Superheroes & Knitting

This weekend my husband and I saw Avengers Endgame, don’t worry I won’t spoil anything. The only comment I will say is that the Hulk has always been my favorite and he’s wearing what looks like a hand knit cardigan and I love him (and Mark Ruffalo, the actor who plays him) for it. I knew the movie was going to be three hours long so I brought along my Allison cardigan to have a nice long stretch of time to knit stockinette stitch.

Super hero knitting

I captured pics via Instagram before and after the movie. Before, just a few inches at the armhole.

Super hero knitting

Definitely made some progress. On Instagram a lot of people asked me how I could knit in the dark. I found that as I got more confident in my knit and purl stitches, stockinette stitch was super easy to do without looking. I can just feel the stitches. Anything more complex I just can’t do, like brioche. I’d just be asking for a messed up project if I attempted brioche in the dark. And speaking of brioche and superheroes.

Super hero knitting

My husband loves Captain Marvel, so when I picked up dog food for the girls yesterday they had a huge Avengers display and I thought a Captain Marvel T-shirt was worth the $10 for Jellybean since she always wears clothes. He agreed and she looks so cute in it. Jellybean was nestled in between my legs while I was working on another La Brioheme cardigan, this one in Patons Metallic yarn (you may remember this now discontinued but pretty metallic yarn from my Togue Pond tank last year) for my cousin Safia. I’m hoping to finish it up and bring it to her when we go to Chicago, so I’m switching between my Allison cardigan and this one to keep my knitting brain engaged. I’m never a monogamous knitter.

But is anyone else a movie knitter?

20 Replies to “Superheroes & Knitting”

  1. I am a persistent but often unsuccessful movie knitter (but I do knot in church).

  2. Oh heck yeah! I don’t think I could sit that long unless I was knitting!

    Chicago is my town. I hope you have good weather. It’s been really weird the last couple of weeks. 🤨

  3. LOL Dana I was going to post that only YOU would knit in the dark during a movie and then I see that the first four commenters all say they do! I knit during Sunday School, can’t bring myself to knit in church yet, but not during movies. I make too many mistakes.

  4. I bring my knitting to my son’s choir rehearsals….it works sometimes but with a recent pair of socks I was knitting in the round (2 at a time) I ended up with a hole on the side and a couple of additional stitches. I am determined to become a movie knitter and so will try it with a sweater – bigger needles and not so fussy! Love your posts they make my day!

  5. Happy to see some of you knit in church. I’ve been wanting to but hesitant – you give me courage! 😺. Knitting in the dark is something I don’t think I would be successful at – but y’all have the power! 🧶

  6. I knit in movies, while playing outside with my kids, and at every brief window of opportunity. -Not in synagogue though, it is not ok to knit during services for us…but I knit during any other sit down chances like classes and lectures, too.

  7. Yes to movie knitting and it does have to be in the round st st. I did try to set up for a heel turn during Captain Marvel but had to stop when I forgot if I was slipping the stitch or knitting it!!

  8. Daily knitter – Bus knitter and church knitter here. I sure in the front pew. I taught my bestest church friend how to know and now we both sit and knit. At an Episcopal Church, that means a lot of stop and start as we stand frequently and kneel on occasion.

  9. Thanks for the inspiration! As a teenager, I knitted straight stockinette on a sweater I was making for my mom while the dentist was taking out my impacted wisdom teeth. Concentrating on feeling the knitting and getting the stitches right took my mind off things very well. I had already decided to take the chance I might have to rip it all out, so it was a real win when I didn’t. But I haven’t knitted in a dark movie theater for a while. The current sweater might be a good opportunity for that!

  10. I typically knit hats while at the theater. I definitely have already joined to work in the round, and I try to get the ribbing done before the movie starts if I can. Then it’s just smooth stockinette in the round! If a movie runs long, I’ve been known to turn the hat into a slouchy hat…

  11. Remember Babs in Chicken Run? I knit a sock all through that movie, and my children howled with laughter every time Babs appeared on screen, knitting of course. Julie

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