Chicago wind and cold. This was a total winner.

And thanks to everyone with recommendations for shawls and hats. I’ve been favoriting a few things on Ravelry and plotting out what to make next. I looked back at my finished objects for this year and so far I’ve made 8 adult sized hats and 2 baby sized hats. Perhaps I’m going back to my comfort zone and going to knit a billion hats by the end of 2018!


Hidden Gems I’ve Knit Before

I’ve been on a quest lately for hats. I know with this crazy weather summer will be here before I know it but I’ve still go hats on the brain. My head is cold since there isn’t much hair to insulate me. LOL And next thing I know it’ll be fall and I still won’t have sufficient hats to keep me warm.
Over the weekend I started to round up my heavier knits and cleaning up my coat closet in preparation of washing and storing my knits for the summer. I came across this hat tucked into the back of the coat closet. This is the Lucy Hat, an asymetrical worsted weight hat that I’m pretty sure I knit using dk weight back in 2012. Almost 6 years later and this hat still look good because I haven’t worn it a lot in the last few years. I only thought it looked good when I had longer hair but now I’m liking it with this shorter cut. Add in the asymmetry of the hat and it curves down the back of my head where I’m coldest. Winner! Of course I’m immediately thinking of what other colors I should make this in. Perhaps I’ll use some of the Madelinetosh in Cosmic Silver leftover from when I finish my Dotted Rays shawl?
I’ve also been slowly building up a little stash of Hedgehog Fibers Merino DK in fun colors so perhaps one of these could be a pop color (I’ve also got 2 skeins of the fun purple shade called Spell on the way)? And Maryland Sheep and Wool is this weekend and I haven’t really sat down to think of my projects for fall and budget to determine what I want to buy. I like to go to Sheep and Wool with cash and a plan for yardage so I don’t come out with yarn that’s pretty but doesn’t have a purpose. Gaaaah, so much to consider but I definitely know a fun color palette for some new hats is definitely in order.

FO: Green Monster & Its Gray Cousin

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. I did. It was nice to recharge and chill out. I also shopped online and picked up some Madelinetosh yarn because she’s had her entire store on sale for 30% off since Friday. I figured it was the best time to get a sweater’s quantity, right? And speaking of yarn, remember that skein of super bright green yarn I bought it New Orleans? Well I finally put it to good use. I knit myself a hat!
Grand Canyon West
This is my favorite coat. I splurged on it (with encouragement from my husband) about 2 years ago and bought it from Boden (it’s their classic Mac style coat) and it has been the most used/worn coat in my closet. Totally making it worth the price. It is fleece lined, has fleece lined pockets, snaps and zippered closure, a removable hood AND it’s waterproof. Plus it’s a perfect length. I can wear this coat from October through December until it’s super cold and I need to pull out my Land’s End puffer coat for the super cold winter weather. I’ve struggled over the years trying to figure out what color to make my accessories for this coat and what hat pattern and I’ve never been very happy until now…
Green Monster
I knit the Dreiecke hat again (you may remember it when I made it for my friend Salina). I’ve knit this hat several times already but never in a solid color, which is what it needs to show off the lovely triangle pattern. But I’ve loved the shape and style of the hat so I didn’t mind not seeing the pattern. Now that you can see it, I’m wondering what took me so long to do it in a solid yarn?! Also, as someone noted on Ravelry when I posted pics, I’m wearing my Green Garter sweater in these pics.
Green Monster
I also thought about adding a pom pom to the hat and decided to look up a faux fur pom pom since they’re all the rage. I actually found a bright green one on sale at Joann.com and thought I’d give it a try. It’s a perfect match!
Winter favorites
I walked into my office building the other day and someone saw me and said, “that’s a lot of color.” Yes, yes it is and it makes me happy. I also knit this same hat the other week for my cousin.
Ari's Hat
She wanted a slouchy gray beanie and I knew this would be a perfect hat. The same hat but knit in Heartland yarn and it looks completely different. In this yarn it turned out slouchier than mine since I never do a gauge swatch on hats but was perfect for what my cousin wanted. I’ve worked on a few of smaller projects this month, including the cowl I’m wearing here, so I’ve got other finished objects to share. I’ll also share the super easy pattern for my cowl as well. Having a bunch of smaller projects finished is good because I don’t want to share the Christmas projects I’m working on until after the holiday. And if you’re looking for a few quick knits I’ve got a post from last year that you can read as well. Oh and if you haven’t checked it out already, the Indie Designers are doing discounted patterns again this year. Check out all the designers and their patterns on Ravelry. Did any of you get in some quality knitting time during the long holiday weekend?