FO: A Sparkly Beezee

I knit another brioche hat this month with the original intentions of giving it to my girlfriend Alisa. I mentioned she wanted a hat with purple in it but she told me she wanted simple. I quickly realized I was not making a simple hat and that it would be better suited for me than for her. So the Beezee hat became my latest brioche wonder and I’m happy I kept it.

Teal side is dominant here.

One of the things I love about brioche knitting is that it creates a reversible fabric so I love picking great contrasting colors. For this hat I decided to use the leftovers of my Blue Heron Rayon Metallic yarn from my first Rain Outside shawl and a very old skein of Neighborhood Fiber Co. Studio Sport in Rock Creek Park, a lovely deep teal. I love how the metallic pops through when you wear it with the teal color as the dominant color on the hat. If I’m feeling a bit fancier I can wear the metallic side out.

Metallic side is dominant here.

I picked this pattern because I loved the wave pattern the brioche created. But she has several really great brioche patterns in her shop that you should check out. I love the shape of this hat and totally want to make that one too.
I also love that it let’s me use of some of those half skeins of dk weight yarn or leftovers from my jumbo Miss Babs Yowza skeins and turn them into color finished objects. And I’ve got another road trip coming up soon so I just might be knitting up another hat in the car. So have I convinced any of you to pick up your two colors and hop on the brioche band wagon?


FO: Madness Hat {More Brioche}

I told you this was going to be the week of finished objects! Rounding out this week I’ve got more two color brioche and in another hat. I bought the Madness Hat pattern because I liked the style and then I just randomly grabbed two skeins of yarn and cast on.
Madness Hat
If I had really thought this out I would’ve grabbed navy blue chunky yarn instead of grey so it would match my pink and navy coat. I did not, so this hat was gifted to my BFF Jess and it matches her style. The great thing about brioche knitting is that it makes your fabric reversible. So even though it’s got neon pink you can really make it pop when worn on one side versus the other side.
Madness Hat
I pulled stash yarn out for this one. I had a full skein of Berroco Vintage Chunky leftover from the Bermondsey cardigan for my aunt and I knew it would be great for a hat but wanted to punch it up a bit. Since the pattern only requires 60 and 65 yards of each color I grabbed the little bit of leftover Mighty Stitch Bulky I had in Pucker from this glorious striped sweater of mine – another Bermondsey! Perhaps I should’ve named this the Brioche Bermondsey Leftover Hat? (I wonder if I have some of the black left over…I really should dig through and do a better inventory). I love when I get to use up all of my scraps, it makes me feel like I get every single penny out of the yarn I bought. I’ve got enough of the grey leftover to make another so I may end up using another creative color combo.
I knit this hat while commuting on the train, it was nice and soothing. And one evening while I was knitting with my headphones one I hear someone yelling ‘miss, miss.’ I looked up and a woman who I saw eyeing my project the entire ride was about to get off and she yelled, ‘Is that going to be a hat? It’s gorgeous!’ HAHAHAHA It totally made my day.
Madness Hat
I totally recommend this one to you if you’re into brioche but want to get your increasing and decreasing in brioche down. With the bigger weight yarn it was pretty easy and with super high contrasting colors it really makes it easy to follow your work. So have I convinced any of you to dip your toe into two color brioche yet?

When a Hat Isn’t Just a Hat

I never blogged about this hat last year. I counted it in my 2016 round-up and mentioned it in my March 2016 FO Monthly Round-up.
Ribbed Hat
I didn’t think of it as a major FO but it was made for my ‘little brother’ Travis because he has repeatedly been a guest lecturer for my class. Ten years ago Travis was my graduate assistant when I worked at American University. I left higher ed for a new job in the association world a few months into him working for me but he told me that I was going to be his big sister and I couldn’t get rid of him. Many Thanksgivings together, dinners, happy hours and guest lectures later Travis has solidified himself as a member of my family. He’s the little brother I never knew I needed but love so dearly. So the thing about the hat…he kind of loves it.
Travis and his hat
Every time I see him on Instagram he’s wearing the hat and you guys know whenever someone wears something you make it makes your heart feel good. When I asked him what kind of hat he’d like he sent me a picture of a slouchy ribbed beanie and asked for in a deep red/burgundy shade. I chose the Graham hat pattern (it’s a free one) and used the Mighty Stitch Worsted in Pomegranate so he could wash and dry it without any issue. In January I got a text ‘Can I get this same hat but in black and in gray?‘ Seeing as how he’s my little brother and I ask so much of him and he asks so little of me I said sure, ordered 2 more balls of yarn but just never got the chance to put them on my needles. And then last month he told me he’s moving to NYC for his dream job.
I quickly picked up the yarn and said I’ve got to get moving. I’m halfway through his gray one. I’m cooking him one last meal on Thursday and I hope to finish it and maybe even a black version too. And every time I pick this hat up I get a wave of sadness at the thought of not meeting him for dinner on a random Tuesday because it’s gorgeous out and we were in his neighborhood. I realize more and more how much knitting is a labor of love for me. I put myself in each stitch. I try to make things with purpose, that I’ve thought of all the details to make sure this knit thing will fit into someone’s life and when they wear it they will think of me. So even though I won’t see Travis as often, I know I’ll still see a little bit of me in his Instagram feed whenever it’s a bit chilly and he needs a hat. It’s kind of like his big sister will always be there to protect him because isn’t that what big sisters are for?

So a hat isn’t always a hat. Sometimes it’s a lot of love. Have a great weekend.