FO Video: The Rhinebeck Sweater

I had a spare hour on Sunday and I decided it was time to take pics and a quick video of my finished Linus cardigan! I did modify this only by doing garter stitch instead of ribbing and making it a shawl collar. I love the coziness of a shawl around my neck when it’s cold. So here’s a video talking all about it and more details and pics below.

Here’s everything that I talked about in this video.

And as promised, here are pics of the full sweater. I think this might be my favorite cardigan I’ve ever made. But I also feel like that whenever I finish a project. I think it’s because of the rainbow yarn with the grey and how I decided to change the pattern. Also, for anyone curious about how I blocked this, I put it in a delicates bag and threw it in the washing machine on the rinse and spin cycle and then let it air dry.

Linus cardigan/Rhinebeck sweater

It’s a dropped sleeve construction, which isn’t something I do that often but I like the ease it gives in the shoulders and back.

Linus cardigan/Rhinebeck sweater

How can you not be happy when you wear knits with all the colors?

Linus cardigan/Rhinebeck sweater

So this will be the sweater you can find me in at Rhinebeck, will I see you there?

31 Replies to “FO Video: The Rhinebeck Sweater”

  1. What a pretty, fun piece!! I so wish I was going to Rhinebeck. It’s on my list!! Fingers crossed for next year. Have fun!!

  2. Thank you Dana, I am going to shift my I am not a good knitter attitude, and I can make
    a sweater! You are wonderful.

  3. oh dana!! you are such an inspiration to me, not just in knitting but your attitude and personality!!! I love your blog and the videos and that beautiful linus sweater!! I will be at Rhinebeck and hope to meet you there… I will be looking for you.. I have gone 3 times before but the last 2 years have not.. my sister and I always made the trip but my parents were in poor health last 2 years and we had to cancel and they both passed last year.. I am looking forward to the trip this year.. enjoy your first one, you will be hooked and prob make it a yearly adventure!!!!!

  4. GORGeous! 🙂 I hope to run into you at Rhinebeck, it would make my day.

  5. Your sweater is amazing! I love the shawl collar on it, it really looks great but comfy too! I wish I was going to Rhinebeck this year but alas, it was not meant to be. There is, however, a fibre festival (i am not talking about the bean festival that happens around here either!) closer to me that weekend that I am going to attend and just pretend that I am at rhinebeck (lol).
    You have a blast in your new sweater at Rhinebeck!
    PS there is no such thing as too many sweaters!!

  6. Dana, your smile is infectious! And a can do attitude works wonders- I very much doubt that you would be teaching and attending grad school without it, let alone knitting hundreds of sweaters. Thank you for the ray of sunshine. I won’t see you at Rhinebeck, but I am in your corner, cheering on your yarny adventures.

  7. What a beautiful sweater! You are a very empowering person, Dana. I feel so inspired every time I watch one of your vlogs or I read your blog. You’re such a ray of sunshine! Thank you! 💕

  8. So stunning Dana! I love it and your attitude! It’s so inspiring how you own your knits!

  9. Hi Dana–Love your sweater! You are so positive and uplifting!

  10. I’m going to Rhinebeck. Will look for you so I can tell you how much I love this sweater and your blog/vlog

  11. Your voice is so calming, I could listen to you all day. You’ve convinced me I might be able to knit a sweater😊.

  12. I love your sweater! I’ve never knitted a drop sleeve (shoulder) sweater before but I’ve been looking at some sweaters that have this design element. What do you think of it? You mentioned that you don’t usually knit this design.
    I love following you on Instagram…..Have fun at Rhinebeck!

  13. So cute! You’ve done it again. The shawl collar is great, and it looks like a comfy sweater. I never would have thought of putting the bright variegated yarn with gray, but now I know better – lol. I like to change up patterns a bit, too, but it takes me a long time to figure it out and then to get up the courage to go ahead and do it. You just go for it and get it done! Thanks for your message of positivity and of being kind to ourselves. Have fun at Rhinebeck! PS. Jellybean’s Fruit Stripes sweater is adorable!

  14. I wouldn’t be there this year, so sorry to miss you and this beauty of a sweater. Hopefully MDSW 2020! ❤

  15. I love the colors. I, also, love drop shoulders, particularly in ready-to-wear stuff, because I have really broad shoulders.

  16. Have a wonderful time in NY and Rhinebeck! Can’t wait to hear how it was. Thanks for the wonderful post, and thank you JB for gracing us with your presence!

  17. You are a ray of sunshine! I saw you on Kristy Glass knits and fell in love with your positively joyful personality, your bright knits and of course jellybean! I, too, am always cold! I love how you always use color in your knits! I do, too- but your creative ideas are an inspiration ! Thanks for being you! 🥰🐶

  18. Hi! Your sweater is lovely and so are you. I love your message on the vlog. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful time at Rhinebeck.

  19. Hey Dana, I have a question about weaving in ends, especially cotton ones. After you weave them in a bit, how long of an end do you leave? I cut mine short so the inside looks tidy, but they pop through to the front. Do you leave an inch or so on your’s?

    1. Sometimes they pop through and i just use a tiny crochet hook to pull them back in.

  20. I love your sweater ❣️ I also like how you did the edges/collar. I plan to make one similar. I have some colorful yarn for the brioche, now I’m figuring out if I use grey like you did or a midnight blue/black color. Thanks for sharing your inspirational work 💕

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