Hidden Gems I’ve Knit Before

I’ve been on a quest lately for hats. I know with this crazy weather summer will be here before I know it but I’ve still go hats on the brain. My head is cold since there isn’t much hair to insulate me. LOL And next thing I know it’ll be fall and I still won’t have sufficient hats to keep me warm.
Over the weekend I started to round up my heavier knits and cleaning up my coat closet in preparation of washing and storing my knits for the summer. I came across this hat tucked into the back of the coat closet. This is the Lucy Hat, an asymetrical worsted weight hat that I’m pretty sure I knit using dk weight back in 2012. Almost 6 years later and this hat still look good because I haven’t worn it a lot in the last few years. I only thought it looked good when I had longer hair but now I’m liking it with this shorter cut. Add in the asymmetry of the hat and it curves down the back of my head where I’m coldest. Winner! Of course I’m immediately thinking of what other colors I should make this in. Perhaps I’ll use some of the Madelinetosh in Cosmic Silver leftover from when I finish my Dotted Rays shawl?
I’ve also been slowly building up a little stash of Hedgehog Fibers Merino DK in fun colors so perhaps one of these could be a pop color (I’ve also got 2 skeins of the fun purple shade called Spell on the way)? And Maryland Sheep and Wool is this weekend and I haven’t really sat down to think of my projects for fall and budget to determine what I want to buy. I like to go to Sheep and Wool with cash and a plan for yardage so I don’t come out with yarn that’s pretty but doesn’t have a purpose. Gaaaah, so much to consider but I definitely know a fun color palette for some new hats is definitely in order.

22 Replies to “Hidden Gems I’ve Knit Before”

  1. wow!!! It IS an awesome feeling to ‘re-discover’ older knits! 😉 I can’t wait to see what you come back with from MDSW!!! I’ve decided to skip this year again

  2. hi dana.. you look so cute in the hats.. you are one of those people who can wear them and look great.. I also will be attending Maryland sheep and wool with my sister, daughter and niece on sunday.. we love going there and of course knitting together!!! have a great time and if I see you I will introduce myself…. if you have to blow the budget, that is the place to do it in!!!!!

    1. I’ll be there on Sunday as well! Definitely say hi 🙂 I’d love to meet you.

  3. Dana, I’m hoping to be at the Maryland Sheep and Wool fest, too. Not sure yet, but it looks like Sunday may be the best option. It would be SO cool to meet you there.

  4. I agree with you on hats: I love knitting hats – I am wearing my new spunk spring hat.
    I love the hat you have – wonderful shape. Have fun at the wool show. Sigh, we don’t seem to have anything like that up here in Canada.

  5. Hitting up MDSW with friends on Saturday and I can’t wait. I made my plan this weekend so hopefully I will stick with it. Have fun!

    1. I’ve got to sit down and decide what I want. I actually think this year I might splurge and buy myself a new swift instead of a lot of yarn.

  6. I’m so glad we’re going to Maryland Sheep and Wool again! Woohoooo!!!! You know I live vicariously through you on this trip, so make sure we have a great time and come home with lots of good stuff! 😉 Love your Lucy hat!!

    1. LOL I think this year I might get a new swift. There’s a really cool one I saw last year and mine is a little wobbly. Not as much yarn unless I see something spectacular.

  7. I’ve lost chunks of hair from fibromyalgia hair loss and I get migraines from air conditioning or even a cool breeze on my poor getting-kinda-bald head. I have a laceweight hat (Lacy Hair Net on Ravelry) that I wear pretty much every day on warm days. I’m designing another laceweight hat and I think I need to knit a second Lacy Hair Net. Also, TinCanKnits has a light Barley hat pattern in fingering I want to try. No need to stop wearing hats in warm weather. Your hat is so cute. I might have to see if I can find some denim blue and grape purple yarn for one.

    1. Hey, if hats in the warm weather keep you from having migraines why stop?! Maybe you could make your next hat with some super soft cotton so it’s light in the heat.

  8. That hat is adorable…wondering if I could tackle this as a beginner? Would make a great holiday gift for friends/family who look as cute in them as you do!

    1. I knit this hat early on in my knitting, so it could be a beginner for sure. If you haven’t done short rows this would be the one to help you learn them.

      1. Bought it yesterday! I figured I could bring it to my local knit shop or search YouTube if I have a prob. Thanks!

  9. One of my favourite repeat hats is also by Carina Spencer: Regina is great in any weight, in one colour or two. And the construction is fun. It would look great on you!

    1. I have seen that hat and I think downloaded it at one point but never made it. I may have to add it back to my list.

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