FO: For a Sweetheart

Happy Valentine’s Day! It has never been a holiday I make a big deal over (although my husband did propose to me 17 years ago) but I have a girlfriend whose birthday is today (and three others that were this week). She loves hearts and when I was on Ravelry and saw the new pattern for the Sweet Hearts Hat I thought, I can whip this up in time for her birthday.
Heat breaker
I asked her what color winter coat she had and she told me burgundy, black and cream. So I dug through my stash and picked out my Knit Picks Mighty Stitch in Pomegranate and Oyster. Another friend’s birthday was on Tuesday and her husband gave her a gorgeous red coat, so I may make her a red and white version of this hat to go with the new coat too.
And as I was working on this hat I just kept thinking how cute this print would be as a sweater for Jellybean. So that might be something I whip up over this long holiday weekend. So here’s to a love filled day, I hope it is filled with yummy yarn. Happy Valentine’s Day!

24 Replies to “FO: For a Sweetheart”

  1. what a great friend you are!!! And such a beautiful gift! Well done!

  2. You have such a knack for finding the best patterns on Ravelry! I love getting your posts and finding new must-knit designs. Thank you!

  3. I love this hat and those colors! I really appreciate that you show us your finished projects and the pattern names. I am sometimes overwhelmed by all the offerings on Ravelry and your postings help me explore. I must say, though, the speed you knit is astounding! I am retired, mid-sixties, and I can’t keep up with you. But that’s okay….I love seeing your work. Thanks!

  4. I sent you a sample heart. I’ve been using this site for years every Valentine’s Day!
    Have fun. If you click on heart you can save to photos and email to friends.

  5. Love your hat. What a great gift. If you need an idea for next year, I made a cowl from a pattern that would match this hat. Actually I made this cowl twice. The first time more according to the pattern, and the second one with just hearts and not the diamonds It is the choose love cowl. I like the name too 😀. As always thank you for sharing your work.

  6. Great hat! You knit so fast, I’m a little jealous!

  7. Adorable hat! You are such an inspiration to all of us. Thanks! Happy Valentine’s Day, late. My husband proposed to me on Feb 13, 1979, that is 40 years ago! We are still liking and loving each other! For more inspiration have you seen @advancedstyle ?

  8. Such a cute hat, you did a wonderful job. Wished I had seen your message yesterday, so I could have purchased the pattern for less money. Celebrating Valentines Day!!! Now I will pay full price. LOL

  9. You are a sweet and good friend. P.S. It’s great to meet another college professor who knits. I get a lot of sideways looks at faculty meetings when I knit. I feel that I am doing a personal favor to my colleagues; it helps me focus and keeps my mouth shut 😉

      1. I guess I’m too old to care anymore! Have a lovely evening.

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